PlayStation Plus – Free Games Lineup May 2019 | PS4

PlayStation Plus – Free Games Lineup May 2019 | PS4


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  1. Bad enough we have to pay for online now with PS plus. Now we can't have any decent games.

  2. Tira essa merda de jogo e coloca um triple AAA porra.

  3. y'all gonna buy ps plus no matter what games they have for free either way

  4. I'm Brazilian, and I have a Playstation 4, the price here is already high and in compensation agent receives games that nobody calls, I'm not going to sign the psn this month, because I'm not muggle

  5. Another F U month!

  6. Só ta servindo pra poder jogsr online mesmo

  7. Tão de sacanagem né ?

  8. Me uno a los que no renovarán PlayStation Plus

  9. To all the people who disliked this video give What Remains of Edith Finch a chance. Even if you don’t think it’s your type of game I thought the same but I ended up loving it I give it a 10/10.

  10. I find it infuriating that a few dumb mistakes by Sony are causing people to say that they’re switching to Xbox. Cause Xbox totally has tons incredible exclusives in store like PlayStation. And this isn’t even a mistake Edith Finch is an amazing game I regret not paying full price for it and supporting the devs

  11. Tá de sacanagem né Sony, pago caro para receber jogos que consigo de graça no PC , porra

  12. So let me get this straight ……. You remove PS3 and Vita games from the list, and now limit the selection to 2 crappy indie games every month!? How does this seem like a fair trade off? You are basically telling subscribers (and remember Sony, this is a subscription service that players can cancel) to basically take it or leave it. I knew once Sony removed PS3 and Vita from the PSN free games they were gonna pull this kind of garbage. I think once my subscription is up in July I am not going to renew and just play offline games. Save myself 60 bucks every year and spend it on something else worth while. Heck, maybe I'll start playing more on my PC.

  13. Make PS Plus Great Again!

  14. Over in Europe they get batman and a Lego game

  15. ….and autorenew is now turned off.

    I don't play online, the only reason for PS+ is free games and these are not worth it

  16. you can only be playing with the face of your customers, look at the type of game that you put for the month, total disrespect

  17. Well my new console from the new Generation gonna be Xbox , because of your bad Games

  18. 3 months straight crappy games

  19. I will change in the next Generation to xbox

  20. When we're getting FarmVille and Candy Crush?

  21. Próxima consola Xbox ,bye bye PS son una mierda

  22. Sony do you think we are a joke?!

  23. what will come next? skylight freerange2?

  24. You didn't have nothing better!

  25. I'm will cancel my signature

  26. Algum br também está com ódio desses jogos?

  27. This is why Microsoft and xbox is better

  28. this is was my second time getting ps plus so i cloud enjoy new games but guess what i not paying for ps plus anymore!!!

  29. Guys quit paying for ps plus, they will see they made a huge mistake and will get better. Trust me!

  30. Cmon does anyone think what remains of edith finch garbage? It really doesnt like cmon narrative driven indie games are actually enjoyable but I forget that the playstation community only cares about shooters and other games that aren't indie titles

  31. This is for the Players
    Sony is 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  32. no le da verguenza poner estos juegos son un asco el online tendria que ser gratis

  33. There's a reason I turned auto-renew off this year. This month just confirms it.

  34. i am switching to xbox f************************* you ps plus and sony

  35. My time at Portia better be our next choice for ps plus next month

  36. Um mês perdido, jogos péssimos.

  37. Even Xbox had better games this month 🤦🏻‍♂️

  38. Chega ser uma piada isso … Dois games ridículos…os cara quer mais é socar o dedo no cu dos seus clientes e sugar oque der de dinheiro.

  39. Dont ever do this again

  40. dont be sorry, be better

  41. Isso nem poderia ser chamado d jogo.

  42. Although these aren't bad games, this month does leave a sour taste in my mouth Sony!
    You took away PS3 & Vita games and now you come with just 2 indie titles?.. At least you should have given a third game like: Killzone Shadowfall or The Order 1868.

  43. Plus se superou viu, meu Deus nem sei o que dizer desse mês

  44. I have not been without PlayStation Plus in the last 5 – 6 years. And even after you jacked the price up to $70 (CAD) I stuck with you. But now you remove 4 of the 6 games you offered and then offer us indie games that have been on sale for $5 or less, and still expect me to pay $70? I'm sorry, but this is the last time I renew my PS+ services.

  45. Paying for online is a scam

  46. At this point the only reason to still be a member is for the discounts during game sales.

  47. Does the like/dislike ratio have to be THAT uneven. Id personally consider What remains of edith finch as a win. I do realise people want some quality AAA games to be included but I think the incredible amount of dislikes to likes here is somewhat underserved

  48. When Nintendo Switch online is a better value you need to reevaluate what you are doing Sony.

  49. Me arrepiento de haberlo comprado.

  50. What remains of my worst expectations from PS Plus…

  51. Thaís Marli Just trash to play in plus

  52. Mês horrível, dinheiro jogado fora 👍… Melhor comprar um Xbox one e assinar a Live Gold !!! Tem mais futuro…

  53. Melhor comprar um Xbox one e assinar a Live Gold

  54. Por eso pago 60 dolares que mierda de servicio y no es gratis

  55. todo Sonysta e pau no cu jogo no ps4 e posso comprovar pra defender umas porcarias dessas so vcs mesmos tirando esse mes que veio merda la tambem comparem com os servicos da microsoft com essas merdas ae… vao chupar as bolas do kojima mais poneysada kkkkkk

  56. You should’ve offered fortnite skins instead 🖕


  58. Wow what was that

  59. Dese jeito diminuam a anuidade e tirem de vez os jogos "grátis", porque se for pra disponibilizarem porcarias, melhor não ter.

  60. خدمات سوني مره فاشله اما مايكرسوفت افظل بكتير

  61. Whoevers in charge of picking the games needs to get fired

  62. The 4.9k people who liked this has never played a AAA title game in his/her life.

  63. PS4 the witched 3 Ps4 Titan fall 2 bonus game Ps4 Devil may cry Dmc please sony give us this

  64. No more simulaters

  65. Psplus June:Fortnite and FIFA 15

  66. I swear , if the leaks are true and it’s minecraft next month , PlayStation are so scummy , they literally have it on sale for 50% , so why have a sale on it – make everyone buy it and then make it free a few weeks after ?..

  67. Quero um ps4 grátis pfvr cód: submarino

  68. What Remains of Edith Finch is one of my favorite games, and yet because it doesn't involve any action you all complain.

  69. Well, still goodest then XBOX….

  70. When Epic Launcher has better free games than PS+ and you didn't have to pay a yearly fee to get them…

  71. Very very bad ! PS plus value dropped so much

  72. To be honest I am very disappointed on the games PlayStation are often specially paying £50 a year for membership and only getting two games not enough my opinion what PlayStation should do one VR free game 2 triple A title not small indie games and mobile games come on PlayStation listen to your customers we need better games

    If anybody agrees feel free to put a like or a comment and what's your opinion on PlayStation Plus since PlayStation 3 and ps vita no longer have support for free plus games

  73. This month was my bday soooooo I had a crappy bday

  74. Are we gonna get solitare, geometry dash or gardenscapes next month?

  75. I only got happy for overcooked

  76. How do I play online on Overcooked exactly?

  77. Wow, just wow. Removes vita and ps3 games, raises price.. reduces monthly games.. then this.
    Really starting to reconsider the ps+ subscription costs.

  78. Am i a Joke to you??

  79. Came for dislikes

  80. AWW YEAH overcooked

  81. Borderlands and Sonic Mania June 2019

  82. جاي من مصعب لااايك 😂

  83. can we at least get a game with a platinum, the staple of PlayStation trophy hunting?

  84. I am here just for dislikes

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