Poor Badminton Player’s Behaviour (7) Talking to him self

Poor Badminton Player’s Behaviour (7) Talking to him self

Poor Badminton Player’s Behaviour 7. Talking to him self so many players they are talking to themself when things go wrong now you are playing a match ok so shuttle comes ya then he hits wake up he is shouting at himself wake up how can you make mistake wakeup my point is he knew inside he made a mistake why he have to say to himself again drop shot and he could not get it here boom you feet and when that happen some players they hit their legs I say hit your legs in training don’t hit your legs in tournament training you are lobby, you are not concentrating, you are messing about and then in the tournament you want to play well that will never ever happen and then doing why, why he hit himself because he want to show every body who is watching I want to really win, but I make mistake thats why I am angry to my self he is not doing it to him he is doing it to show other people if there are no spectators and just two of them play and he make mistake will he hit his legs I don’t think so such a good chance missing you stupid ya he keeps saying so bad language to himself in front of every body he is saying how stupid I am how lazy I am he is saying every word I know he is saying it because he is not concentrating I will give you reason why I think that way you have to walk here to there in 10 cm wide road if you step it you will be dead when you are walking would you say to yourself Lee wake up do you say and work you can’t say that because you don’t have time to say that because your life is there every concentration just goes there, there is no time to say such things because he can loose because its not important to him that is why he is saying such kind of languages if you look at the player who play badminton like his life if he can’t win this one its like I will be dead if a player has such kind of attitude have you seen any body shouting such kind of language during the match no one normally the weaker player, lazy player will say such things so from now on don’t say to every body how stupid you are how rubbish you are why you are not waking up yet such kind of things do not say

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  1. Move your feet!!!~~ haha.

  2. I see this in many sports. This show that the player worries more about what the spectators thinks, instead of putting his focus towards the task at hand. I am glad you brought this up! And i hope people listens to your teachings =)

  3. I'm guilty of this talking to myself, but been working hard to stay relaxed & enjoy the game, plus stop worrying about what other people think, thus letting me concentrate on playing badminton. When I see opponents do this, raises my confidence that I'll beat them.Loving these video Lee : )

  4. That is too true. Lee

  5. hi coch Lee, at times when training gets very very tough and every step is a strugle, and we go on coart for our final 20 minutes of work i sometimes try to encourage my self by shouting "come on!". Would u call this bad habbit and attitude? i dont do it for anyone but myself and rarely.

  6. That is a fantastic attitude. You should do that. That is what I ask my players to do it. The shouting you did and the one I showed you in this clip is two different things. Player should do what you do. Please continue to do it. That is a perfact way to do your training. Lee

  7. i try not to betray any emotions until the match is over. A match is similar to poker…it's a physical and psychological confrontation, and the less my opponent know about me, the better. I can't show frustration because my opponent will use it to his advantage. Besides which getting too high or too low emotionally during the course of a match is bad for my game anyway. Best to take things as they come, play each point to my maximum, keep up and shut up until the fat lady sings.

  8. You are very right. You said it all. Lee

  9. Come on, everyone does this 😀 I saw Jennie Wallwark do this in a match on YouTube. Sometimes your emotions spill over. Not everyone can be Zen-like 😉

  10. I wont say a word from now on, then.

  11. Of course such kind of COME ON is good to motivate the person. I am not against it also I am not saying that here. Lee

  12. I am new in this sport but im not blaming myself when i make any mistake , im always blaming my racket. Haha

  13. Thank you for your joke. Lee

  14. chen long always shout an talk to himself during a match.hahahaha

  15. when i make mistakes.. im like .. oh well nce try

  16. Lin Dan always does this HAHAHA.

  17. When he is really serious then he would not do it. Lee

  18. Hmmm…I must admit I got this bad behaviour. But I say it regardless whether people are there or not. I don't hit myself though, that stings!

  19. Try to have positive behaviour, I am sure it will bring more positive shots. You are already half way successful as you know you are doing it. Lee

  20. Hi Lee, i also have this bad behaviour, but i dont hit myself. Also when i trying to say myself ( inside) that i have to stop this behaviour, i cant stop. I hope i can lay it down in the Tournament in 2 weeks

  21. I am sorry that my answer is too late for you but I would like to say that YOU CAN CHANGE. There is nothing you can not change. try again if you really want you bcan change. Lee

  22. Hello Sir,What about making expressions or sounds like 'Oh!' AAH etc?

  23. Not for the champions. It is same you are showing your fustrations and disapointment. It is rather better to say come on. Lee

  24. sir…i admit that i hit myself in disappointment…..

  25. That can happen to anyone. Important thing is to change it to more positive bady langage. You are already 50% successful as you know that you are doing it and also you know it does not help you. Try you can change it. Lee

  26. hahaha i know a player in my gymnasium who is just like that. after every wrong shot he would curse himself.

  27. I hope he sees this clip and change it. Lee

  28. Lol, this is me. I didn't realize it's a problem. Sometimes you need to hear it from someone else. I'll just shut up from now on. I just do it because I feel I'm letting my teammate down. Thanks

  29. I am very pleased to know that you now know that you are doing it and willing to change it. If you change it you will play different badminton. I know it is not easy to change habit but if your will is greater then it can be changed. I would like to wish you best of luck. Lee

  30. How about saying or yelling "YES!" or "ASA!" after winning a point? Is this considered dis-respectful? I tend to see a lot of higher level players do this.

  31. So true! When someone shouts, it's like they are actually trying to tell the people watching that they are actually better than how they are playing….all for dramatic effect! Great video, loved it (y)

  32. Dear Lee! I'm from Ukraine. Thank you very much! I just want you to know that I love you! You are the best! You help me very much, thank you!!! 

  33. Ye, he really the best, I am from Hong Kong

  34. I love these conduct videos about the poor behavior. I find I play poorly when I can't keep calm. Your videos give me a strong justification on sportsman-like and competitive perspective.

    I strongly feel these perspectives apply to life as well. Thank you

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