Playing table tennis with Andy Murray | RIO 2016

One day in the village all the judo all the team GB Judo team were playing table tennis – just in the outdoor bit just outside the block and I remember Andy Murray came along and said Err… Can I join in? we were like err… yeah, just a bit, like, taken aback and like this is Andy Murray! so he started playing round the table with us around the world We’re like hitting it back to each other hitting it back somehow I ended up being in the final with andy murray and I’m like oh my god OK Sal, don’t let the pressure get too much so, Andy hit it back to me and I’ve hit it back to him and I’ve gone to run round the table but I didn’t need to run around the table and I was like Oh No! But I think he was… I’m pretty sure i think he was gonna let me win but I just messed it up for myself I just let the pressure get to me

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