PLAYING OUR RIVALS!!! || Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Episode 37

PLAYING OUR RIVALS!!!  || Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Episode 37

Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Gameplay Yes Guy Gaming Spike Volleyball PS4 Gameplay Xbox one Steam PC Beach Volleyball game wait I’m all on it you see that dig on
that what’s open see my rival he’s all over me hello and welcome back
yes guy came in we’re back playing volleyball on bound and the next
tournament the turnover plan this episode is the Toronto grand slam oh
yeah hometown for the boys a grand slam in Toronto it’s about frickin time
anyways thank you guys for the support you’ve shown this channel this series
everything means that time to me I’m having a blast playing through this game
all sorts of other sports games having fun with Joe if you guys are enjoying
stuff don’t forget to hit that subscribe button would really really appreciate
that and if you have any beach volleyball friends or friends let them
know about this channel trying to grow would really appreciate that thank you
guys for all the support anyways Toronto Grand Slam I’m high
let’s get to it alright wave to the crowd boys like
nobody really gives a shit okay we’re playing Tachikawa and cashew obata play
these guys one time before a long time ago I think you didn’t see the last
episode link in the description did a bunch of robach these guys I think are a
throwback they’re pretty shite though I don’t know who’s worse maybe Kashia
Barra cuz he gets tired and he’s shorter and
he’s got that dirty beard yeah sure Joshua Bala let’s do it you know what
I’m gonna rip the frickin spin this tournament or at least this game will
see cashew Amana get up there block the left Joe I always block the left every
time Joe I got you buddy did that oh nice I actually put a good set up there
for once weird all right cashew Ybarra Joe just peeled he didn’t even go to
bother blocking get up there Joe like whoa this guy sucks right now
I got it run me in the middle Joe I’m looking a bounce sharp
I hit it sharp but I wasn’t that hard I will take it though here we go pounding
it over to catch you up on that nice risk on that serve it’s working out
Bri chance I got it Joe way outside buddy bounce this sharp jazz no bounce
though gee I wouldn’t get hot in this game I just want a beast like Joe but
Joe can feast may hmm he’s okay nice serve again Joe are you gonna block
okay no he’s not blocking I’m on that Joe Joe really dude I know we’re
pounding these guys but like at least I’m on it Joe set me please
I like that no okay Joe yeah get off Joe I’m on it
trying to jump off me buddy what are you thinking deep cross your ass come on I
don’t know Amy tried to dig it like this I tell you no he’s a rookie
it’s a dumb way to do it all right here we go compounded it cashew Avada yeah
that was a good serve still not an ace though no ace Joe I’m on it though put
me on the net what a set down the middle didn’t work
Joe nice dig Joe it had me covered oh and I totally screwed it up it’s
alright we’ll make a dig watch watch I’m on it
Oh off my back hit that cut maybe Oh lots of trouble watch I’m on it this is
a rally oh I’m so tired sneaks open it come on zip to see me uh
I’m just so tired great takedown nice moving on
alright wave to the crowd boys I don’t know if you deserve it or not size
matters yeah Joe’s got it may doesn’t okay movie plan
this is a new team honey ball and hawks the guy’s name is a lousy Asst honey
ball what a name sighs marriage I’m down on of these
blacks are from Australia good eye nice how you going jeez
all right well honey ball looks like he’s the guy so let’s serve Him all
right honey ball I can’t you can’t make this stuff up guys honey ball whoa I’m
on it Joe okay what’s what’s a good hit when I’m Way off the net not that
obviously partner wanted to go on too early oh I’m I’m I’ve learned to read
the hitter after like 37 episodes I find that was weak man you got to pick your
shit up after 37 episodes I figured out how to read the hitter like the
animations actually indicate where he’s gonna hit it can’t believe I didn’t know
that before okay watch see I knew that but Joe was
just too shit I can’t get there in time geez that honey ball honey ball you Joe
well I’m absolutely pounding oh you doubted me almost I scored on Julie ass
listen Joe if you’re gonna dominoes two balls on two with your left hand I’m
gonna go on to for the glory let’s go Joe is first serve of the
tournament nice serve block the right side I’m on it yeah put me on Joe
Joe what are you doing buddy nice though but seriously I’m looking for the glory
Joe we’re obviously gonna beat these guys of course we’re gonna beat these
guys by couple of blocks from downtown that go Joe that’s a big serve he’s just
not even gonna bother going out cause he’s a lazy guy nice dig Joe what Joe it’s a sharp angle buddy
boom match ball let’s go honey ball here it comes bad nice serve Joe all sorts of
trouble I’m on it volley Joel just gave up
he’s I got mine it’s fine I’ll just leave the ball let it go ahead boot on
the in unison wait Joe’s all tatted up mace looking good we pounded the first
two rounds and who we playing oh my god look who it is Boyer and Cantrell
Shirley and Eugene our freakin rivals look at that record three and three head
to head Wow these guys are definitely our rivals
can’t rolls the guy always yeah definitely but like they beat us a lot I
don’t think we’ve read them recently let’s go Joe here’s the chance buddy
Cantrell it’s only a game to five because it’s not a final so let’s go put
some pressure on the serve but don’t miss there’s a good decent serve lots of
trouble Joe is just gonna peel Joe Joe dude
you can’t be doing that here we go we’ve got a side out Joe these guys are good
do not forget that these guys are good nice pass I’ve improved Joe’s attacking
Jess Joe why not get slammed I’m just half expecting to get slammed
hard alright Cantrell Joe you have to get up
and block this time buddy these guys are actually good Joe it’s alright he’s way
off you Joe come on buddy put it away put it away Oh Joe come on buddy it’s a sharp bang hit
the ace here Joe I’m feeling confident against Paul oh wait
I’m all in it you see that dig on that what’s open
see my rival he’s all over me all right it’s too long wheel side out side out
Joe sorry you earn two points and then I screwed up
oh he pulled it the short survey taste me jeez look a huge side out here you
Joe I’ll set you buddy I’ll trust you I’ll cover though it’s a deep head Joe
get off I’ll take a joke ease nice set No here we go fight it off Joe we can do
this you buddy I need you to put it away though Joe unlock Jan I Scott Joe I
could not put it away all right need a big frickin steel here it’s match ball
for them Joe oh my gosh she’s got a good pass Joe well that really pisses me off we can’t beat those guys
and I got blocked two times at crucial moments just unacceptable
really unacceptable James oh my bad I don’t even know you guys sorry turn
the marriage it better than us brutal I gotta get over it we got the
Olympics coming up in like four or five tournaments and I gotta be laser beam
focus if I want to be good for that eighty anyway guys that’s gonna do it
for this episode Wow anyways thanks you guys for watching
if you’re seeing something let me know I need to know this I am I am gonna do for
the Olympics I got a like any practice for an hour before I play that
tournament I’ve come too far to lose that tournament it’s four or five
episodes away so like we’re gonna get there
and what are we gonna do after that who knows anyways thank you guys for
watching we’ll see you next time on yes guy gaming Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Gameplay Yes Guy Gaming Spike Volleyball PS4 Gameplay Xbox one Steam PC Beach Volleyball game

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