PlaySight SmartCourt Sports Technology at the Ensworth School

PlaySight SmartCourt Sports Technology at the Ensworth School

Looking at video in real time as opposed
to after the fact is a huge benefit, because you’re teaching in real time. So when you want to tell an athlete what they’re doing incorrectly, it’s a lot better to be able to pull them out And say hey look, look at this right now, because they’re in the moment. We’ve got the shine from the lights. The reflection from the windows. You’ve got disturbances of the water, you’ve got white water from where they’re kicking. PlaySight underwater cameras as a coach they
help us see what the kids are doing. Not just a lot more clearly, they let us see them clearly. We can’t otherwise. Prior to having PlaySight I’d have never had access to a
way to share footage with students in a really convenient way. The kids think that PlaySight is the coolest thing ever. They feel like we’re living in the
future. Their rate of growth has absolutely increased since we got PlaySight. It’s almost like their re hearsal time doesn’t just end the moment they leave the studio door. They can go home and they can get on their iPhone or iPad and watch it anytime they want. We not only have it from up above but we have it from six different angles coming at you. So I can show you just about anything you did at any point anywhere on the basketball floor. Ensworth does everything it possibly can to prepare students for college, so PlaySight is one of the tools that we use. It is a technology that’s used by pro teams and by other division one college teams. So for them to have access to this
technology and information is a tremendous advantage. Having been in division one basketball for 18 years, I do think PlaySight is going to help our student athletes be better prepared When they get to the college level. I’ve used PlaySight to help certain players send video to coaches, and a lot of coaches want to see one-on-one repetition for different skills And I don’t even have to be the one filming. I can run the drill and direct the player to do what she needs to do and just know that the video angle
and the footage and the quality is going to be exactly what that college coach is wanting. I’m genuinely excited about it we are eliminating mistakes and eliminating repetition of mistakes because guys are able to see it for themselves and the
film doesn’t lie. The players motivated in practice because they know the cameras are rolling, And they know that it’s going to be reviewed by the
coaches and themselves. It helps them focus on what we’re trying to get them to focus on. With being videoed, they’re more likely
to really concentrate and their outcomes are better. It’s just more efficient training. By having Playsight all you got to do is log in and then it takes care of everything for you. When we’re in the middle of a lesson and I see something wrong, We can stop easily, go over and hit instant replay. We can figure out what went wrong and then we can easily go back to the court and continue on with the lesson while it’s still recording. The Ensworth live page that’s connected
to all of our PlaySight cameras has really increased the amount of coverage
that we have for all of our different teams. Now it’s as simple as sharing the
Ensworth live website address. It’s just a better way to communicate with our fans, with our players, and with our parents. The kids nowadays, I mean what
is it on video for them? What isn’t something that they can take a snippet
of and share it with a friend? It’s the way that they connect with the world, so,
you know I think as coaches our challenge is to find a way to use it so
that we’re living on the same level that they’re actually existing on.

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