More SPEED and SPIN using proper weight transfer (Secrets from the Bundesliga)

I think what is quite
important and which enables you to go faster on the ball is transfer of weight.
It means your hip has to work and you have to transfer the weight
permanently from right to the left leg depending if you play forehand or backhand.
For example if I permanently transfer the weight I keep my shoulder always on the
same level and after forehand I’m ready to react on the backhand.
If I play forehand like this and I don’t transfer the weight I’m not reacting so
fast on the ball in my backhand But if I transfer the weight and after each
movement I come more or less in the middle, then I’m fast enough to
react on the balls wherever they are. For the backhand you can transfer the
weight better if you are playing a swing with the backhand. Then you have
to transfer a bit. But when you are on the table you don’t have so much time for the opening then you play just with underarm in front of you
because there is a time issue. But if you are staying here and from the forehand you
get the ball in the backhand it’s very important that you transfer weight again
because you’re coming again in the position then you can react on the both
sides. What is unbelievable important is that your weight is on your toes not on your heels. If you
are sitting on your heels, your ass is dragging you down and this is like
an anchor to you. You have to be permanently on the toes, so that you can react on each
side. Each time when you transfer the weight
and you put your weight in the ball you are getting extra quality without using
extra power because this is classic physics. You put your weight in the ball. The ball is getting stronger, plus what is for me actually very important, you
are following with the upper body the ball and you are controlling much better
the placement. This is for the balls down the line – parallel balls – very
important because this is a shorter way. And if you play parallel without using
your weight and upper body, many times you will face the problem that balls are
going out of the table. But if you transfer the weight and follow the ball
with your upper body you can control path of the ball much better and
easier. And you will make much less mistakes. channel if you haven’t already done so
and I’ll see you soon bye bye

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