Maisie Williams Knows the End to Game of Thrones

Maisie Williams Knows the End to Game of Thrones

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  1. And now we do too..

  2. So do i so what?

  3. Maisie: i know the end of game of thrones
    Me: well no big deal i know it too

  4. Why interview her???
    She’s no one…

  5. She's absolutely gorgeous.

  6. I was thinking of commenting something with 'a girl' but I guess almost 50 other people had the same idea.

  7. Unfortunately we now all know the end to game of thrones. And they must not have shot several fake endings – the spoilers that appeared around episode 4 were exactly right.

  8. Arya The King Slayer

  9. No one defeat her
    Amazing and excellent character

  10. No one girl is maisie williams now

  11. So true as we know presidents don’t always tell the truth 😁😁

  12. A girl spoiled a character's death in a joke.

  13. A girl's laugh is bordeline sinister.

  14. Maisie. Please marry me

  15. 3:11 that was actually a real spoil 😂😂

  16. She's such a sweetheart! I would name my future daughter Arya and my bastard daughter Maisie.

  17. she's the cutest thing

  18. Presidents don't tell the truth… Legit!

  19. A girl is no one… No a girl is Maisie Williams

  20. You like him?


    He's dead :))

  21. A girl did a well burn to donald trump

  22. So she actually did spoil something! “You know Jamie Lannister? Yeah he is dead!” It was a joke but she was telling the truth!

  23. Thats the Waif Jimmy Kimmel is interviewing, not Maisie.

  24. She's waaaaay/faaaaar better than most of the hollywood actors!

  25. She is adorable

  26. nice face, faceless girl

  27. A girl is the best

  28. I’m gonna find her and then marry her😍

  29. Arya Stark plays Maisie Williams well

  30. Where's the Hound?

  31. She rocked, and Rory 🙂

  32. Rewatching all for the hints:)

  33. So freaking cool !

  34. God , I love Maisie Williams
    She is by far by best character

  35. The man will take her eyes if she does it again

  36. 3:12 she was not lying about Jamie Lannister

  37. Her and Isabelle Fuhrman (orphan) favor each other🤔

  38. I like Arya stark and jon snow.

  39. Just watched all 8 seasons. What an epic 8-season wonder!

  40. Lol she just said jaime is dead

  41. Negan(twd):who are you.
    Arya:No one.
    Negan(twd):ohh you got to be kidding me..

  42. My favourite character in game of theonce

  43. Imagine her mom reading that part when she banged the blacksmith lol

  44. No one’s there. I think Jimmy’s talking to himself.

  45. title: Maisie Williams Knows the End to Game of Thrones
    me :am i a joke to you

  46. Anyone here afrer watching ending

  47. Can we read some of these fake scripts? A few of them might not be shite.

  48. i think if there is any up coming roles maisie should be taking is ( chucky rebellion ) the 8th – i would be thrilled

  49. people commenting " who is Jimmy talking to, I see No one"
    yeah peeps, you've gotta make A famous reference…. whatever..
    but she wasn't invisible in the Show was she?

  50. This young lady, Massie, is gorgeous and such a loveable actress, I hope to hear that she'll be in more work in the near future! What a nice interview

  51. Why the freak is she so gorgeous

  52. She’s gorgeous!

  53. At the end it was garbage and she was only happy well because she killed the night king

  54. 2:05

    She stayed like that to try and stop the stroke she was gonna have after reading that trash they call Game of Thrones

  55. Can't they atleast try behave normals? always acting.u Hollywood 😏

  56. How did a girl leap above 90+ white walkers to stab night king?

  57. 2:34 reminded me of luis from antman.

  58. 3:07 Maisie wasn't lying here…

  59. Someone should tell the audiovisual productors of the show that they should focus on her face.. not on jimmy's

  60. She said Jamie's dead 😰😰😰 spoiler but I know it😂😂

  61. Fall. In love 😍😍

  62. I ❤️ Maisie I’m such Big fan ❤️

  63. Is Jimmy really talks to the real face of Maisie ?

  64. ARYA STARK <3 <3 <3

  65. The girl is no one

  66. Jamie Lanister is indeed dead.

  67. Until she turned her head I thought she was Julia Louis-Dreyfus

  68. Maisie Williams = Most Wanted

  69. i really love this soul

  70. I love Maisie 😍😍😍

  71. Yes, and unfortunately we all do now…. 😞

  72. She looks 12. So cute!

  73. You know nothing no-one

  74. We all know the ending 🙄

  75. Is A girl John Cena ?
    I see nobody

  76. That president jab right there was dope asf lmao

  77. But the ending of GoT really disappointed there

  78. A girl possesses spoilers

  79. She is cute isn't she?

  80. Very young grandma


  82. She looks like what morning breath smells like

  83. At 3:20 Maisie told us that Jamie dies

  84. A girl pretends to be maisie williams.

  85. Maisie Williams is Amaisieing.
    ….that was terrible…

  86. These were simpler times.

  87. “As we know presidents don’t always tell the truth”


  88. A very young grandma indeed. Gilf for sure👍

  89. Him: Tell me the ending of Game of Thrones.

    Maisie: Not today!

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