My Favorite Toning Excercises | Beginner Level

Hello my loves, welcome back to my channel!
It was requested here that I did a video for beginner weigh lifting type of exercises.
I wouldn’t really consider this a workout, this is basically me showing you my favorite
moves for toning up the body. The first move is a Russian twist. It’s
weighted, you can do it without weights, I like to do it with weights. It’s more intense
that way for me. And I like to gradually work my way up to heavier weights, so I’ll start
off with 5lbs and I’ll advance to 10 and ultimately, I’ll be at 20lbs mark. And I
think I have to invest in more weights because 20lbs isn’t doing anything for me anymore. Basically what I’m going to do is sit back
and hold my core in and keep it as tight as possible, and twist side to side. It is super
simple and super easy, but its effective. It targets the
Side obliques and also the stomach area. It’s going to give you a flat tummy. I mentioned
this move before and in other workout videos, so If want to check that out, I’ll have
links down below! Then next move is a standard crunch. You can
do reverse crunches or you can also do crunches where you are bringing your knees to your
elbows. That will give you a really nice workout and it will burn. You will definitely feel
it. But if you are starting off, I know that would
intimidate me, so I started off with the regular crunches. The goal is to get your shoulder
blades off the ground and pull up with your stomach, not with your shoulders or your head.
It’s really hard and very challenging, but once you get it, you will get the best results. The next move, I like to use to tone the booty
and my lower back area cause I do have lower back pain, is basically bridges. So you are
going to sit down or lay down rather and just bring your bottom half up to the top and you
are going to create a line. This is going to give you a perky booty and I feel like
it helps my lower back. And you are going to squeeze at the top. Don’t just do the
bridges and not do anything. You will have to squeeze at the top to get results. And here I just wanted to show you guys what
it looks like if I am using heavier weight to tone up my shoulders and the back of my
arms. And I’m still working on improving the swinging type of thing. I’m not perfect,
and it’s really hard to make sure you control it, especially if you are using a heavier
weight, so just work on it. It takes practice and I wanted to show you guys here, what you
can do using lighter weights. This tones the back of the arms, the area of the arm where
you get that flabby wing, yeah! We all have that! Or, well… I have that. Probably not
you, but I do. So I like to do these. Its pretty much the same as if you are using cables
and rowing in and out, but I’m just using weights. And I’m showing you guys here what
it looks like when I use a heavier weight. It is slower pace because it’s heavier and
it takes a lot more energy but it does burn fat and it increases my heart rate which is
what I really like. This move right here, this is a regular weight
lifting move. These are curls. I’m using medium weights for this, you can use lighter
weights if you’d like, but I like to use these. It’s going to tone up the inside
of your arm, see where that inside bend is? It’s going to tone that area up and I also
like to do hammer curls. These are super easy as well. Just make sure you are holding in
your core and breathing in and breathing out. And sometimes I like to do drop sets with
a lot of these workouts, I’ll do a medium weight and I’ll drop and do a lighter weight.
Or I’ll go a little heavier. So, it all really depends on you and the reps for these
are the same for me. I do 8-12 reps 3 rounds each. Here, I’m using lighter weights to do some
rows. This targets the shoulders. And the back of the arm. And hopefully, this video
is showing you variety in weights. You can do the same exact moves with lighter or heavier
weights. And hopefully, this kind of shows you that even if you lift weights, you are
not going to get big and bulky. Body building and getting big and bulky are two different
things. With just using weights. Women don’t naturally get that way. You have to have a
different diet, mentality/mindset… all of that stuff to get big and bulky. So, hopefully
all of you will try some weights. You don’t have to go super heavy, you can use 5-10lbs.
Whatever works out for you. And take your time. This isn’t a race, you aren’t trying
to get a ton of reps. I’d rather you do 8-12 reps of something than to do 25 reps
of something and it’s not effective and you hurt yourself. I’ve been a victim of
hurting myself with weights, by going too fast so I can definitely vouch for that. I
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I’ll see you next time! Love yous!

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