MIFA: Manchester International Football Academy – Promo Video 2012

MIFA: Manchester International Football Academy – Promo Video 2012

Hello and welcome, I m Ross
Johnson here at the Manchester International Football Academy. As director, I would like
to personally invite you to come along and enjoy the facilities and the professional
coaching which we have here to offer. We can help you make the most from your footballing
career. We can give you a good idea of where you re at, we can help you to improve. Then
if you are good enough to reach that professional level then we ve got the contacts to be able
to put you in touch with clubs here in the UK and further afield all around the world
where you can make it happen. So don t hang around, come and visit us here at Manchester
International Football Academy. Book your place and I will be here to meet you. I Head coach at the Manchester International football academy. We can give you a weeks full training, professional training. A full appraisal at the end of the
week on how you have done. If that appraisal is really good we can look then to put you
in a football league club in and around the area. If not, if its lower down we ve still
got contacts in the non-league as well as that if you want to stay for one week, two
weeks, three weeks, we can accommodate you. Set up is very professional, it s run well
and I m sure you ll enjoy it here. Located just a few miles from the centre of Manchester.
The Salford Sports Village is a state of the art football centre, which offers some of
the finest football facilities in the area. The academy boasts not only a wide range of
grass and artificial pitches it also has a 32 station fitness suite. Modern changing
facilities, meeting rooms, a café and a library with internet access. Here at the Manchester
International football academy our training programs mirror those used by professional
football clubs. That means a balance between technical training delivered by professional
coaches and conditioning in the gym to help improve your athletic performance. Just in
case you should need it, we can help you source and additional recovery facilities.
Hi there, he would like to come swimming for a session please. He s doing some recovery.
Alright thank you. Accommodation can be arranged for you with a local English family or alternatively
you can stay in a hotel or guest house. Our location also gives you the exciting opportunity
to watch some of the best teams in the English Premier League. I’m Mel Eves, former professional footballer. I now represent players internationally and from the UK. I m here at the Manchester International Football Academy and I am
really impressed with the facilities both outside where they’ve got the latest 3G (3rd Generation) pitches
and inside where they ve got a great weights room, and conditioning suite. I m also impressed
with the quality of the coaches; they ve got experience from the premiership all the way
down to non-league. So if I m going to bring any players from abroad or from the UK, I
want to make sure that they’re looked after in a way I would be happy myself. I can say
that I’m more than happy with the one to one attention that each player gets. They’re analysed,
they’re assessed and they’re given their own program to follow. So that if they follow
that, clubs from any level will be interested in them if they re good enough. My
name is Andre Jakobsen, I am from Norway, I’m training for the academy, it is a very good
facility and I recommend it to everyone. My name is Jetmir Bushaj, I m a midfielder,
I came to the MIFA programme. My first week I spoke to Ross Johnson about my football
situation and my first week got a trial at Blackpool. Trainings really high standard
and I’m really happy being here. It’s really good. Hi Everyone. I m Akporobaro
Emmanuel, a football scout from Nigeria. I’m here visiting Manchester International Football
Academy. I must tell you the environment is great. The pitches are very very very perfect.
The gym is excellent so I highly recommend this to every young footballer in Africa.
So I m more than happy to recommend the Manchester international football academy
to any of my players and any of my contacts both in this country and internationally to
bring them here because I know they will be looked after as I would look after them myself.
The Manchester International Football Academy; Professional training today for the footballers
of tomorrow.

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