Nerf War: Tank Battle

Nerf War: Tank Battle

What’s up guys, this video is sponsored by World of Tanks.You guys can Download it for Free by clicking on the link in the video description below. *Thanos Snap* The first 300 players to use the promo code will receive 7 days premium time 350 gold and a premium tank so hurry up and download now. And for new players we recommend you try the RUIS3, a close range brawler that suits you in the middle of the action. Or the UST29 that uses a powerful turret and quick maneuver ability. World of Tanks head to head duels are decided by your speed and reaction time just like any co-op shooter. And your tanks are always evolving with research upgrades and modifications to enhance tank performance on the battlefield. Don’t miss out. Download today! Thanks for watching the video guys. Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already, smash that like button, leave a comment below and we’ll see you guys in the next video. Falls down at 0:28 to:29 Attack of the Tank Nerfs

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  8. You make very good nerf videos

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  10. I just download the game.Its was so fun

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  14. How to basic vs PDK FILMS

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  18. How did you get so many nerf bullets

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  20. the video is also sponsored by remembering to keep your doors locked

  21. Try playing tanki online or tanki x

  22. O que ele falo não entendo

  23. where did you get a bunch of nerf gun my favorite is the one with the wheels

  24. bro i dint watch this channel for long time. i used to love your vids well guess what i still do bro

  25. Why are you falling down everywhere

  26. another kid with personality disorder

  27. Good Nerf war I like it very much

  28. You vids are epic keep up the good work boys

  29. From 1:38 its the copy of (how to basic ) youtube channel

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  37. The tanks are a bit cute.. They should be his companion next time.

  38. Love the part when he slips on the rival balls

  39. You are dang crazy ah!!!!!!!

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  43. Do those robots ever get jammed

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  45. Where do you buy weapons from?

  46. Thank you bro for this vedio

  47. Murfreesboro war tank battle

  48. This is cool but can you clean the floor cuz it look disturbing to me :v

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  51. i like it i wish you are my cousin so that i could join the nerf war but i stil like it its nice

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