Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Luigi’s Nightmare Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Luigi’s Nightmare Trailer – Nintendo Switch

[Nintendo Switch Snap] [wonderous music] [no speech] [harp strings] [spooky music] [thunder] -Ahh! [nervously]
Mario? [ghost laughter] Arghhhooo! [ghost chatter]
[Luigi whimpering]
Whoahohoo! Whahoooo! -Hi-yah! -WHAHOHOHOHOOOOO!

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  1. Imagine 8 people in one room with 8 joycon controllers and this game

    It would be madness

  2. See ya'll in october

  3. The mariobusters

  4. Story time
    I’m 13 and live my mom, dad, and brother
    Every hour I work for him I get 10 bucks
    I work 6 hours trying to get the game that day because I thought it was out, do to early release for some people
    I was so sad when I found out that I had to wait another 6-5 months to receive it
    Ended up preordering

  5. 0:47 I hear the Police ghost

  6. I love Luigi's Manson

  7. Seems like this game really hits the nail on what HD Mario games look like, Kingdom Battle was super plastic, and Odyssey was very realistic, this game kinda perfectly balances both.

  8. Make a Mario galaxy 3 too better than the first and second

  9. 0:35 yeah luigi does got the moves
    OH MY G-
    Well be right back😉

  10. Luigi's Mansion 3 Available 31 October 2019 (Halloween!🎃)

  11. A Good title for the game would be
    Luigi's Mansion 3
    Hunted Hotel

  12. Imagine one of the boos saying. “It’s been one of those days” as a refrence to hotel MARIO.

  13. Osea que este juego no va a estar para wii u?

  14. Knowing Nintendo, chances are Luigi and the gang WILL check out in one piece

  15. Luigi’s mansion 3 baby yay

  16. Luigi mansion 3
    That says splatoon 3 will Come out!

  17. WAIT

  18. Poor Luigi why does he have to do this I get him if he is scared

  19. Kind Boo sees pretty dang angry about the fact Luigi whooped his stubby little behind again, and again desides to put Luigi's loved ones into paintings, which is exactly what E.Gadd did to the portrait ghosts in the first game.

  20. Can' wait for the release on Halloween (Oct 31) this year

  21. Pikmin 4??????????

  22. Luke chi lo comprerà

  23. Wow. Best ever Nintendo Game 😂

  24. This is less terrifying than luigi's mansion on the gamecube

  25. The poor Luigi again😢😢

  26. more of the same 3

  27. Pls Nintendo im not a hacker desbanned my plus im spanish

  28. ………is that dog Poochy from yoshis wooly world?

  29. 0:21 Mario is Missing 2 HD looks great

  30. Bowser: Good luck debil!

  31. I got a question is waluigi gonna be in this cause he was in The trailers and smash bros

  32. 1:11 I don't know why i find this so cute

  33. Luigi's Mansion meets Ghostbusters…

  34. Oh, I think Nintendo Like Valve: Can't count to 3…

  35. I like when Luigi make some noise

  36. The mechanics of this game look similar to the ghostbusters game

  37. I love all youre games and I eant to play but I'm 12 years old so I can't get one

  38. I cant belive this game is coming out in two months!!! IM SO EXCITED!!! YAAAAHHHHOOOOOOOO!

  39. Yay, it’s 2019 so I guess it’s abliable right?

  40. I didnt even knew this was a rhing until know

  41. guy you now is halloween

  42. Better be if this game been on pc

  43. Wait a second… there isn't just Luigi but there's also green/blue/orange/pink(?) slime that takes the form of Luigi

  44. idk i want to die by seeing this

  45. so there is a new character called gooigi

  46. Plz have Daisy appear!

  47. Luigi on a cross 😂

  48. This looks good, shame I don’t have a switch

  49. 🎃🎶In this town we called home everyone hail to the pumpkin Lord 🎃🎶

  50. Pulterpup is the coolest thing ever, why isn't he using it????

  51. ever wear he goes he seas his face

  52. The title of the trailer said 'Luigi's Nightmare trailer'. This could very well mean that the events of this game aren't real. Luigi does fall asleep at the start, and it's convenient that King Boo didn't take him too, as Luigi has defeated him before.

  53. beste game affer bff

  54. King boo:captures Peach with turning her into a Portrait
    Bowser:am i joke to you


  56. The real Ghostbusting game

  57. Copy from casper movie

  58. I'm very excited for Luigi mansion 3 but what happened to the old Luigi mansion themes music

  59. Such a cute horror game, I love Luigi, I just have to do that whole shenanigan where I send off the "old" Switch for the new one because I didn't catch the news about it at all. :/

  60. And Luigi is having a nightmare I how Freddy Kruger is not in there

  61. Pumped this is a Halloween game wish it was out a week before the holiday would love to beat it by then

  62. Doesn't look as good as the 1st one.

  63. "my reaction when Mario is in the painting"

  64. Dear Pesky Plumber,

    My fellow ghosts and I have returned to the Mushroom Kingdom. Your friends are now permanent guests at The Last Resort Hotel. I dare you to find them if you can!

    Signed, King Boo

  65. I have idea Labo VR Blaster into Vacuum in first person shooter Like Luigi Mansion Labo VR arcade.

  66. polterpup snatched marios cake lol i died and we finally see that king boo snapped and hes M A D

  67. Now we need super Mario sunshine 2

  68. I want the polterpup as a character in the next Mario Kart


    Luigi in 2019: Meh…just an average Tuesday….

  70. Poor Luigi he’s alone and scared of king boo

  71. I wonder if anyone noticed the new poltergeist tool was shown in the 2018 Simon trailer when Luigi pretty cool though how it was in smash before Luigi's Mansion lol

  72. King boos just salty Luigi hit him with the blue shell

  73. You know Luigi sounds like Waluigi. He even does the waahs!

  74. That clip where all the Luigis and gooigis are walking down the hall was kinda funny and cute

  75. 0:56 … lmao, fiancee hears this from across the room and says "I didn't like that sound."

  76. Shouldn’t it be luigis hotel since it’s a hotel

  77. A rather SPOOKY adventure is ahead of us!!


  79. 😒💢 i don't get but why oct 31 in Halloween?

  80. Got mine pre ordered tonight. Will get it on Halloween very excited to play this

  81. I'm screaming! Omg I'm so excited for this game omg!

  82. Let’s All Consider The Fact That Luigi Is Afraid Of Ghosts So We Now Have A Gooey Version Of Luigi To Combat That Fear, A
    And Let’s A Goo ?

  83. What’s wrong with Luigi’s voice where’s the og (original gangster) Luigi voice actor?

  84. Luigi's Mansion 3 Does not Exist.

  85. Please add a dlc costume for Luigi’s Mansion 3 more outfit color and a GHOST BUSTER OUTFIT PLEASE

  86. What if the whole game is a nightmare, and when he goes to sleep on the bus that begins the nightmare

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