Record Breaking Limbo Skater: 6-year-old Skates Under 39 Cars

Record Breaking Limbo Skater: 6-year-old Skates Under 39 Cars

COMM: Balanced just inches from the floor, this tiny six-year-old has taken the
limbo skating world by storm. COMM: Now Gagan Satish, from Karnataka near Bangalore, is waiting to be confirmed the world’s best. COMM: Gagan took up the sport after his parents Hema and Rajanna Satish bought him a pair
of skates for his third birthday. COMM: And he soon displayed natural talents. COMM: Keen to develop his skills, Gagan’s parents sought the advice of skating coach Yatish Gowda. COMM: But Gagan’s parents were insistent and now he trains for two hours each day under
Yatish’s watchful eye. COMM: Today we join Gagan’s latest training session as he demonstrated his skills. COMM: In January this year Gagan’s three year dedication to the sport paid off, when he
skated a distance of 69.2 metres under 39 cars. The attempt which is still under consideration
by Guinness World Records beat the previous record of 48.21 metres, set by fellow Indian
limbo skater, Shreeya Deshpande. COMM: And Gagan’s skills have made him a local celebrity in the village. COMM: He may be waiting to become an official record holder, but Gagan is already setting
his sights on new records, and skating on the world stage.

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  1. His father sounds like the guy who rings my phone telling me I've got a virus on my computer and that I should give him remote access to clean my hard drives.

  2. When he gets stronger he can be a skateboard for a another kid.

  3. I think he should wear something on his face in case he scratches it on the ground

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  5. did anyone else noticed the gym

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  20. He is near my house he lives in.Karnataka in India

  21. These children are already champions. They have beaten the records.

  22. Brave boy. That's good keep it up my boy

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  31. How could he do that the way he goes unde4 cars it’s almost doing the splits

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