Meet Raeem – Sports & Fitness Student

Meet Raeem – Sports & Fitness Student

My name is Raeem Leavy, I’m 17 years old,
and I do sports science. I study sports science but, you know, I play for the Basketball Academy
– the Hammersmith Hammers. I’ve always been active and I’ve liked sports and staying fit,
so I just decided to take up sports science to learn more about it.
We have a lot of practical lessons, like reading our heart rate and our breathing rate and
and our blood pressure. As a basketball player, it’s good for me to know because I want to
control my breathing when I play and what I should do to keep fit.
When I was in secondary school, I wasn’t really focused on work. The College really helped
me progress as a player, learn more about your game. Now I’m just really focused on
getting the best grades possible.

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