IGN News – EA Reveals Free SimCity Apology Games

IGN News – EA Reveals Free SimCity Apology Games

Electronic Arts has revealed the list of eight
games that will be offered to owners of SimCity for free, as an apology for the game’s launch
problems. Last week, the company apologised for the
continuing connection and server issues players were experiencing and stated that everyone
who registers the game before March 25 will be allowed to choose one Origin game from
a list of eligible titles to download for free. Origin is EA’s downloadable games service
that competes with Steam. The eligible titles are Battlefield 3, Bejeweled
3, Dead Space 3, Mass Effect 3, Medal of Honor Warfighter, Need For Speed Most Wanted, Plants
vs. Zombies, and SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition. It’s a little strange that $60 games like
Dead Space 3 are mixed in with much cheaper games like Plants vs. Zombies. You’ll have until March 30 to claim your free
game. The developers at Maxis have released a statement,
which reads, quote: “Our studio values dictate that we innovate
and create something that is quirky, complex, and challenging. Sometimes this bites us in
the butt, but our servers are green and we’re seeing record numbers of players all online
and having a great time. “We’re getting great feedback from our fans
and know that many of you are having fun and exploring this whole new expression of SimCity.
We’re humbled by your patience and passion for the game. Thanks for building something
very special with us, together.” It’s true that most of the game’s issues seem
to be resolved; the company recently restored the non-essential features it disabled to
ease the strain on the servers. EA also revealed today that SimCity sold 1.1
million copies in its first two weeks. We’ll continue following the SimCity saga
right here at IGN.

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  1. if you dont need any more of this game i would be happy if you give me dead space 3 (just kidding dont be angry:)

  2. Nice try EA, but I still hate you…

  3. do i need limited edition or can i have the normal one? (please for quick anwser)

  4. … they're going with games they know that they can make money off of, even when given away for free. Just saying.

  5. Holy shit really? A multimillion dollar company wants to make money off of their products? They should be executed.

  6. Not talking about what EA or any company does specifically that encourages something. Pirates DO encourage publishers to put crappy only crap on their games because PIRATING is STEALING,no matter how much of an asshole the company in question is.

  7. meant to say online only

  8. A COMPANY wants to make money on their work? THE LOGIC

  9. because of his profile pic?

  10. So I can just go buy Simcity right now for $60 and then register it to get another $60 game such as dead space 3 and end up with 2 games?

  11. NFS: MW…. ಠ_ಠ

  12. Hmm… Although I have DS3 for PS3… I am oddly pulled to purchase it (DS3) for PC as well… maybe cause Toby has it for PC as well…

  13. Got battlefield 3 woot

  14. enjoy the ending!

  15. Yes, I see those TEMPORARY problems. Those problems that are fixed within, probably less than a week? That's the real problem these days; nobody has any fucking forbearance.

  16. and so are most companies.. thats capitalism. Hell, greed is a human quality

  17. Yeah, it's 2 games for $30 bucks each

  18. Fun for about one day. Now I'm maxed out on the fun. Now to that free bf3 🙂

  19. Also I've noticed it gives people a reason to buy lol. They get they're profit still. Clever lol

  20. you still can just register it before mar 25

  21. Yes I've heard the ending is totally not expected 🙁

  22. And because of his profile and videos. DUDE JUST GOT OWNED

  23. If i buy the game now will i get the apology games?

  24. A free game does not redeem you of your poor customer service EA!

  25. Who said I hated Battlefield? I like Battlefield a lot actually, I just said I like Mass Effect 3 more and I also like it more than COD. And what is wrong with liking COD, just because you suck at it and hate it doesn't mean everyone else has to hated too.

  26. Wow these people got their money worth for this damage. Shoot I would t be mad….so be quiet all and download your game!

  27. And next time you should make sure you understand the comment before you try to trash someone because no where in my comment did I say I did not like battlefield

  28. @WhatWeCee yes it does wth!

  29. @ScottyBoy1150 Nope your are screwed now beat the living crap out of him

  30. @TheWulrusStrangler you still can man before the 25th of march. & claim your free game

  31. To clarify, I'm not one of the people getting these games. So no, I'm not "bitching" about anything. I'm telling you why EA deserves every single bit of hate they get for this.

    Please cite where I said anything about wanting a perfect game, by the way. I never asked for that. I want EA to deliver on the product that people bought from them. They didn't do that and then they banned people who wanted their money back. How is that even remotely okay to you? Is this really such a foreign concept?

  32. A car with no engine, you bitch at the shitty company who broke a perfect model. And we are spoiled?
    The game is no way fixed. It is just more stabled. Still filled with a shit load of bugs and glitches.
    THE game already has 3 DLC PACK DAY 1 with locked content.

    Sim City 4 > this garbage. It was rushed, incomplete, broken, and it was sold for a full retail price of $60.

    When you work in the entertainment industry. At least please the consumer not slap them in the face.

  33. WOW, to have a free 60 bucks game for some days of server problem is way more than what they need to do. I dont say this a lot, but 1 point for EA, only 99 more needed to redeen yourself my friend.

  34. All of these just went on a 50% sale 😛

  35. Definitely getting my hands on that Bejeweled 3

  36. i am just gonna buy game so i can get a free game

  37. You dont simply like both battlefield 3 and COD

  38. Well I do because I'm not the kind of person that only likes one style of FPS games. I play Battlefield, COD, CS, Rainbow 6, Resident Evil, and others. So just because the majority of people like one or the other doesn't mean I do.

  39. It says i dont meet the requirements to dl bf3, wtf EA? My pc runs all games on Ultra. such bs

  40. or perhaps he simply thinks mass effect 3 is the better game… that's what i think at least

  41. how do i get my free game

  42. log into your origins account and it should have like this little sign saying "Get free game" then it will pull of the selections

  43. Challenging Challenging you're dumbing down the fucking Simcity genre and you call it Challenging!? I ain't even going to list the stuff you've done Noo maxis just Noo in your bed!!

  44. how about a sale on all there content ? as well

  45. I just got my free game. No surprise to me that my free game doesn't even work. I need a free game for my free game?

  46. add me on sim city! eclipse22

  47. is the free game downloads strictly in the US or is global?

  48. Battle field 3 for me

  49. Yay I just download Mass Effect 3 for free, I'll never play it though.


  50. I clicked on the Get Free Game button, I was reading it after I clicked it and right at that time, my laptop went off, I went back on, and I couldn't get the free game anymore

  51. Ok i got the game and registered it before the 25th! Howcome I never got an email or notification in Origin saying i get a free game!? PLEASE REPLY!

  52. I picked up Battlefield 3. I'm an Xbox gamer testing out the PC waters and Origin gave me the perfect opportunity. I avoided most of the problems that plagued the launch, but respect to EA for actually apologizing. The simple fact of the matter is if they didn't apologize, fans would be pissed. Now that they have some fans are okay, but some are still angry. Fans are angry whether they apologized or not. You can't make everyone happy. But at least some of us got a free game out of it! 🙂

  53. I'm in the same boat as you! I am usually a Xbox 360 gamer but I just went and bought a Asus gaming PC, SimCity and Guild Wars 2. Now I get a free games and I have to pick between these awesome games. And I bought it about 2 weeks ago so I didn't even experience the same issues as other SimCity games did. I hope your enjoying PC gaming as much as I am.

  54. Why not build your own pc? Much more power for less money.

  55. How do I pick what game I want?

  56. I registered the game on march 25 and i still get to get a free game 😀

  57. so there just giving away free games to everybody ? or just people who purchased sims city?

  58. i enjoyed the shit out of it :/

  59. Yes it does… I got a game worth $50+ for free. I guess I was in the minority of people who had very few problems with the game. Unlike some retards who buy before they get informed… I knew what I was buying.

  60. Mass effect 3 everyone! GET IT!

  61. Well at least EA is trying to make them self better….unlike some one…Blizzard…ACTIVISION…

  62. facebookDotcom/pages/Origin-Customer-Service-Outside-America/502683083153227

  63. has origin fixed it's malware problems? and do games still get deleated after 24 months of not playing them? Thanks

  64. Competes with steam? HEH! That's cute.

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