Play Ping Pong Against Yourself (crazy spin)

Play Ping Pong Against Yourself (crazy spin)

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity And welcome to another episode of Challenge Pongfinity This is the series where YOU Challenge US With your craziest ideas related to table
tennis. If your idea gets picked We’ll feature it in our next video And give you a shout out. So make sure you leave your comments and ideas In the comment-section below! This one is from PokeExpert Thunderbolt Let’s do some push-ups! Eric Primeau wants me to play against myself
while doing backspin. Let’s see how many shots I can do! Next one is from Dude that’s amazingly perfect. We are going to play a rally of 10 shots On each of these 4 tables. Eryk Ozarowski suggests we should play with
a balloon. Thanks for watching guys! Hope you enjoyed this episode as much as this
horse enjoys me! Remember to subscribe to our channel here And watch our previous videos there. Until next time!

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  1. Hope you guys enjoy this video as much as the horse enjoys Miikka in this video! 😂😄 Leave your challenge ideas for the next episode in the comments below!

  2. Könnt ihr Deutsch sprechen?

  3. They can play with a chair

  4. Play against horse

  5. Joergen 1 in the first 30 secs

  6. Hi pongfinity. Can you use only spin serves and counters in one match

  7. play with dancing kpop song

  8. On fire 💢💥

  9. Do your intro i bed

  10. Play ping pong by using a knife

  11. like si no soy el único que abla español

  12. I from brazilian

  13. Should try to play while doing bottle flips

  14. I was wondering is it against the rule in a real game if you backspin the ball really hard then smash it

  15. Pelatkaa seuraavaksi tikkataullulla pinhistä

  16. Try and play against the greatest player in the while in the tire world

  17. Try to play with a comb

  18. Bibyang ko kanya yo…nagpapangit kau…gago😊

  19. Play with your elbow

  20. play doing around the back shots only

  21. Try to play with a Knife

  22. Do yur intro in the sea

  23. Play with spoons and bouncy balls bet you can

  24. Play with badminton racquet

  25. U should play like one guy butts the ball and the other guy hits with racket

  26. Give your intro & end by sitting on a goat or by taking support on a goat

  27. 日本人一号❓

  28. Hit the ball while a back flip

  29. Play a game while holding a cup of water. Whoever drops the most water loses.

  30. How to enjoy life being single. 1:23

  31. Try to curve the ball around the net with your bad hand

  32. try with water balloon

  33. Play with a piece of wood

  34. Can you play with a block of brick

  35. Try to play against yourself with counter

  36. I actually wanted you to play with table tennis with badminton racquets by joining two tables together

  37. ควยกะจอก เจอกุได้นะปิงปองอะ

  38. Do your intro and outro in Romanian any way good luck on any future vids

  39. Can you try to play with a cricket bat

  40. Play with a stranger invite him on street

  41. Plot twist they're married

  42. Play with frying pan

  43. Try to play with a phone📱📱📱

  44. pewds:hey joergen don't be like that
    joergen:kiss my ass

    awful moments….

  45. Do intro in slovakia language

  46. Play ping pong with a phone, while it is recording

  47. Show me how you are holding the bat

  48. En tienny et ootte suomalaisii

  49. play with baseball bat

  50. 2:40 he probably meant that u would play with ythe rackets but the balloon as the ball

  51. Plz make a video for forehand and backhand loop and also flip

  52. Play a massive game of table tennis using as many tables as possible

  53. May we praise the almighty spin lord of table tennis emil.

  54. Match otto vs mikka ..all serves of mikkka. And otto will only block no ball to be hit by ptto …10 games

  55. My challange is to spin the ball and defend the ball

  56. Play ping pong with a pen.

  57. Play with water bottle

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