José Mourinho pranks Football Daily | Top Eleven

José Mourinho pranks Football Daily | Top Eleven

PRESENTS JOSÉ & JOSIE – So this is going to be your earpiece,
I’ll pop it in your ear. WHEN THE “FOOTBALL DAILY” SHOW… GOT THE SPECIAL TREATMENT… – Camera’s running, here we go..
And in your own time… Action. HEAD VS HEART Hello and welcome to Head vs Heart with
Top Eleven, the EURO 2016 panel show. I’m joined by two titans of the YouTube game Patrick
Van Straaten and the main man himself David Jackson. They have managed to scale down their
players to watch at EURO 2016 down to a few names. Patrick, who should we keep our eye
on, who should the fans be looking out for? Well, the Spanish midfielder Koke. He’s
an excellent attacking midfielder, then Kevin De Bruyne, I think he’s one of the best
counter attackers in the world and in the similar vein to that Antoine Griezmann
from France. Dave, what do you say? – Anthony Martial. He looks absolutely amazing.
– What a player! Who’s gonna be the winners of the tournament, though,
that’s the big question? – I think it’s gonna be Germans,
they know how to win. – Pat, what are you saying?
– France, they won two international tournaments and both of those were in France.
The Germans still don’t have a lot of strength up front…
– Are you ready, Josie? …striker they are taking, it’s probably
gonna be Gomez. – Austria – Austria… – They have… – Austria? – One of the fastest improving…
– yeah, yeah, the most improved team in Europe – Qualified with nine wins from ten
– Qualified with nine wins out of ten – Dave-o, she’s schooled you mate, talk
to me about Austria. – They’ve got…
Yeah, they’ve got, they are pretty good, Austria
– They’ve got…. – They’ve got Alaba, who is fantastic …..
– Come sit with us – Won the Bundes League five times, won the
Champions League… – I hope you are filming it
– You are actually better at this than us. – Dave, move up.
– You’re forgeting Marc Janko. – We are filming something here, all right? – Do you want us to redo the France bit then,
without Austria? – Sorry. – They don’t know very much about football. – Right, potential upsets now, lads. Who could be the dark horses at EURO 2016.
Patrick, England maybe? – Maybe England, they’re certainly not favourites. – My dark horses, it’s probably
gonna be Wales. – The Welsh?
– If they can get out of the group – Poland, they just lost twice in two and a half years and beat the Germany in that time. – And what about Poland?
They beat Germany in qualifier? – Yeah, Lewandowski. – He has 62 percent shot
accuracy in Bayern Munich. – Please just stop it
– Just putting it out there. – I actually want to hear more,
I don’t want you… – Alright, you can hear more…
He had fantastic game against Wolfsburg. – I’m not taking the piss. – 5 goals in just 8 minutes and 59 seconds.
– 8 minutes, 5 goals in 8 minutes and 59 seconds. It was incredible. – Alright, our last section. Both of you can select your five players to be in your dream penalty taking lineup. Who are they? Name them. – Cesc Fabregas. – Kane.
– No, no, cause it’s actually a stupid question, because it isn’t actually about players,
it’s all about managers Well it is, when you talk about penalty taking,
because they’re the ones who make the decision, they’re the ones who’re looking into the
eyes of the player, and you can’t judge that, they’ve seen them on training pitch,
they’ve seen them… – Very good point
– Absolutely… what a good manager is. And only the really special ones could do it,
Franz Beckenbauer, Sir Bobby Robson, you know José Mourinho.
– José? Come on, he’s joining United this summer, so he better bloody be good. – Ok, let’s go. – International will be held at EURO 2016… – Josie. – Oh, shit,
– Oh, my god – It’s an honor
– I really don’t know very much about football. – Are you serious right now…I thought you
knew more than these two. – Think we’ve got you
– José, mate, you stitched us up. Nice to meet you
It’s a priviledge – It’s an honor – I’m a disaster with the penalties, man,
I always lose, too. I’m like England.
– You can’t be that bad, Jośe. You should bring her on as a scout, mate, honestly. She knows her stuff better
than these two. – Bye guys. – José! José!
Dave is sweating like a pig over there. Goes to Bobby Moore’s next.

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  1. I play a lot of top eleven and I want to be one of the best managers in the world

  2. Obviously fake, why is Van Straaten not talking about key passes or chance creation or pass accuracy?

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