MOST DANGEROUS AUDITIONS on America’s Got Talent 2018 | Got Talent Global

MOST DANGEROUS AUDITIONS on America’s Got Talent 2018 | Got Talent Global

This looks interesting … Who are you ? Do you not want to talk ? H- how old are you ? Are you excited ? Do you think that your hot ? ( crowd laughs ) . Ok good luck ! What is this , magic ? ( knife sound ) . Ugh , Why is he coming here now ? Are you agreeing to this ? I-I don’t , i cant . Hi , how are ya ? Oh my god ! Are you kidding ?

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  1. wow saludos desde Mexico

  2. Hes using the heat of The Candle to as a way ti know where he standing and the distance of everyone from the Candle. Thats my guess

  3. What Is the name?

  4. The name of the Silence men?

  5. The dude looks like he should be in Game Of Thrones

  6. David:huh wht

  7. Damn, this guy has a lot of ninja stuffs

  8. 18:07 music Pleaseee
    Thank You <3

  9. 8-23 minutes amazing

  10. Perfect. Whats his name?

  11. I watched this 200+ times

    Edit: look at simons face at 5:05


  13. Wow fantastic hooo

  14. Aaron crow he is a real hero🔥🔥

  15. He could feel the weight of the knife in the box that’s how he knew.

  16. That was a success but that is frkin dangeroussss!!

  17. A fisionomia dele lembra o Cristiano Ronaldo 🙂

  18. did anyone else wonder on how he was breading?

  19. I would pay to see this man do anything, movie, Las Vegas, anywhere!

  20. This all are dramatic fake 😂😂

  21. The bow's trick was amazing 😳

  22. Woww cristiano ronaldooo

  23. How does he breath with all that layers

  24. Es idéntico a mi jugador favorito de mortal kombat 4 (fujin)

  25. Aaron: points at rectangles
    Howie: "I DONT KNOW!"
    Howie Mandel: Oct, 4 2019

  26. El jurado que aparece en el jurado no creen que se parece a chao de que pasó ayer

  27. this guy reminded me of the joker

  28. Very good 👍👍👍👍

  29. If you was one of them judjes wouldent you think someone is going to murder you? Like if it is an yes

  30. Music 9:28 please?

  31. 😱😱😱😱😲😲😮😲😮😧😧😍😍😍😍😍 speechless

  32. He looks like cr7

  33. Who else thought its ronaldo in thumbnail 😂

  34. Did anyone see a tag at the back of Heidi at 6:53

  35. Music 4:22? Please

  36. the first contestant in the miniature looks like Cristiano Ronaldo

  37. Wow i meet him in the show of the ilusionist here in mexico it was asome

  38. Kalo di perhatikan, pesulap ini mirip Doflaminggo di film ONE PICE 🤩🤩🤩

  39. I think he’s Jesus

  40. black magic helping him to do that

  41. How is the arrow shoot even possible, it is legendary

  42. 04:54 look that drugged eyez

  43. What is his name?

  44. i like how Howie almost got simon in trouble and simon almost got howie killed 💀

  45. Waoo..! Excellent 👍

  46. What is Gordon Ramsey was a judge

  47. Cristiano Ronaldo!!?

  48. It's just a magic trick, don't believe that stupid

  49. Kostumnya kek Skin PUBG ANJIR😂😂😂

  50. Shroud of real world. 😉

  51. This guy is amazing

  52. Such man should be in action movies

  53. Ra's al Ghul is alive

  54. Có thằng việt nam nào ở đây k

  55. “ do not try this at home, do not try this at school.”

    Well there goes my plans

  56. My ask is were he take this thinks.XD

  57. Mel:omg now he really cant see
    Me:bish you should be worried if he can breathe

  58. Like si se parece ah cristiano ronaldo

  59. He's looking like Cristiano ronaldo

  60. This guy look like a bad guy

  61. I would’ve been so scared if I was there

  62. this is just howie getting bullied for 24 mins

  63. 3:16 that judge right there is freaking cuteee asking for a help hahahaha

  64. idk but i think the first one was just so impossible haha i think he's wearing a tiny wireless headphone that no one can see and i think their is someone helping him, telling him where to go or where to stand haha and btw im not a hater, hes actually good

  65. Firts guy what is name

  66. Ma dude lookalike a GTA V character

  67. Can’t wait to see him when he’s really blind

  68. 10:36

    Me: lord Hades?!

  69. Me da el presentimiento ami de que es cristiamo Ronaldo xd

  70. كل هذه الأعمال يتحكم فيها عن طريق السحر

  71. I tried this at home then my mom cought me then she hit me with a belt

  72. He is face like a RONALDO!!!!! Wtf

  73. Who is this guy yr😃😃

  74. In which box the dagger is….that will be heavier ..this is how any one can say in which the dagger is just by moving.😁

  75. amazing the full you legend

  76. Well, he is the night king!!

  77. كشف الخدعه في قناه صدام العزي

  78. 9:26😂😂😂😂



  81. cristiano ronaldo xd

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