Live Chat | Open Discussion!!

Live Chat | Open Discussion!!

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  1. Thank you all so much xxx shes in now and feel sad Miss them wen their are school xx

  2. I missed you on👍💛. Shes trying to make people fear you and the other channels. She controls people with fear.

  3. I can't remember what live it was ages ago before she blocked me for commenting on cams channel. She said. 60 I didn't charge that much before if people want to donate they can. She said before so she was charging at some point for readings. Keep a eye on her wording she slips up.

  4. Tabitha missed again because of notifications sorry.

  5. Hi Tabitha sorry i missed another live, Im old 😱 i go to bed early most nights.See you next one maybe take care and stay true to yourself 🌻

  6. I can't get notifications. Sorry I missed you

  7. Tabitha can't you put down REMINDER of what time you will be on?You think u can do at least that?Thanks.

  8. New sub great live

  9. This whole thing is bullcrap. She thinks she has some big information to share… she forgets that no one cares. I've never seen you get drunk and lie to people and hurt people and demand they pay you " donations". I've never seen DW13 do it either. Even if DW13 has 50 wives, one in every state, who cares? It's about exposing that lying psycho and nothing else. And to the P.I. I say… timestamps, timestamps, timestamps.

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