Review YONEX ASTROX 68 D ORIGINAL #reviewyonexastrox68d

Review YONEX ASTROX 68 D ORIGINAL #reviewyonexastrox68d

Assalamualaikum is a friend of YouTube
badminton friends See you again with me yogi today is April 17, 2019 so it’s time for us to vote Only I posted it at 12 noon because I had to click on my old ID card address Ok, before we vote we review the latest racket from Yonex Ok this is a Yonex astrox 68 d 4ug5 racket Made in Taiwan Ok, my friends, this racket is a racket whose specs are derived from the astrox 88d used by Ginting and Mark Gideon So there are those from Made in Taiwan Made in China and Made in Japan If the 88d astrox is Made in Japan If this is the astrox 68 d Made in Taiwan and the one made in China astrox 38d Cosmetically she is exactly the same Friends can see here it is written astrox 68 d, if it is Made in Japan, it is an astrox 88d He fell just like it still feels different because of the different ingredients Ok directly to the specifications This racket frame has been isometric so its sweet spot is wider So to beat him it’s better to rarely miss For the frame itself, it has been made from H.M graphite and tungsten for those for Made in Taiwan He is already a rotational generator system he functions for counter ballance to be balanced played with the machine fast he ballance so to smash him 7 degrees sharper it’s from the official website itself for the shaft thickness, the shaft is 7.1 mm while for those made in China he is 7.2mm and for made in Japan he is even thinner for his own stem he flex stiff friends but for this racket itself, compared to the yonex voltric, I don’t think it’s stiff better for the stem material the shaft is nanomesh neo and H, M graphite This racket is made in Taiwan weighs 4ug5 83gr + -2 ok we try to measure the balance point use a ruler this racket after using the grip the balance point is still 305 mm It’s 305 friends this is 30 cm plus 5cm 305mm sorry so heavy head the feature is this aerobox frame so to swing faster ok, let’s just see this racket in more detail ok, this friend’s friend’s video is closer to the racket we see he’s already isometric 10mm heavy head is longer already rotational generator system this is the cone 68d dominate stiker hologram pbsi super slim shaft nanomesh neo develoved by yonex japan I have installed the towel grip ok, friends, we already saw the video in a closer detail the racket now we will see the video on the use of this racket in the field I immediately used the test on the field and immediately felt good honestly I am still a racket beginner for good attack and defense so there are no difficulties at all because the video will be there later ok thanks for friends who have watched don’t forget to click subcribe like and share if you like the video see you badminton greetings again

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  1. Suaranya kecil banget

  2. Kalo buat smash masih suka geter ga mas ? Feelnya solid ga yah ? Mau beli masih ragu yg buatan taiwan

  3. Bang. Klo sama 68s mantul mna? Galau nih mau 68d apa 68s.

  4. Suranya hampir tak terdengar 😑😑

  5. Astrox 68 ma astrox 7 lebih mantap bang,
    Galau nih mau beli yg mana… Scra hrganya ga beda jauh..

  6. subtitle ready ya indonesian and english

  7. Harganya berapa bang

  8. Suaranya kecil amat boss

  9. Suaranya nyaris tak terdengar… 😁😁

  10. Harganya berapaan mas

  11. Kalo yang punya abang di video ini 4u G5 ?

  12. Itu senar Bg66 force apa ultimax?

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