Physical Education Games – Corner Ball

Physical Education Games – Corner Ball

This is ‘Corner Ball’ and it is a soccer based game. I would like to thank Stacey from Manchester for this idea. This is for grades 2 to 8. You will need a soccer
ball and benches to play. You will start with the benches in each corner and you will flip them so that the flat surface is the goal area. Then create even teams. The teams will actually
crouch down behind their bench or stand behind their bench. You will number off the players on
the teams (there are teams of five here) so each
player would be a number one, two, three, four, or five. If there are extra players (for example, six players on a team) then one of the players can be
number one and six. So they have a number. Now you will place a ball in the middle or you could also have the teacher hold the ball on the side and throw it into play as the teacher calls the number. In the example, the number four was called out, so all of the
number fours will jump into the playing area and they will do a one-on-one-on-one-on-one until someone scores. So here the red team scored on the yellow. So the red team gets a point. And you can add a rule where the
other three teams have to do some jumping jacks or something because they
didn’t get the goal. Then it all resets so the players are all back and you call out another number. You could also call out 2 numbers at the same time so two players from each team jump out into the playing area. The game continues on like that. That is it for this idea!

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  1. Cool idea. Another way to score it would be to give a point to the team that got scored on, and once everyone has played, the team with the most points loses.

  2. important to note: tell the students not to stand on the top of the bench. It might overturn and crush the pupil's lower leg.

  3. I played this game yesterday. It was great. A couple of things I added – 1. I ability grouped – ie – all the number 1's were of similar skill level
    2. Near the end I added an elimination factor – ie – when a team was scored on they were off and the other three teams kept going until one team remained.
    Thanks for the game – MY KIDS LOVED IT!!

  4. We did it where the teams started with their #1, then if they got scored on, their #2 would come on in place of their #1, without the game pausing at all.
    Then, once all members of a team have played and been scored on, the team turns their bench upright and sits on it watching until there is 1 team left.

  5. Question: Can the students behind the benches goal tend?

  6. i play this at school:)

  7. PhysEdGames I think that you are doing a really great job, could you tell me which program or app you are using to do this videos? Thanks a lot

  8. What I do is 4 teams 1 player each side if for example red scores on green the green player goes back and the next player comes out until the last person once you've got through all your players the person who started goes on and if gets knocked out your team flips the bench then watch

  9. Is this Corner spry?

  10. There is a danger of collisions as all 4 students run straight for the ball. Tried it today and it was a bit unsafe.

  11. This is not great. 20 kids, only 4 active at any point.

  12. we played it so if a team gets eliminated there out so there only 3 teams left until one team is left

  13. Hey, whats up? Which program do you use to show the court and move the game, please?

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