Liu Guoliang Table Tennis Trick Shots

Liu Guoliang Table Tennis Trick Shots

Hi, I’m Emil from Pongfinity And we are here at the TATA headquarters in
Beijing to find who can do the best trick shots. And we have some special guests with us. Open the door, Hit the ball And close the door. Liu Guoliang, can you do this? How about hitting two balls – consecutively? Feng Tianwei, can you knock down the cups? Easy! For this next trick shots, I will be standing
up there, 7 meters high up And I have to hit the ball into the cup. Next it’s ball floating time. Bye bye! Big thanks to TATA for having us here! If you think you can do a better trick shot record it and send it in. Xie xie TATA, see you next year!

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  1. We truly had some awesome time in Beijing! Which trick shot is your favorite!? 😄

  2. These days the only players that hold the paddle the Chinese’s way is lui gulliong and ma Lin

  3. DP did this with hands =D theyre noobs =D

  4. 普通の試合して欲しぃ

  5. play whit a computer

  6. Breathtaking, there should be a world championship for trick shots

  7. Anyone else think he looks like Asian Elon Musk?

  8. can you guys have a match

  9. Step to step around the table guide please

  10. やあ、日本人はいるか?

  11. You all guys did a good job 👌🏽🙌🏽

  12. Wtf??,it's not real)))))))

  13. 誰かと思ったらフォンティエンウェイか

  14. Are you guys from sweden

  15. Ah lala ce qu'on ferait pas pour un chèque!

  16. 1:37 you can barely see the card because of the angle👌

  17. LIU guoliang is the best coach of ma long and ma long is also best

  18. 刘国梁接球竟然还要跳一下,funny😂

  19. 1:00ボールの多さに戸惑うグオリャン可愛い❤️

  20. It's dude perfect copy!!wtf

  21. The last trick shot le epic with "bye bye"

  22. Didn't know that Elon Musk is a ping pong legend.

  23. Кто из СНГ???

  24. Never knew an Indian company 'TATA' was into table tennis. <3

  25. in poland tata means daddy

  26. More similar videos please

  27. やべえとこまできたな…


  29. Emil mita sina teet

  30. An actual Feel-Good video, great work!!

  31. i love how Liu Gouliangjust switches from a weird grip when he shoots
    through the door the first time and then he switches to penhold lul

  32. TATA in Polish means „father”

  33. The next level advertisement

  34. The next dude perfect

  35. You guys, made my day. Thanks!!!

  36. Je suis français

  37. Give me a heart pls
    Love from INDIA 🇮🇳

  38. alguien español

  39. you ain,t dude perfect

  40. TATA in Croatian means dad.

  41. Love from Macedonia!

  42. English – father
    Polish – Tata

  43. the chinese words on top of the top means wood door

  44. Shakehand Lui Gouliang 1:30 amazing

  45. Wonder how many takes did each trick shot take?

  46. anyone realize Emil looks like Theodd1sout

  47. 0:16 Liu looks like a Chinese Elon Musk

  48. were was miika and were was otto by the way

  49. I love the asian elon musk in this video

  50. 1:35 the best shot I have ever seen

  51. 为什么这么多广告??

  52. 木门很执着于乒乓

  53. Im a tabletennis fan and im playing table tennis daily. I want to be as good as you. Ps im from sweden

  54. Do you guys Do all This on the first try

  55. can someone please tell me what is the backgrounds music?

  56. The more shots that is performed consecutively, the more impressive. One trick shot in 1 video take is not too impressive.

  57. Do the intro in Thai plz

  58. Chinese Elon Musk.

  59. TATA in croatia is dad

  60. That geezer looks like the Chinese Elon Musk

  61. Dude Perfect for Table Tennis

  62. Hey Emil my Name is to Emil

  63. Should‘ve called the Video: „Ping-Pong Trick shots Feat. Chinese Pro Players“ lol

  64. For me emil otto mikka is best always

  65. Tata or father in Serbian

  66. Ur getting high before u really get high note it!! Yours faithful subscribes

  67. That scream at 3:35

  68. Есть русские😁

  69. Fun fact TATA on Croatian means father

  70. no lie chinese’s people and japonés people are the best at ping pong

  71. emil, my guy ,you gotta wife her

  72. フォンティエンウェイ眼鏡かけると可愛いな

  73. Liu Guoliang was one of the best table tennis players to play the game! Epic

  74. Everything is so much goood…better show count of attempts in each discipline. Nobody believe it´s done in one.

  75. Missed otto and Mikka

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