PE Games – Ants On A Log

PE Games – Ants On A Log

Hey everyone, here’s a very simple teamwork
and strategy-building game called ‘Ants on a Log’ You don’t need any equipment in this game. You will start off with a line in the gym. This can be any line as long as it is long enough for
all of the students to stand along. We have thirteen students in this
example so there all the students are the ants and they’re standing on the log, and they
can’t leave that log. So they have to stay on the line. And basically you will tell the students that the goal of the game is that they need to reverse their order. Right now it’s ordered one up to
thirteen but they will have to switch so that it goes 13 down to one. So that they all
switch positions. They have to do this without leaving
the log, so they can’t get off the line. So they can shuffle passed each other or however they figure it out. When they finish that then you can start a new round or you can switch it up. One of the ways you can switch it up is, as you see here, I have made now two teams. So you can make two teams and have them work together so that the blue team will switch spots with the green team. It’s another team-based game. You can also switch it up by having teams work against each other. It’s the same
thing as our first example except now it’s kind of a race against each
other to see which team can reverse their order first and that’s it for this game!

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  1. I will be in the house

  2. how do they succeed at this task? is there a trick? tried it and they could not do it and i was not sure how to help them succeed either.

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