(boyfriend) I love you. (girlfriend) Well, I love you more! (boyfriend) Nah-uh!
I love you times infinity! (Ian) SHUT UP!!! Go, Scott Pilgrim.
Kick his ass! God, I wish I had
a girlfriend like Ramona Flowers. I would totally fight
seven evil exes to be with her. No, you definitely, definitely would not. Uh, yeah, I would. Real life love is boring as hell. I mean, just imagine
what it would be like if it was just like the movies. Oh my god, man,
I’ve gone over this with you with every single subject
over the past five years and you still don’t get it? Okay, look, romantic movies
would suck if they were like real life. If Romantic Movies Were Real What Women Want You want to have sex with me. Nope. Dammit! When Harry Met Sally (moaning sensually) Are you okay? (moaning) (grunting loudly) Yes!
YES! YES! I don’t know her. (Anthony moans loudly) GHOST (kissing noises) Girl, what the f*ck are you doing? You nasty! (girl) Is it in yet? PRETTY WOMAN Hello there, ladies and gentlemen. I’d like you to meet
my very special guest tonight. – Come here, honey.
– (hacking) (rough voice) Hey,
I got a two for one special if any of y’all want in. No mouth kissing though. She’s precious, isn’t she? WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE’S ROMEO + JULIET Thus, with a kiss, I die! (groaning) This is so f*cked up! Easiest breakup ever! her (moaning) Mannequin (grunting) Marley & Me Just kidding.
You guys are sick. GONE WITH THE WIND What will I do?
Where will I go? Frankly, my dear,
I don’t give a damn. (jeering) – You just got served!
– You got served! – What? What? What? What?
– What’s wrong with you?! The 40 Year-Old Virgin (hacking) All right, sugar tits,
it’s gonna be $10.00. Sweet, I could’ve just paid
for this the whole time? Well, if you needed me
back in the ’80s – it would’ve been fine.
– (groaning) (500) DAYS OF SUMMER – (skin sizzles)
– Global warming’s not real, my ass! HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS But sometimes I poop when I sleep. (gags) Nope! (fork clatters) FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Okay, we’ve already
been through 49 shades, please, for the love of god,
tell me this one works! It’s perfect! (sigh of relief) Great! Now we can get to the creepy stuff. BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN (southern twang) It’s terrible
how we have to hide our love. (sniffles) I wish I knew how to quit you. Um, you know gay marriage
is legal in, like, 36 states now, right? Wait, what? For the last time, no one cares! Yeah! We support your man-love! Oh. See, I told you. What? You know what? I’m not gonna let your cynicism
ruin my view of love. Now good day, sir! What?! I said, “Good day!” Hmph! LATER AT RAMONA’S (exhales, gags) Oh, uh, hi, Ramona Flowers. I was wondering, uh,
could I be your boyfriend? Sure, but first you have
to defeat my seven evil exes. Peace of cake! (Ian groans) Totally not worth it! (Ian groans) Ow! Ow! (Ian) Hey, guys, thank you
so much for watching me have the sh*t kicked out of me.
If you haven’t subscribed to us yet, click that
huge-ass yellow subscribe button right on the screen. (Anthony) If you guys wanna see
a scene from Knocked Up… Wait, so, who did I sleep with? ..and this: Oh, I love your ghost nipples! (groans) (Anthony) Click the video on the left. And if you guys haven’t seen
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to watch If Video Games Were Real 3. (groans) [Captioned by Subtitle YouTube]

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