News, Entertainments & Sports Most Viewed Today – 13th February

News, Entertainments & Sports Most Viewed Today – 13th February

a scorned lover has taken revenge on his
cheating girlfriend by throwing a party to announce her affair with his best
friend the man invited a large number of their friends and filmed the moment he
revealed that his girlfriend’s dog animal Ian had been cheating the man who
has not been named told the party in Venezuela South America
today I discovered something that I really suspected in my mind and in my
heart Alberto the man’s best friend I have
known you for more than twenty years you are the father of my great brother and
friend but courting my wife is a coward move the friend in question Alberto sub
Alvaro is an economist and congressman Laurel to Venezuelan president Nicolas
Maduro in the video which has since gone viral the boyfriend takes his
girlfriend’s mobile phone and reveals to stunned guests the text messages sent
between the cheating bear the man went on to accuse Sabbagh pharaoh of seeking
to bankroll an apartment four million here are all the messages that Galliano
and you have sent Diana is looking for a $40,000 apartment and I asked her where
do you get it from I know where she’s going to get it from where she’s getting
the $40,000 apartment that you are going to give her those in attendance
reportedly feared the speech would cause a fight but the man remained calm
throughout the speech mullion tries to get her phone back
but her live-in boyfriend throws it into a nearby swimming pool a woman then
approaches her and pulls her away from her boyfriends side I really Thank You
Alberto with all my heart for the sincere and profound friendship that he
showed me in these 20 years and Diana too of course these two years you have
shared with me hypocritically he sarcastically said before he drops the
microphone he offers one last parting shot Alberto and Diana have a
relationship remember the name Rudolph Ingram aka
blaze because he is on track to become the fastest man on the planet he’s only
7 but Rudolph has already been compared to use a mole for his speed on the track
on Sunday he recorded his best time running 100 meters in 13 point four
eight seconds Usain Bolt’s record and the young boys target to beat was nine
point five eight seconds Rudolph’s proud dad Rudolph senior aka
coach cool has been posting on Instagram about his son’s achievements he wrote
proud to say my son may be the fastest seven-year-old in the world to the top
club all those hours of training paid off not only is he a whiz on the track
he is also doing well as school with a grades and science introduction to
computers music and physical education and B grades in language arts social
studies and art déco in elementary school in Tampa he first came to
international attention last August but managed to get his sub 14 second time at
the weekend blaze previously said I work hard at practice to set the bar high for
my teammates I want to show them we need to give it all we’ve got if they don’t
know how to do something I show them how to do it I always tell them you practice
how you play good morning Britain viewers were
outraged that one guests claimed that sending Valentine’s Day cards to someone
you’re not in a relationship with is harassment
Annabelle Knight a sex and dating expert said on Wednesday’s show
Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love it’s just something that is between two
people that are romantically involved sending out Valentine’s Day cards to
people who it’s like cold calling it’s a little bit unnecessary and I feel hiding
behind a holiday to express your intent if you can’t say the words any other
time of the year then you probably shouldn’t say them on Valentine’s Day
night who is married later confessed that she didn’t like the idea of
Valentine’s Day as a whole which could explain why she felt sending cards was
inappropriate she might be in the minority with her view as people tuning
into the debate felt there was nothing wrong with sending one to someone you’re
not involved with others added on Twitter that they remember sending
Valentine’s Day cards at school Wednesdays presenting team band Shepherd
Kate Garraway and Charlotte Hawkins argued that they didn’t see anything
wrong with it themselves Kate said I’ve just instinctively thought what absolute
nonsense this is just an old school sort of love sending a card to someone it’s
really people up the clock up the courage to send one to their secret love
Charlotte added twenty-one savage real names Shaban
abraham joseph has been released on bond as he awaits a deportation hearing the
rapper was arrested by the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement i
seee after they claimed he was a resident of the United Kingdom who is
unlawfully present in the u.s. ‘ in a statement twenty-one savages lawyers
have confirmed he’s been released on bond and granted an expedited hearing
the statement reads for the past nine long days on behalf of Shaban Ibrahim
Joseph known to the world as 21 savage have been speaking with ice to both
clarify his legal standing his eligibility for bond and provide
evidence of his extraordinary contributions to his community and
society in the last 24 hours in the wake of the Grammy Awards at
which he was scheduled to attend and perform we received notice that Shia was
granted an expedited hearing today 21 Savage was granted a release on bond
he won his freedom they added 21 savage asked us to send a special message to
his fans and supporters he says that while he wasn’t present at the Grammy
Awards he was there in spirit and is grateful for the support from around the
world and is more than ever ready to be with his loved ones and continue making
music that brings people together he will not forget this ordeal or any of
the other fathers sons family members and faceless people he was locked up
with or that remain unjustly incarcerated across the country and asks
for your hearts and minds to be with them following his arrest 21 Savage
confirmed he was born in the United Kingdom and emigrated to the United
States aged 7 under an h4 visa he claims he departed in 2005 to visit
the United Kingdom and return that same year and lost his legal status in 2006
through no fault of his own and was in the process of obtaining another visa
he was arrested Angel DeMaria appeared to shout fuck off at the Manchester
United France moments after Paris saint-germain took the lead at Old
Trafford the Argentine who used to play for the Red Devils received some mild
jeering from his former fans on the night ins decided to respond after
personal Kim BEM opened the scoring BT sport cameras showed the PSG players
gathered together celebrating the goal by the touchline as lemuria stared in
the direction of the home fans he could then be seen shouting at them and
appeared to say fuck off as well as pitched the Spanish word for bitch
hundreds of fans took to social media to point out that they had seen the words
coming from the mouth of the PSG man the game resumed but moments later DeMaria
had a bottle which came in the direction of the home supporters thrown at him the
Argentine reacted by picking the bottle up and putting it to his lips pretending
to drink the beer inside this wasn’t the only incident from the match the
Argentine was involved in on Tuesday the 30 year old forward was also thrown into
the stand by Man United’s Ashley young after a collision towards the end of the
first half the pair were chasing a loose ball down the touchline when young gave
DeMaria a shoulder charge which sent him flying
off the side of the pitch and into the metal barrier surrounding the pitch his
teammates slept to his defence by confronting young wildly Maria was
eventually able to return to the field after receiving treatment on his left
arm specifically around his elbow he had a hefty landing on the concrete
perimeter to the Old Trafford pitch but young already on a ball King was not
punished further by the referee PSG eventually celebrated a 2 to 0 win
in the first leg to give them the advantage temporary Manchester United manager la
gunner soldier has reacted to losing his first match in charge the Red Devils
have been firing on all cylinders ever since the Norwegian took their reigns
from Jose Mariner following the December defeat by Liverpool souls Jaya has
guided United to 10 wins in his first 12 matches losing just once against Thomas
tat shells talented French champions Paris saint-germain this Tuesday here is
everything Seoul’s Jaya had to say about the defeat and Manchester United’s
performance in his post match interview on BT sport questioned
oleh this is going to be an unfamiliar feeling for you at Old Trafford a defeat
but what did you make of it souls Jaya it looked like a game that we thought
was going to be first half both teams looked at each other and there wasn’t
much in it and then the first goal when they got that one it was a poor goal to
give away from set plays and then they got the momentum they started to control
in the game they had the experience to play out you can see that we’ve not
played games at this level for a while and we have to learn from this
experience because it was one that could have gone either way it’s not going to
be a season defining one for us it has to be one that we learn from q you could
see PSG step up the pace at the start of the second half was a factor in the
injuries to Marshall and lingered they had less to cover at the back that made
them more adventurous maybe s you can’t say that’s a reason because we hit
players like motto and Sanchez – come on quality players but of course
Jessie and Anthony they give us something let’s hope their the injuries
not too serious q do you know the extent of the injuries at all
s no they’re muscle injuries so we just have to wait a couple of days q of
course Paul Pogba misses the return which is another blow
yes yeah it is he is trying to get his body across and Alves is clever enough
to put his foot in the so it hits him from the side I know Paul just wants to
shield the ball and then he’s unlucky and it hits him on the knee q where does
this leave the time you have a mountain to climb in Paris now s yeah but
mountains are there to be climbed anthe you can’t lay down and say this is
over we are going to have to go down there believe in ourselves play a good
game improve from today obviously but today of course was kind of a reality
check from the level of the top teams

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