in this session I will explain, a very important thing which is rarely explained by people in detail, and if you see or search on youtube videos are rarely explained in detail because it is rarely explained, it causes confusion for beginners how to do a hitting smash so it can be strong what happens often when they are taught how to do a smash, they feel their smash is weak not powerful because there are some points that are not explained thoroughly beginners often ask me there is something that makes no sense like this if they don’t know playing badminton then they will hit it like this like this logic this is hard, straight, right and if taught how to hit like this what makes no sense to them is this why is it like this why not like this like this logic, for example This is hammer, this is nail, we want to hit automatically how to hit us like this, from here here means the position of a racket like this while how to hit a smash like this automatic like this so it looks not strong because of the movement like this it should be like this when referring to hammer movements (beginner’s way of thinking) so that when they are taught how to do smash movements do not enter into their thinking logic and this is what I want to share with the aim that beginners are easier to understand how to step the smash in detail why do we have to move like this not like this if the hammer movement is like this but if the smash moves like this the reason why the movement is like this if you move like this, why does it feel weak, it doesn’t feel strong, why not like this the secret is, the beginner feels and thinks that from this hand limit to this point they think this is what causes the strong smash or source of the smash to come from so that when they smash they focus on strength here, and also exercise wrist strength in the hope of being able to hit strongly, so they focus on this area as if this is what makes a hitting strong this is where it is often not explained exactly there is a truth about it but more is not true because when we do a movement like this This arm area is the result or result of generating power from the hip when our hip moves like this then it will drain energy to the shoulder then the shoulders and elbows will deliver energy upwards when the hip moves automatically the shoulder is pulled and the elbow automatically moves forward and from that it “affects” (on the strength of the hitting) so this point up to the point here is the result of this movement this is called kinetic chain where the hip, shoulder, elbow, forearm are viewed as links in a chain, with movement being transferred from one link to the next, and speed increasing by each link. I simply say this is empty whereas beginners often think this is contained actually it’s empty because this is just a result, so this is just space like tube so the energy from the bottom rises and this tube holds it so this is just empty space so when we train the wrist this is so that it is strong enough to accommodate the flow of energy from below so it’s not as the main source of the power of a smash blow, but only as a reservoir it is rather difficult to understand but I will explain again when we do movement, when our hips move like this then energy will flow here and here so at this point it is the effect so when we actually do this it is empty (if you understand it then your arm will feel light) but if you when doing this area becomes stiff / hardened then you make a mistake because this area should be rilex so ideally the effect becomes rilex like this if you see the crocodile tail that bulldozes like this, or the tail of a whale it is the result of other body movements so when there is a question why is this movement like this not like this because this is just the result so this is a natural process from the movement of the lower body that has an effect upwards so that when the hip moves, the shoulder moves then it will result in natural movements like this so this is empty, I exemplify it I swing this object the question is what is the main driver? the main driver is here this is just the effect this main driver the effect occurs here this main driver hip movements, shoulder movements cause this effect strengthen your wrist this is talking about smash not talking other areas because it’s in another session the essence of this video so beginners understand why we are moving like this is not like this because this is the effect of other movements as explained earlier the way is you have to empty the area here the area here is rilex .. the point is this area is just empty if you can understand it then you will see a significant change in the strength of your smash the movement must be natural

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