LOOK OUT BELOW! | Muddy Heights

LOOK OUT BELOW! | Muddy Heights

*Wha- ptsh!* Top o’ the morning to ya, laddies! My name is JackSepticEye And welcome to a game called “Muddy Heights”! Now, I know what you’re thinkin’ “Jack, this just another one of those stupid games” And yes! You’d be right! Sometimes the stupid games are the best games! I love these kinds of games, they’re so damn silly! But, this is a game where– You can see the storyboards here; The guy had a grumbly stomach, he needed to take a poop, he couldn’t get into his house, the handle broke And now he has to go take a poop from the top of the roof. Which is hilarious! (Laughs) Look at the art style of it! Look at his face! (Laughs) “ARGHHHH! I NEED TO SHIT!” So the objective of the game is to shit on people from the rooftop! If that doesn’t make you laugh, nothing will, You have no soul. Okay, so let’s– Let’s take a poop! We gotta aim properly And I love how the music is like– (Claps to rhythm) Like really Japanese-y soundin’ GO POOP! YES! So I can control the poop in mid-air! Ahhhhh! OHHOHO! (Laughs) Yeah, that’s right! Slip on my shit! (Laughs) I dunno, This game was up on Gamejolt, it’s one of the featured games on there right now So I decided, Let’s take a look at it. There’s some other funny ones there as well, But HOW can you say no to a game about killing people with poop? Okay… So, we got a lotta money now What did you eat?! We have 985 money… We could buy anything! Hmm… What should we buy? Is that a burrito? Candy floss… Er– Or “cotton candy” as you call it over there… Burger… Chilli..! “Makes your poop’s first impact larger”? EEWW! “Makes your poop greasy”?! I don’t want greasy poop! Right. So we’re gonna buy some corn ‘Cause corn makes your poop get more money and a bigger score. (Laughs) LET’S GO, POOP!
(Fart sound in game) OH, CRAP! I didn’t see-! I- I almost hit a bird with that! DIE EVERYBODY! “The turd wizards”? (Screaming in game)
(Laughs) RUN FROM THE POOP! Ha, ha, ha! Look at all the signs! The signs all say “poop” as well! Showing now in a cinema near you; “POOP”! Oh! We can just buy everything? Okay, so it’s– There’s secrets! “Dump the dump” “Window cleaner”, “Flushed”… “Into the MOUTH”?! Oooohhh! Okay. So this one makes you bounce higher. Umm… “Poop leaves bigger splatters” Annnnd… We’re gonna go for a BIGGER poop! YES! Can’t wait to see the size of my shit! This is like that episode of South Park, Where Randy has the big, giant poop. URGH! GO POOP! DUOH! YES! Kill everybody! (Screaming in game)
OH! It hit a sign! Almost. (Laughs) Well, that was shit! Literally! (Laughs) (Giggles) Slip! AHHAHHAHA! You idiots! I like this music! It’s nice! I know a lot of people don’t like these kinda games People wanna see me do like, the bigger budget games, Like Far Cry 4 and stuff, but– As you guys know, I love doing a HUGE variety of games Silly, serious, big budget, low budget, Indie, Flash… ANYTHING ever! I just love doin’ it. And sometimes, these kinda games get the best outta me ’cause y’know, Sometimes you’re not feelin’ the best And you need greasy poops to make you feel better. So… “Makes your poop lighter”? No. “Makes your poop greasy”? We’ll go for the greasy poop and… We’ll make… chilli poop. Chilli con poop. Umm– Let’s try and hit a bus or somethin’ this time Here bus, I see ya, bus! BUUUUHH! D- Did I do anything? (Screaming in Game) I don’t think I did anythin’… Okay. OH, MY GOD! AHAHHAHA! (Stammers) How– Wha-?
Can YOU say that you spent your day makin’ a car crash with your shit? I don’t think any of us could ever say that..! I just killed people, WITH a car, with poop! (Clap)
I’m the best! “Stairs to where the bathroom is”
REALLY? ‘Cause here’s me thinkin’ that the bathroom was on the roof..! Now I can buy everything What’s the incentive of buyin’ other things? Like, what’s the point of having money if I already have all the things? Ummm… “Torrential turd” “Cock-a-doodle-POO”! (Laughs) We- We’ll aim for the manhole Let’s see if anything happens if you hit the manhole. Sewer. SEWER! YES! That’s “flushed”! WOOO! Okay, crash–! (Screaming in Game) Good Lord! My poo bounces everywhere now! Crash the car! Crash the car! CRASH THE CAR! Did I–? YES! (Laughs) I just killed everybody! Holy crap! Literally. That guy’s just not accepting his fate– “NO!” “NO!” “SO MUCH POOP!” ‘Kay. Should we try a “brown fruits”-? I know where the fruits are… “Dump the dump”? Maybe there’s like, a dump truck goin’ around… Umm… There’s also “in the mouth” Should I– Should I try and get “in the mouth”? I don’t really know how I’d do that, because nobody’s like, lookin’ up with their mouth open. I could try hittin’ a bird at some stage as well Uhh… INTO THE MOUTH! Go! Hit somebody in the face! Hit somebody in the face..! Somebody– AHHH, SHIT! Literally! (Chuckles) (Farting/Screaming sound in Game)
Oh, my God! Such– TH– THE POO IS ALIVE! RUN! AHHAHA! I don’t think I got any things for that I wish I could like, make it explode or somethin’ Like, there was something else you could do whilst you’re on the ground? This reminds me of Pain Remember that game that I played for the PS3? It’s like Pain mixed with poop! I got “window cleaner”! I don’t even know what ones I have– “Torrential turd” “Cock-a-doodle-poo”… Where’s there a chicken? OH! Maybe it’s hittin’ the birds that’ll get you “cock-a-doodle-poo” Okay, we’ll try and hit a bird. Where are these birds? Come on, bird! URGH! Get the bird, get the bird, get the bird! FUCK! FUCK IT! BUUHHH! DIE EVERYBODY! TASTE MY SHIT! Oh, my God! Ewww! Eeeeewwwhewhew! Is that it? It sucks when you get caught in the middle of people Oh, my God, my score! Oh, I DID get “in the mouth”! I don’t know how, but we’ll go for “brown fruits” now. The fruits are across the street. URGHH! Go, poop of destiny! Uuuuuuuhhh! URGHH! That’s not brown fruits! No! No! You’re not allowed! You’re not allowed! Bounce again! Bounce into them! NO! That was shit. Okay, start again. Wait, did we get it–? No. ARE YOU READY FOR THE POOP?! LOOK OUT BELOW! Okay, we’ve gotta bounce and then bounce into the fruit. Buh! Ohh, we got a nice bounce going… Yoooou sack of shit! (Chuckles) (Imitating NPCs) “NOOOO! THERE’S SO MUCH POOP!” (Laughs) Look at the guy back there! (Laughs) (Dramatic sound effect from Inception) You gotta commend this guy, I mean, he’s shitting THROUGH his pants He didn’t even take OFF his pants. He’s just sittin’ at the top of the roof and then all of a sudden it’s– (Fart Sound in Game) (Laughs) He just LAUNCHES it! Aww, crap! I can’t get that– Ooh! Noodles or somethin’! Is everybody dead?! C’mon bus! C’MON BUS! No..! (Laughs) This is by far the silliest game I’ve played And I’ve played a game where I’m a slice of bread trying to become toast! Another reason I like playing these games as well is ’cause you guys don’t have to buy them. I can just leave a link in the description and you guys can go off and play them all you want. I see something in an alleyway up there. I think that’s where the dumpster is. YEEESS! NOOOO! Crap! I– My poop is too powerful! –And we won’t go full poop. We’ll go half–! –Kinda half-poop… Ahhh, did’ya hear, like, the sound of the fart? (Squelchy poop sound) Get it in! Get it in, get it IN! NOOO! (Frustrated growl) It CAN’T be THAT hard! This is like Turbo Dismount as well. C’mon. Come on! Come on! (Fart sound)
OHHHHHH! NOTHING BUT DUMPSTER! Michael Jordan, eat your face out! Okay, what do we have left? “Brown Fruits”, “Cock-a-doodle-poo” I have to hit a bird, I have to hit the fruit. I don’t know what “Torrential Turd” is. I DO know what “Torrential Turd” is! I see you, fire hydrant! I’m coming for you! I’m– AHHH! I JUST MISSED IT! C’mon, back it up! Back it up! Get it again! Get it again! DAMN IT! (Loud fart sound) Ohhh, the sound of it! (Imitates fart sound) ARGHH, crap! I missed it again! C’mon, c’mon, go back! Go back! Hi– Hit the fire hydrant! Hit the fire hydrant! My poop is alive! SINGS: With the sound of music! Ahhhh, that wasn’t good… Oh! It IS! My poop flies! I hit it! That’s NOT torrential poop? If that’s not Torrential Poop, then what the hell is?! Gonna try and land in this bin! Everyone’s runnin’ already! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! THE POOP–! (Laughs) OH! I DID get Torrential Turd! What the hell?! Okay. So we need to hit and bird and we need to hit the fruit. Annnd… BIRD! Hit the bird, hit the bird, hit the–! OHH, YES! COCK-A-DOODLE-POO IN YOUR FACE! Bounce! Bounce and hit the fruit! Get two in one! Two in one! Noo! Stupid canopies! Stoppin’ me from hittin’ the fruit! What the hell happened over there?! What did you guys do?! THAT WASN’T THE THING?! What’s “Cock-a-doodle-poop” then? Okay, into the fruit, into the fruit we go. In. To the fruit we go! Here we go… Here we go, we’re gonna get a nice bounce… Into it! Into it! Into the fruit! YEAH! We did it! (Screaming in Game)
(Jack yells) RUN FROM THE POOP! (Laughs manically) Cock-a-doodle-poo, it HAS to be hittin’ the birds. I don’t see any other way. Okay, maybe we– Maybe we just didn’t hit the bird properly Maybe you have to hit it in the face? Or somethin’? But this is like, Mr Hanky’s dream game. (Imitating Mr Hanky from South Park): “Hooooowdy ho!” Get the– AHHH, YES! DIE YOU FUCKIN’ BIRD! (Laughs) I kill everything! Have you ever had poo so powerful, you killed a bird out of the sky? You have?! (Scoffs)
(Claps) Everybody, round of applause for that guy! Fuckin’ amazing! Okay, well that does it for..! M…Messy Heights? What the hell was the name of the game again? I can’t even remember, oops! I’m sorry. I’m just gonna call it “Shitting From the Sky Game” This was fun! It’s silly, it’s stupid, it’s dumb, I know that. You don’t need to tell me in the comments, I’ve had people say before; “Jack, why are you playin’ these stupid free games?” Because they’re fun! I– If you can’t have fun playin’ this, what CAN you have fun playin’? I would say “I Am Bread”, but that’s not fun, That’s REALLY just twisting your testicles out of your underpants Kind of hatred. I’ll leave a link in the description for you guys to go and play it if you want It’s not hard, it IS… free! Go! Go play it! Go! GO! But THANK you guys so much for watching this video! If you LIKED it, PUNCH that like button IN the face, LIKE A BOSS! AND..! High-fives all round! *Wha-psh!* *Wha-psh!* So, thank you guys, and I will see all you dudes–! IN THE NEXT VIDEO!! His face REALLY just tells a big story, doesn’t it? “URGHHHHHHH!!” “I NEED TO SHIT!!”

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