Single Girl Reviews Fan Submitted Daddies In The Sims 4 | Part 3

Single Girl Reviews Fan Submitted Daddies In The Sims 4 | Part 3

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  1. Comment below your baby name ideas for Chelsea!

  2. Avary blake addison mal

  3. If boy Christian if girl Lucky

  4. I think a baby name should be either Andrew or Victoria

  5. Girls. Boys
    Ellie. Ben
    Lyla. Jay
    Abby. Sebastian
    Lily. Landon

  6. If you have a girl could you name her Briannah, Maddi, Caitlyn (after me), Bella or Emily

    If you have a boy could you name him Zack, Ben, Adam, James or Jacob

  7. Name suggestions:
    For a girl: Emily (😏😂), Ivy, or Kate
    For a boy: Franklin or Fletcher

  8. Looking at all the baby daddies that Chelsea never had is so weird.

  9. Archie Andrews is mine…

  10. Back off Archie Andrews

  11. There is a dustbin that gives you money if you throw things away

  12. I LOVE NERDS! my bf is a nerd and he’s super sexy 😉


    For a girl: Emily (😏), Olivia (in memory of Olive 💔) or Kate
    For a boy: Franklin, Fletcher, or Sebastian

  14. (If I haven’t stressed this enough on every video leading up to this one…)

    Can you please Name the baby be it a boy OR a girl PARKER
    after my son also known as PETER PARKER 🕷aka TOM HOLLAND 😂 😂
    👉🏼👉🏼 Like so she sees this!!! ❤️👍🏼


  16. what app is this? and how did u get it on computer ??

  17. I hate how people have the sims4 then I have the mobile version 🙁 oh and I love your videos

  18. Have you ever watched Riverdale

  19. “No don’t cry, just go to bed” 😂😂😂


  21. cool i love harry potter


  23. You should name one Martha!!!!

  24. How about you meet baby mama's

  25. Kelsey is looking cute in that top

  26. Maybe boy is Chris and girl is Luna 😃

  27. girl names maggie and octavia boy names Glenn and Andrew please like so kelsey can see

  28. Just get a toy box then the baby can get what ever toy they want

  29. I love how the people have a size

  30. If someone made Michel Jackson I would be done😂😂😂😂

  31. 13:54 Kim Mingyu????

  32. I love dogs too I have one

  33. She has not been putting up the baby places on the wall


  35. All olive does is sleep 😭

  36. um for the boy: Alex, Alan, Marcus and idk
    and for the girl: crystal PLSSSSSSSs do crystal, Madilyn, Amber and idk XD

  37. Boy=Eliss

  38. Please have a baby with the yeti 😂😂😂

  39. Dont forget the baby certificate

  40. how about For a boy Charlie and a girl Lucy

  41. "Where she get a pan? You know what; I dont even care." LMFAO True motherhood.

  42. I had a cactus named jorfry

  43. Lexi for a girl

    Stephen for a boy!

  44. omg wait my darth vader was savedddd

  45. I love that Eugene was on there

  46. “Okay baby is chill- NO BABY IS NOT CHILL!”

  47. I am glad you love me because I’m a fat nerd

  48. Why didn’t you clean up the mess

  49. I'm re-watching the series and I love how flustered you were by just three toddlers back then – look at you now! Also, even as a mom to only one child I still need, "You'll get more attention when mom isn't doing 8000 things at once" on a mug or something.

  50. Change your daughter's clothes

  51. You forgot to put Jamie's birth certificate on the wall hope you remember that

  52. Jamie is a real person

  53. I love your vidols and do you wach river dale case wen you said ache androwes

  54. Garden salad cheers up babies

  55. For cheap meals click fridge click have a quick meal free food!

  56. Just me who noticed it is "jaime" and she kept saying "jamie" 🤣

  57. Boys 👶:
    Elliot, Lucas, Bobby, Alex, Charlie,

  58. im rewetting it i love itttt

  59. Can you name one of the babies Gabrielle or Brooklyn?

  60. CAITLYNN. that's my name 😏

  61. Kelsey I love you Kelsey you're doing really great with those kids from toriana

  62. Name a girl Lisa pls

  63. Anna karen Baylee Samantha Savannah Joslyn marie

  64. Dress the kids please

  65. I did the same challenge but instead of 100 I did 200 right now I have six

  66. Plz name one baby Maddie

  67. ok i have som namse: merry, maria, brian, mariana, ilisabeth, lizza, lilly,

  68. Can we still make more dads ,•~•,

  69. You forgot Jamie 'S certificate

  70. Kelsey you are gonna be a great mom 🤱👩‍👧‍👦

  71. You forgot Jamie’s birth certificate!

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