Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi | Vir The Robot Boy | MOVIE WITH ENGLISH, FRENCH & SPANISH SUBTITLES.

Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi | Vir The Robot Boy | MOVIE WITH ENGLISH, FRENCH & SPANISH SUBTITLES.

Haha! You have a very bad aim. This time I will be successful. This time my aim was on the spot. Mr. Chadha drives very recklessly. Look at that. Vir, look Bunty has clashed with that horse. Let’s go quickly. Bunty! What did you do this? Now my horse cannot take part in the race. Due to your mistake, I have suffered a loss of 5 lakh rupees. Loss of five lakh rupees? How come, uncle? This Sunday, there is National Horse Race. The prize money for 1st place is 5 lakh rupees. I badly require that prize money for the renovation of my house. But now my horse cannot participate in the race. Uncle, how would I know that you will be standing in the middle of the road? And anyway your horse would have not won the race against my Tiger. My Chulbul can easily defeat your Tiger in the race. Uncle, if you allow Chulbul to participate, then surely you will win the race. Chulbul will defeat my Tiger. Then let’s compete in a race. And see who wins the race. If Chulbul wins the race. Then my father will give the uncle 5 lakh rupees. Then let us see Vir, who is the best player in Fursatganj. Ok, then. On your mark, get set, go. I am going to lose the race. I am going to lose the race!! I am going to win the race. I am unable to stop. Bend down quickly!! Vir, look at your face. Should we stop the race or do you have more energy to compete? You are doing cheating. Now I will win the race at any cost. Chulbul, jump on that cart. We will race ahead of them. I cannot jump!! There is a rat near your leg. Oh! Rat!! Fan!! Hey, listen! Why are you moving in the wrong direction? The race is taking place in the opposite direction. Chulbul, I did not charge my battery last night & it is getting low. Now it is all in your hands to win the race. Chulbul, don’t stop! Run!! You can do it. Come on!! I am tired! I cannot run any more. Well done, Vir! Move faster, Vir!! Where is this Bunty? He cannot be seen anywhere. If he loses against a donkey, then the entire town will laugh at us. Chulbul. Little more distance. My friend. Little more distance. Chulbul, we need to win this race at any cost. We need to win for the sake of Imli’s house. And always remember a true sportsman is the one who never loses hope. Bunty!! Be fast! Be quick, my son. What are you doing? Vir! Come on Vir! Chulbul, your carrots are lying there. Before someone eats them, you eat it. Carrot. Vir has won!! Vir, congratulations. You have won. Thank you, Vir! Today you have achieved that thing, which I could not even think about achieving in my dreams. This sunday, we will make Chulbul participate in the race & win 5 lac rupees more. No!! By losing to Chulbul, Dad’s horse has damaged my reputation in the entire Fursatganj. But this time I will win the pet show & become the greatest player in the entire Fursatganj. Come on, Moti! Jump! Jump, Moti! Jump! So Vir, did you see my Moti’s brilliance? He is participating in the pet animal show. You train your Chulbul & he too can participate in the show. He will not win. But by doing comedy, he can entertain everyone. Haha!!! Vir, is that donkey your pet animal? Haha! He is not a pet animal but he is Vir’s real sibling. They all are relatives. Chulbul, they have insulted you very badly. I will train you in such a way ,that surely you will win the race. Vir, will you help me to become a great sportsman like you? Chulbul, I will make you a far better sportsman than me. Maggi, if Chulbul performs such stunts in the pet show. Then Chulbul will win all the accolades & Moti will win none of the accolades. We need to stop Chulbul from participating the pet animal show. Yes, we need to stop him. This going to be fun. Carrot. Haha! Why did you capture me here? Bunty, Maggi, open the door! Vir! Imli, did you see Chulbul? He is missing since morning & the pet animal show is about to start. No, I haven’t seen him. Let’s find him. Today, the parrot Mithoo will showcase his brilliance in front of you. What happened Vir? Did Chulbul got scared & he ran away? Haha!!!! My Chulbul will never run away. He will surely come. It seems Chulbul is in some trouble. And that could be Bunty’s mischief. If he is in trouble, then surely he would be calling me. Ultra sound listening device on! Ultra sound listening device on! Vir! Vir! Remove me from here, Vir! Chulbul is calling me. Let’s go Imli. Thank you, Vir. This is Bunty & Maggi’s plan. They trapped me by giving carrots. The proverb “Greed is wrong” is indeed true. I & Vir will go quickly & ask the show organizers to wait for you. Every pet has participated. Now first prize will be given. The maximum points have been given to Maggi’s pet dog Moti. One minute! Sir, my pet Chulbul is about to come. Please wait! He is on the way & will come shortly. Ok! The show will get over in 30 seconds. If he comes then it is ok. Otherwise, Maggi’s doggy Moti will be given the prize. 10 seconds. 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2 and!! Chulbul has come. Vir!! Vir! I cannot balance myself. Invisible magnetic rays on! Invisible magnetic rays on! Great! A donkey is doing skating on a tight rope! Sorry, Vir! I could not do anything. I could not balance & was able to skate only. Friends! No need to guess, the winner of the first prize is Chulbul. Congrats! Wow, Chulbul! You did not lose hope. You are great! Congrats! Thank you! And let’s show them some dance. I had told you Chulbul, that we will win this show. Look over there! That side! Learning something from that Chulbul. Haha!!! Student’s tomorrow an inter school robot competition will be organized in our school. But the sad part is that no student from our school i participating in this competition. Sir, I would like to participate in this competition. If Vir wins this competition, then he will become the greatest player in the school. And he will become popular as well. I will never let this happen. Dad! Please I require one robot only. Ask someone to create a robot for me. Please! Please!. You cannot do this much for your son. You leave me alone. To make a robot is not an easy thing. I will be insulted in school. He needs a robot & we need Vir. May be boss can help us. Boss, Vir is participating in the inter school robotic competition in his school. There could not be no other great opportunity to destroy Vir. Boss, I have a great idea. Did you see Mona? Our Timbaktoon has become mature now. His plan is very great. I will make a robot for him. Not only the robot will take part in the school competion. But along with that it will catch Vir as well. Timbaktoon. Vir has got many ambitions to become a great player. But now robot will destroy him during the competition. And nobody will come to know about it. Haha!!! You are a genius boss! Super – duper genius! Mommy! Dad did not create a robot for me. Your dad is not a scientist & he cannot make a robot. You ask for something else. Anything except a robot. Buy a robot! Robot!! A robot made of waste. Dad, someone is selling robots. Buy a robot!! A robot made of waste materials. A robot made from household waste materials. Uncle, I need one robot. Take it, my child! How are you selling robots this way? As if you are selling vegetables. Idiot! We are living in the 21st century. You are speaking about which century? I am happy to see that your son is passionate about robots. Take this son! It is a free gift from my side to you. This was a robot by a student from St. Marys. Next will come the robot from Arya Shiksha Mandir. Yummy! You have made a great tea. Friends, next is the turn of International school’s student Rocky’s robot. I am challenging that can anybody defeat my robot in the bike race. I have two bikes. Accept my challenge & lose. Otherwise, consider my robot as the best. I am ready to accept this challenge. No!! Rocky’s robot is eliminated from the contest. And now Bunty from our school will showcase his robot. Now is the turn of our student Vir’s robot. Friend, today is a very proud moment for me. All judges have declared Vir’s robot as the number 1 winner. There can be no better robot than this. Vir, we are proud of you. Vir, now you will come to know whose robot is the best. I challenge Vir’s robot for a fight. Sir, permt him. Vir had also accepted the bike challenge. So, Bunty also has the right to challenge. Ok, fight. Let us see who is the best. Oh! Which idiot has made this robot? It cannot even fight properly. He is calling my boss an idiot. I will teach him a lesson now. Now he will be under my control. Vir! It seems this is Mad Max’s plan. You are correct. Robo boy will have to come. Robo boy. Everyone gather on one side. Grandpa, we need your help. Vir. Grandpa has said. Thanks Imli. Oil spray on! Oil spray on! I should leave. Principal sir, I had gone to inform the police. Police are not ready to believe that anything like this can happen. Thank you, Vir! But no need of that now. Robo boy came & solved all the trouble. I would request the judges to once again announce the winner for the first prize. The result is the same as earlier. Vir’s robot has won the first prize. Maskuta! The time has come to inform boss. That you can make anybody’s mask in this world. Come on let’s make boss’s mask. Thank you, Timbaktoon! Take this Mad Max’s mask. How did this happened? How did I become so fat? This cannot be me!! My stomach! You are fat boss. Very fat! She is right boss. She is right. This is Timbaktoon. But the face is mine. But how is this possible!! What nonsense is this Timbaktoon? You made me scared. How did you get my mask? Boss, this is Mr.Maskuta? He can make anybody’s mask in this world. See boss, he has made one more mask. Mr. Maskuta will wear Vir’s mask & create nuance in the town. Then people will get terrified & remove Vir from Fursatganj. And then Vir will be mine. Till now, Vir has been defeating my robot & has become number 1 player in Fursatganj. But now Mad Max with the help of Mr. Maskuta will play a game. Due to which Vir will become Vir’s enemy. Boss, you will always considered me useless. But see how useful I can be. He is right, boss. He is right! Vir! Vir! It is not allowed to ride cycle here. Wait!! Vir! If Vir can ride a cycle, then why not me. Keki – Feki. Let’s go. Bunty, stop? What is everyone doing this? Don’t worry sir. Principal sir has given the permission to ride bicycle in the corridor. I am the principal & I have not given the permission. Sorry sir!! Why all students are riding bicycle today in the corridor? Because you told everyone that I have given the permission. You have done mischief for the first time. That is why I am giving you only a hour detention after the class as punishment. Never repeat the same mistake again. Sir! I have not done a ny mischief. Yes sir, Vir was with me. 2 hours detention! But, sir!! 2.5 hours detention. Someone is taking revenge against me. Someone is trying to trap me. Who can be that person? Mr. Maskuta you created a quiet big nuance in school. Now do something similar in the market as well. Hey friends, do you want to have some chocolates & sweets? Yes!! Vir! What are you doing Vir? Take this! Take some more. Hey, kids! Move aside! These are my chocolates. Hey! Kids run! Shh! Go from here. Dare if anybody touches even one chocolate. What has happened to Vir? Let us meet his grandpa. I don’t think what you all are saying is true. But you guys won’t lie as well. Excuse me for one minute, I will talk with Vir in person. Grandpa, believe me I am not lying. I have full faith in you Vir. But surely so me doppleganger is trying to spoil your name. Grandpa, I will find about him. I will explain about it to everybody. Why are we sitting here? When my doppleganger come here, I will catch him. See that he looks exactly like me. Hey! What are you doing? Wait! Hey! We will leave early. Principal sir, has said that today is a holiday. Wait! Everyone wait! I will complain to Principal sir. This time I shall try to suspend you from school. There is no need for that. Bye bye, Vir. Uncle, inform Principal sir that my doppleganger was doing mischief. Right now I will go & catch him. Sorry Robo boy. It’s ok. Diving suit on! Diving suit on! Today, I will see how much strength you have. Leave me. I wore your mask & fooled people. Timbaktoon had asked me to do this. Oh! Mad max had asked you to do this. And you are an expert in making masks. Very good! This is Vir’s doppleganger who was spoling Vir’s reputation. Where is Vir? He must be in school. He has troubled everyone a lot. Yes, he has trouble everyone. No!! I won’t come here again. Please let me go!! He won’t come here again. I am leaving from here. Timbaktoon! That Maskuta ran away due to Vir’s fear. You are useless. Boss, I tried my best. But Vir is very smart. What is my fault, boss? Mad max is mad. Very mad!! Now I only will have to do something. Timbaktoon, go & find where is Vir. Children, a go kart park is going to be opened in Fursatganj. And in order to promote their park, they are going to conduct a go kart race. Those who are willing to participate, give me your names. I will participate & also win the race. I will bring my own go kart. Bunty, the price of a go kart is quiet costly. This is not an ordinary car. The organizers will the car to every participant. My dad has a lot of money. He will buy a new go kart for me. Ok! Whoever wishes to bring their own go kart, they can bring it. Sir, I & Imli will also participate in the go kart race. Who else wants to participate in the race? Raise your hands. My dearest dad! You are the best dad in the world. I am blessed to have a dad like you. Come to the point & let me know what do you want. Or you will just keep on me praising me. Dad, I need a go kart. Ok. Go & buy it. What you want a go kart? Dad please. Please! Please! My sweet & lovely dad! Please! Please!!! With a new go kart, I wish to come first in the race. This young boy wants to participate in the go kart race. Don’t discourage him. Buy a new go kart for him. This old man looks familiar. Sir but in our village this does not happen. Any kid does not demand for such an expensive thing. Myself I am the owner of a go kart company. I have come specially for this go kart race. I will give a new go kart to your talented kid. But after the race, you need to return the go kart. Thank you, uncle! Thank you!!! So, tomorrow I will bring a new go kart at the go kart race. See you there. That old man looked similar to Timbaktoon. Yes, you are right. Now we also need to prepare a special go kart. And be ready to face all kind of obstacles. We will give a new go kart to that kid, Bunty. And we will defeat Vir in the race. You king of idiots! When you wish to give a go kart to that kid. Then don’t defeat Vir in the race but finish Vir! You are genius boss! I will give you a go kart filled with weapons. And also give this helmet to that kid Bunty. When Bunty will wear this helmet, you will be able to control his mind. He will follow your instructions. Now Vir’s game is over. And it will be fun! Vir enough of this hide & seek game! Now get ready for a deadly game! This go kart race, will be the last race of your life. Wear this helmet, Bunty! If you wear this helmet, then you will come first in the race. All students listen carefully. Everyone has to complete five rounds of this ground. Fifth round will be the last round. Ok, everybody! Remove the weapon & burst Vir’s car’s tyre. Vir, look at that. I knew Timbaktoon, would do some mischief. Bunty, go outside the ground & finish Vir. Use the weapon attached in the go kart. Vir! Laser gun!! Don’t worry, Imli! Imli get down! I cannot put you in danger. No, Vir I will not leave you alone. Imli, Bunty is not looking normal. He is behaving like robots. It seems Timbaktoon is controlling Bunty’s mind. Why a light red light is shining in Bunty’s helmet? I think with the help of this helmet, they are able to control Bunty. Imli, you drive. And I will remove Bunty’s helmet. Robo boy suit on! Robo boy suit on! What am I doing in this tunnel? Robo boy! What is this happening? Vir!! Bunty, apply the brakes. The tunnel is ending. Bunty! You go back! Look the car is falling from up! Let’s run. The car may fall on us. See there! Robo boy has come!! Seat belt is not opening, Vir!! You move away! You go away, from here. Look there. Oh! Well done! Thank you, Robo boy! Your welcome, Imli! Boss. Forget about finishing Vir, we could not even defeat Vir in the go kart race. Vir is not an amateur player. He is an experienced player. Timbaktoon, do you work for me or Vir? You always praise him. Boss! I am with you. One day, I will catch Vir & bring in front of you. Just observe. Shut up, Timbaktoon! You could not control a child’s brain & are speaking about finishing Vir. You are useless! Kids! You all must be hungry. I have made a sweet dish for you. Wow! Sweet dish! Thank you, grandpa! Good morning, boss! I have seen your face in the morning, then how can it can be good! And what are you wearing this? I had asked you to find Vir & not to participate in a fancy dress competition. Boss, I am not participating in any fancy dress competition. Boss, there is a football match between Fursatganj & Faltuganj. This match takes place every year. I am also going to see the match. Shall I go? Fursatganj in participating in the match. So Dr. Prem Sahay’s robot will also come at the ground. And this time, he will be finished. Sorry boss! I will try my best but I fail to catch him every time. You will not catch him alone. You can control Faltuganj players using this. See this is red team & this one is a blue team. Blue team belongs to Fursatganj & red team belongs to Faltujanj! Did you get it? But boss, how will Faltuganj team will play according to my instructions? These are mind controlling bugs. You stick them on the neck of Faltuganj players. It will control their minds. And they will become like robots. They will follow your command. Jump!! Yeah! Goal! Oh, no!! Bunty we cannot play. We cannot even walk. We cannot play. Our legs are injured. Bunty, I think you should include Vir in your team. You don’t have even players. Yes, Bunty, include Vir in the team. Fursatganj’s reputation is at stake. Come Vir! Yeah! Goal!! Yeah! Goal!! Well done, Vir!! This is happening too much. Now I need to give direct command. My players pick up Vir & take him to boss. Go! Go & attack Vir! I need to inform Vir. Look at Timbaktoon. He is controlling this players. I had a doubt since the start. X- Ray vision on! Magnetic pull on! Magnetic pull on! When did we score 10 goals. I cannot recollect. Last 30 seconds. Whichever team scores, will win the match. They are not following my commands. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2. And goal!! Vir indeed you are a great sportsman. Not great but Vir is the greatest sportsman.

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