Sad Background Music – Crying Scene Soundtracks for Emotional Film & Movie – FesliyanStudios

Sad Background Music – Crying Scene Soundtracks for Emotional Film & Movie – FesliyanStudios

悲伤背景音乐 – 情感影片哭泣场景原声音乐

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  1. Feels-liyanStudio XD

  2. fucking mint man 10/10

  3. You are a really talented composer keep the awesome work coming man!

  4. wow. speechless. only thing i can say is that this music is awesome.

  5. amazing and awesome not just this but every song you put up big like and sub … more than deserved ! 🙂
    there is no words to describe your work … just speechless …

  6. you're complete genius…
    while listening to your music i feel up
    you deserve a 10000000k subscription

  7. Wow… Such a heart-felt piece of music. Hey, I'm doing an advert for my book, The Devil's Gift, a voice-over. I really would love some background music to set the scene and really engage people. I think this one is perfect. I'd love to use your work in my video. I'll be posting a link to my book that's published on Kindle. The video, of course, is free just to watch and be shared around social media. Would you mind me using this? I'd be glad to credit you at the end of the video.


  9. Wow! What a nice work. This is a great music! 🙂
    Can I use this as background music for the the farewell video I made for my pupils?

  10. your a great person i subscribed ur channel

  11. soul stirring and pathos melts your heart.great..and melacholoy

  12. I rather walk alone than with assholes I don't like

  13. I looked up "sad music" when making a video for my English class, and this popped up…I listened to it and started to tear up around the two minute mark. This is expertly composed and a fantastic piece. (and yes, it is perfect for my English video XD)

    Keep it up, FS!

  14. Is there any copyright ? :3

  15. amazing composition


  17. thank you ,sir .

  18. Can I use this song for my project? We have to make an advertisement on safe driving.

  19. Hey, can I have a download link and your permission to use this for a film school project?

  20. can I download a video and your permission to use this for a film school project?

  21. can i use this music for my short film ?

  22. May (or may not) be making an animation, can I use this, I'm not making money off it.

  23. "Enjoy the future for me" – Sans
    He never got the chance…

  24. Very touching…very beautiful !
    May I use it in a small video I make to help a refugee family in poverty?

  25. emotional bgm…..frnd can I use it for my short film ….pls give ur permission friend…

  26. Can I use this for our project? I already read your policy 🙂

  27. The Man in the left seems like Gyro in Hunter x Hunter.

  28. I really loveddd your music and looking forward to see more of your creativity .really loved it

  29. You are special to me, every time I'm near you my heart swells and butterflies soar in my stomach. So it is with great pleasure that I give you this ring which even in the darkest of times will give you light

    Now if only you would say that to me

  30. tuğba yazyo lan arkada

  31. Hi, I wonder if I can use this in my video? I'm going to give cred then. I'm going to release the video at August 8 and it's for Shawn Mendes birthday if you want to check if I have cred! 🙂

  32. it's super touching. you are great very tallanted.if you give permission to use this bgm for our shortfilm

  33. One word. Amazing!

  34. I love this tune so much that I have a question if someone wanted to use this in a movie as background music would it be copy right or not ?

    Please let me now as fast as possible? Thanks

  35. Can i use this music ?

  36. Can I use this if I don't monetize my video?

  37. very sad music, you are a amazing composer. With your permission can i use this music in my short film.

  38. this shit fire lmao


  40. wooooooooooooow ur the #Best man!!!

  41. Amazing, its heart touching

  42. Really liked the track. Would love to collaborate for our feature films….

  43. Can i use this for a short movie im workin on bro ?

  44. Hlw brother can i use this music … copyright problem or note??

  45. Can I use it for one of my football videos…
    I will write your name also in that video

  46. Anyone here into filming and writing? And great song btw

  47. Nice music
    Grow channel :#sankalpateam

  48. (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿) <– WHO IS THAT???? Best answer wins….

  49. May I use this for narrating poem??

  50. Thanks so much for relaxement

  51. Hi everyone, please comment and let me know what you think of the music. Also, did you know I have much more music on my channel? Similar to this as well!

  52. hey ,
    sry i use your music .
    but now i update with your credit name.
    thnx for creating nice is my video link


  54. can i use this for this short film that we making?

  55. My video poems used the music

  56. Very beautiful music 🎤🎼🎹🎶 sir ji

  57. This is real talent

  58. bro best sad music in world!!!!!!love u!!!!!!

  59. really i was cried why because when i was hearing this music slowly i was getting my bitter past really superb music

  60. really iwas cried why because when iwas hearing this music i thought my bitter past

  61. Actually i making a movie withyour permission can i use this and with your permission and iam eagerly waiting ur reply thank u

  62. A really good song, but i also wanna ask, is this music copyrighted?

  63. Please can I use this in my short film..?

  64. I love and respect u fesliyan for producing such good music for creators

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