Ooh, watcha got there, Sophia? A Snickers bar? Hey! That’s mine! Mmm! Thanks, girl, this is delicious. I swear, if I were taller, I’d yank that thing right back! Haha! Nice try, Sophia, but you’ll never reach all the way up here. When it comes to tall people vs. short people, we know the struggle. No quesadilla’s complete without a little hot sauce. Man, I love this stuff. I could sure go for some peanuts right now. Who put them all the way up there? Gah! I can’t reach! C’mon arms, stretch! Ooh, nope. That’s it, I’m getting these peanuts, if it’s the last thing I do! Short people are quite aware that climbing on kitchen counters and other furniture is just part of life. Yes! Come to mama. Congrats, Sophia, now you can enjoy your peanuts in peace. Don’t forget to leave those on the bottom shelf this time! Ooh! Look who’s a splishin’ and a splashin’ in the bath! Oh, hey Mr. Rubber Ducky! You’re never too old to play with bubbles either. Sophia has room to do everything in here! Amy’s bath looks a little different than Sophia’s. There’s way more zen going on in here! But long legs means a tighter fit. Sorry, Amy! Ok, let’s do one final mirror check before I leave for the party. Lookin’ good if I say so myself! Ugh, really? Amy’s mirror is so high! I can only see my eyes! How am I supposed to put on my lipstick? C’mon bottom lip, get in there! Something tells me jumping with lipstick in hand won’t end well… Seriously, how can you even see what you’re doing? See, told you it wouldn’t end well. Unless you’re headed off to a clown party… Ever get in the car and realize you’re too short to drive it? Sophia has felt this way once or twice. Ugh. There, a pillow should help. Okay, so far so good! But all this scooting and sliding around isn’t good for driving. Aw, man. Okay, this better work! Yeah! Now we’re talkin’! Ooh, being able to reach the pedals is kind of necessary for driving… Aw, don’t cry, Sophia! You still have time to catch the bus! But when Amy gets in the car, it’s a whole other story. Aw man, who’d they make this car for, ants? I can barely even sit up straight! Ooh, yeah, that’s definitely not a good look. Wait a second — this car has a sun roof! Ah, sweet relief! Hey, how’s the weather up there, Amy? Catch ya on the flip! There’s no shortage of short-kid trouble in school either. Hey could someone help Sophia out? She can’t reach! Almost….got it…. Okay, maybe I just need to try a new approach. Ooh, fail! Hey Amy! Can you lend a hand? Sure, no problem! Man, she makes it look so easy! Here ya go! Yup, she literally just “pet” me. Awesome. Oh my gosh! I love that movie! Yeah, me too! And that part where he just professes his love for the princess — Ooh! Watch out for the branch! Ow! Ack! Ah! I sure hope these leaves aren’t poisonous. Hey, mind if I reach over you for a sec? Nope, not there. Aha! I found my chips! Hey! When you’re short, you don’t have to worry about leaving the cupboards open! Ow! Tall people simply don’t have that luxury. Oh, hey!! Aw Sophia, you’re just so cute! You’re just a pint-sized little lady, aren’t you? Yes you are! Yes, I’m small and cute, I get it, geez. Oh man, I’m so tired, I could fall asleep right on this couch. Ugh. I can’t stretch my legs. Maybe if I lay my head down like this… Nope, this isn’t working. If you’re tall, you definitely understand the struggle of the love seat snuggle. No matter what position you lie in, you you’ll just never be comfortable enough. Man, that was a long day. Oh, couch. How I’ve missed you! I’m just gonna curl up for a few minutes — 1 hour, tops. So I really need a couple new pieces for my vacation coming up. Hey, check out these awesome colors! This is perfect! Yes! Let’s go try these suckers on, shall we? Woah, Amy is feeling herself in this red number! Yowza, girl! You’re looking fabulous! But where did all that wind come from? How about your outfit, Sophia? Surprise, surprise, this dress is made for a much taller gal than me. And that’s why so many short girls resort to shopping in the kid’s section. I’ll take one of each, please! You guys are walkin’ pretty quickly… Are you sure you can keep up, Sophia? Wait can you repeat that? I can’t hear you! Gah! I’m sweatin’ like a pig here! I really love the way — hey? Sophia? Where’d you go, girl? Oh, I’m fine, just trying to keep up with those long legs of yours! For every step a tall person takes, a shorter person has to take two! You can do it, Sophia! Yes! It’s finally girl’s night! Sweet movies, ladies. Mia’s bro wants to take a pic! Quick — pose! Hey! Wait! I wanna be in the shot too! Ooh, that’s not good. Excuse me, guys! Little lady comin’ through! Amy! Get in the shot! Ooh, now we have the opposite problem. You can’t even see Amy’s pretty blue eyes! She does not look happy. Well, A for effort…I guess…. Could you relate to Sophia’s short predicaments? How about Amy’s tall shenanigans? Yup, we all go through it. It sure gets frustrating, so here are some bloopers to take the sting out of things, even if it’s just for a couple minutes. Share this video with your friends who totally get the struggle and don’t forget to subscribe to 123GO’s YouTube page for more relatable videos!

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    Each have their own advantages, just be happy with what you got.

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