Ninjutsu against multiple attackers – Yossi Sheriff, AKBAN Academy

Ninjutsu against multiple attackers – Yossi Sheriff, AKBAN Academy

Multiple opponents scenarios are a speciality that we practice drill and brief all the
time at the end of this clip you can see one example off a technique against multiple
opponents. One-person is a fight two people are danger three or more opponents are an extreme danger and possibly a
deadly threat treat it like this with more than three opponents every situation is a trap first how to prevent this trap you can do one thing which is unusual
but is recommended open up a live streaming account in YouTube Facebook, what ever this way when you’re approaching a possibly volatile situation you can video the situation upload it on the moment to the cloud this way attackers loose their anonymity sometimes they become more docile
because of it and you have a back up not on your phone but, in the internet so first thing is: open up a live stream
account second thing learn martial arts. everything that I’m
talking about today necessitates previous training routine and habits you’re approaching the group of people
and you feel something is not right do not approached them do not get that into the trap don’t get into the trap if a trap is forming around you,
you are in a confrontation against somebody and suddenly there are three people around
you then the situation is extremely
dangerous treat it as such basic thing is: negotiate try to negotiate your way out of the circle so if the situation is easy I will try too turn the 360 into forty-five degrees angle like this okay, so the angle now is narrower if you’re out of the circle and you have defused the situation open distance walk quickly and run to the safest and nearest place. A street with sober
people is a good bet a supermarket with security cameras is
another good bet do not atay in the area the trap was at go away from there if you are standing inside the trap and you see no way to get out and you
feel situation escalates defend first if you do not initiate the defense this is potentially a death trap when you defend first you stand in the
middle of as circle of attackers you do not stand in a Zen state of mind think about the attack think about the opening that you want to choose when you attack try to deal with two opponents so, at the end of this video you’ve got one of the techniques were using in AKBAN to deal with more than two opponents on
the way out because if I want to get out of an opening in the trap I want to destroy and devastate the posts. The posts are the people that are guarding the openings. Because
if I’m standing and either me or the attackers initiate the attack the whole trap collapses on me when the trap collapses, I have no chance because now people are grabbing me do not let yourself be grabbed! nobody’s grubbing you! either before or during. Fight for your life because this is it this is a deadly situation you’re standing inside the trap hit one of the posts hopefully two of the posts using the technique at the end of this video at a minute 05:00 get out of the trap while destroying two posts at least and move, move, move! do not stay at the same place move, run away! the main point is the most neglected one – what happens when the whole circle of attackers implodes on me and what is the cue if the cue is not me, if I’m ambushed then, the situation is very bad but if I am the cue then I have a chance what the chance is is getting away from the circle and narrowing the whole three sixty degrees front into a forty five degrees angle because
if I’m out then i have to deal only with ninety degree and forty five degrees use the distance as a strategic asset of course it is always difficult and risky but, what is the trade-off? Should I just stand and get hit? or protect my head this is not enough SO, we have an indispensable Sabaki in AKBAN that we’ve been checking for many years and it is indispensable to you what to do when the whole thing implodes on you treat these guys like posts of a house of a roof and before they fall on me i will topple them so I take the fight to my attackers not only with aggression okay, and intent but with Sabaki and especially the Yoko Aruki Sabaki So one, two, I have to return here and close now the drill is to the side, with Yoko Aruki to the front with a Shikan Ken return to the guy only got the jab and finish him closed… two opponents what I do is this I deal with this guy here and then i go to the front guy the guy to the side gets hit the front guy gets hit with a Fudo Ken i will not do: one… two.. this is instinctual to jab him and do a Tsuki this is not so good what I want to do is: one… two so i’ve got these two covered now the minute i start initiating something Everybody will get closer exactly so if this situation happens and I the cue I have to get out as quickly as I can I cannot deal with these guys kicking backward is very dangerous we’ve tried it, we’ve checked it with video, we’ve briefed it, it does not work sometime, if the guy just stands there and smokes a cigarette, of course I can kick him but if he wants to attack me and I have a split-second to do the attack first then it won’t work because he’ll close distance these guys i will not deal with them except one thing i’m going to away from them so these two posts I’m going to topple and attack one to the side want to the front now this guy only got nicked by a jab he will come back and I will hit him
again and now what I do is I go backward and punch but now I have hopefully two opponents instead of four

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  1. Yeah… you're the best ninjutsu master/teacher I ever seen on YouTube… You got all my respect. You deserve to have a peaceful and nice life!

  2. well, I have a question(sorry if my english is a little bad), I want to practice martial arts, but, I don't know what kind of training I must follow to begin

  3. An shitty MMA fighter would wreck this "master"

  4. I noticed when you used the "pillar destroyer" on your first attack, you did not connect to the opponent with your eyes. How did you manage to support your body in a structural way without connecting your eyes with your target? I hope you view my question as worth answering!

  5. There is no need to look at the target.

  6. Yea, and um…how do you do rasengan?

  7. I thought we made it clear in the video, do a Lava release Armour first

  8. this terrible no surprise its Japanese based the name used. the way you deal muple attackers correctly is to take out one attacker. then throw him or something breakup the attackers as much as possible and hopefully create an opening. then repeat the process

  9. Nobody is advocating a punch to the chest. It is just a way to train for force while exiting the circle. 
    Of course, the punch should be to the chin. 

  10. You are using 3 -4 attackers. What do you do with attackers ? Do you know ? I know how to. Check it out.

  11. The guy or guys behind you will more then likely be the first one or ones to attack you. So then what would you do ??? I know what to do,,,but 99% of the people have no idea. I know what to do !!!

  12. watch ip mans 1v10 fight

  13. One attacker = a fight, Two attackers = dangerous situation, Three attackers = an execution.  That is why you should be aware of your surroundings… and have an equalizer.

  14. I saw a guy survive 3 attackers in an alley outside a bar. First and loudest/closest guy had his hand in his jacket, making like he was going to pull a weapon or pepper spray. Guy trapped his hand by pushing it into his chest then punched him in the face and dropped him. He turned around facing other 2 attackers and backed away, they were hesitant to do anything after seeing their buddy get dropped like that. It was like they were shocked and just kind of stared at him while he got out of there. 

  15. thank you, for the very simulating vid.
    Nindan here, fine work.

  16. pshh ive played assassins creed, i can take on at least 20 people

  17. That is a great instructive video..

    My last street fight….I won it by 50metres…..!!

  18. Can you use throws in a multiple opponent situation?

    We are/were all animals once, we did'nt get lessons back then. when someone throws a fist at you you slide to the side hit smack him in the neck knee in his stomach and run away. People these days don't know how to fight  no guts. 16 year olds sitting behind there PC all day posting shit on Facebook. Go outside, do sports create reflexes muscle and agility. That combination can help you in ANY situation .

  20. If u want my opinion on aikido, it works as a principle. No one is going to fall so easily and in aikido no one attacks with punches and kicks wich is the usual on a street fight

  21. This is an excellent video. Thank you teacher.

  22. נהדר!
    Did I spell that right ?

  23. I wish people now and days could defend them selves without weapon if there 3 people and their robbing you they definitely have a gun or a nive but hey id love to learn this shit

  24. I studied ancient jujutsu forms as well as chinese systems. I also did a lot of historical research on ancient m.a. So eventhough i never studied aikido i do have understanding of it's concepts and philosofy. I never said that aikido is bad or wrong, what i said is that it's not for direct application. It works in very long term if u manage to understand it. Traditional jujutsu forms are more direct because they are designed for pracrical combat, although they also take time to study and understand but not like aikido

  25. And what do you think about just striking one opponent and getting behind him quickly. Sure it is worse because you still have 3 opponents, but it seems like a safer way to get out of circle and you still have his body as a "shield" ?



  28. I'm not into self defence. Pretty ignorant in fact. However I hope these guys tactics in the video are used in films because when Hollywood makes movies they should base their fights scenes on this kind of stuff, on what I'm convinced is reality. Otherwise if they don't the public are led to believe in the fantasy world that all is possible when in fact it clearly isn't !

  29. Very Interesting 🙂 …

  30. your ninjutsu lessons are the most practical ones i have seen , keep up the good work

  31. muito bom, gostei muito do vídeo, bastante explicativo….

  32. very good demonstration…..

  33. הנה ההוא עם הסוכריות בחליפה

  34. How viable is this on the street? is there a video on a thing like that, less controlled environment with defense against street fights that have more unpredictable movement?

  35. pupils don't pay monthly fee for this, is that true?

  36. "sparring". These people are wasting their lives on this! A well trained boxer will be more effective then what is portrayed here. This really proves it. A good krav maga, mma or jeet kune do school will serve those people better then this fantasy bs. Guided chaos combatives also have one of the best philosophies and systems around. Spare yourself this fancy nonsense.

  37. in real life you can defend your self against 3 people only when they are drunk

  38. Jesus has given this guy the gift of teaching

  39. At 5:10 there is no reason to touch-hit the attackers; in order for those hits to have the needed power to create some damage, so fractions of a second must be added at the point of contact. Otherwise it's a waste of time. The opening is too big and my purpose is to run away, not hit. Only if I feel that as I go though the opening someone has managed to get a little closer, do I hit him.

  40. hello, i recent discover you channel. think are very good! great techniques of self defense.regards from México.

  41. This is the third vid I AM seeing from akban and I say that I am really liking It.
    Those are pretty instructions and this channel have a good instructor.
    Thanks by the tips XD

  42. So many people criticizing this based on such-and-such principle. Oh, you need to punch them in the face (even in practice – screw your training partners)! Oh, your stance isn't stable enough! Oh, it's not Real Ninjutsu (TM)! Such and such other martial art would do it better (note they say it would work better, not that it does – probably because they're theorizing and haven't actually tried it themselves). You need to flex your left little toe harder and sacrifice a virgin before the altar of Ba'al before you punch the guy on the left, blah blah…

    This principle of hitting on the move to multiple targets in order to bust out of the the circle before it closes is pretty much exactly what's taught by all the people out there (bouncers, bodyguards, military cops, etc.) who've ever actually had to fight alone against several people at once. I think that trumps theory.
    And this is obviously only a demonstration of a drill to train something these guys have tested and refined with speed, force and intent in protective gear. Maybe pad up with a couple of buddies and try it yourself before you rag on everything!

  43. attack the closest fucker get them in front so the other pricks run into or have to maneuver through and around him/her. continue striking eyes throat knees break collar bones while seeking an escape exit. locating any object to cut their throats or poke out the eyes. if their already on you bite out their throat. bite off noses and throw dirt into the eyes. destroy them with extreme violence. escape asap but hit the morher fuck tards with as much damaging blows as possible. in this world your ass better have a firearm or cold steel equivalent knife. kill as many as you can as fast as you can. fuck a street fight! shoot stab crush the attackers. im author of NINJA COMBAT & PSYCHOLOGY. ive been in 5 on 1 multiple attacks and alot of street combat. fuck theory im speaking from experience. kill maim and destroy any attacker. never be lenient when protecting your life.

  44. Does MFC qualify as a streaming account?

  45. good and fun idea about video

  46. one day i think our phones can save our lives! i bet it alrady has done! .. i never thought about that possibility

  47. it called packing a knife or sharp object to stab someone in the eye or cut the arm.

  48. If you can fight against eight people, then the amount does not matter

  49. Not to say that this stuff isnt necessary to address and discuss because it is and thank you. It is however misleading to most ppl. Ie. When you've trained your whole life and you come upon a multiple attacker situation, you are very lucky to come out of that situation unscathed. These situations are too unpredictable to assess and manage at the best of times. Eyes throat groin knee caps inside arch of the foot. If you can't see, breathe or stand, you can't hurt me. Hit these areas with the intention of destruction. The street is unforgiving so don't be nice but it is always best to run. Thank you for the post shidoshi.

  50. To all the nay sayers. You really can't watch MMA and apply those concepts to street situations. Ie pull guard with four attackers and see where that gets you. Take shidoshis punches and apply them to the throat or the collar bone. Don't train like that but just imagine. This guy knows ninjitsu. Stop saying this will never work. A ninja thrives off of the element of surprise. Four guys are not gonna expect you attack. If you crush one of the attackers larynx and then take out another attackers eyes. Now there are two because you've annitiated your exit. Ninjitsu isn't aikido. The principles are completely different. Ninjitsu is however a viable approach to street defense because of its battle tested approach to dealing with threats. I've been attacked by multiple attackers on multiple occasions. Ninjitsu principles are what's kept me alive. Sure those situations could have gone anyway… But I'm still here. To all the disrespectful key commandos; shut your fucking mouths if you haven't been in at least one hundred fights. YOU ARE NOT EXPERTS BECAUSE YOU SIT ON YOUR COUCH AND WATCH MMA. IF YOU WERE TO FACE ONE PERSON YOU LIKELY GET YOUR ASS HANDED TO YOU. YOU CANT FIGHT.

  51. When I had to catch a cow, me and some guys on horseback formed a circle around the cow. I was on foot and the cow charged at me first. I jumped out the way and rolles out the cows stampede. I asked the guys on horses, "Why did the cow rush me and not you guys?" ..the cowboy said, "because the cow sees you as the weakest link in whats surrounding him". Lesson learned, when you are surrounded, bust through the weakest link.

  52. speed aggression and surprise !!! attack, attack, attack that's the key.

  53. I have been in this situation before against 3 guys, i attacked first guy who looks nervous, and i start to kick the other guys making safe distance between me and them , ive hit with some kicks too but i managed to protect my face , the fight stop after many people came trying to stop the fight, ps: i practice karate and im a black belt 2end degree.

  54. Lmao anyone learning for this guy is going to get curb stomp

  55. Not disagreeing with these methods at all, I think your training and teachings are great! But this is the very reason I carry a firearm and train for multiple threats with that firearm!!

  56. Yuo need learn keysi sistem . Absolute number one , and yuo dont need thousand years experience.

  57. With 4 people your fucked

  58. I wonder if this is really Ninjitsu or if it's Krave Maga or Jujitsu or something like that in disguise. See most people today don't really know what a Ninja is. They think its someone who dresses in black and fights really badass martial arts. And whenever I hear someone call their MA "Ninjitsu" to me it screams out fraud. As opposed to "Taijutsu" or "Bujinkan" which is the official textbook name for ninja hand-to-hand combat. But "Ninjitsu" is the umbrella term for more than just hand-to-hand. There are other schools for Ninjas. In fact, most of it is tedious and requires an open mind and the commitment to see it all the way through.

  59. please delete this bullshit, so people don;t confuse it with a martial art, todarava

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