Single Girl Trains Her Daughter To Flirt In The Sims 4 | Part 46

Single Girl Trains Her Daughter To Flirt In The Sims 4 | Part 46

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  1. Drake, Josh, Megan

  2. TWINS : Dee & Dexter
    BOYS : Louis or Dougie
    GIRLS : Aliyah or Sienna (Both my daughters names)


  3. Does anybody else miss sweet baby angel Olive 🥺❤️🙁
    Baby names
    Girl: Ally (my name) boy: Rowan

  4. Please name a child Maple 🍁 it’s fall so the name represents the season.

  5. I would love to see you name a baby Lennox…boy/girl I love the name.

  6. Name a child Turkey in honor of thanksgiving

  7. Girl names: Carly or Samantha
    Boy names: Ben or Simon

  8. Can you name a boy Alex
    And a girl Alexia please 😊

  9. please get a pet!!!!

  10. A girl name Addy so you can be like Addy Are You Okay" Lol 😂💓

  11. Jay for boy or. Jaylin for a girl

  12. Kacey’s
    33. Hawea – Tegan (Archer’s twin)
    34. Hawea – Archer (Tegan’s twin)
    35. Afu – Blaire (triplet)
    36. Afu – Brooke (triplet)
    37. Afu – Brendon (triplet)
    38. Seiji – Hope (Bella’s twin)
    39. Seiji – Bella (Hope’s twin)
    40. Derumk – Ever (Jake’s twin)
    41. Derumk – Jake (Ever’s twin)
    42. Sai – Romeo (Caesar’s twin)
    43. Sai – Caesar (Romeo’s twin)
    💀. Duane – Harry (Dustin’s twin) 💀
    44. Duane – Dustin (Harry’s twin)
    45. Leo DeCaprio- Leo Jr
    46. Serena – Logan
    47. James Potter – Holly (Hayley’s twin)
    48. James Potter – Hayley (Holly’s twin)
    49. Tom Holland – Olivia
    50. Sione – Chelsea Jr
    51. Finnegan – Annie (Ashton’s twin)
    52. Finnegan – Ashton (Annie’s twin)
    53. Remus – Phoebe
    54. Leo Parish – Owen (Lucien’s twin)
    55. Leo Parish – Lucien (Owen’s twin)

  13. An Olivia spin off would be interesting. That girl is a train wreck, poor choices would abound. Baby names- Ben, Paul, Zane for boys, Sukey, Vera, Lydia for girls.

  14. Kelsey is so fucking h-ot.

  15. Boy name: Todd (short for toddler)
    Girl name: Tiff

  16. Can you plzzzzzzzz name the next boy or girl Jordin but if there are twins can you plzzzzzzzzz name them Jordin and Jordan

  17. I think you should name a girl baby Vivian and a boy baby well

  18. Name Suggestions:
    Girl: Sofia, Celeste, Kaila, Emerson
    Boy: Murphy, Clay, Ace, Russell

  19. Were the twins born on Winterfest?

  20. Names: Sophia (for a girl) Drew (Andrew for a boy )

  21. Owen is my uncle mane

  22. Can you please make Kacey blonde again

  23. What about Zoie if it's a girl or Zane if its a boy

  24. Another set of twin boys and another missed opportunity to use Zack and Cody.

  25. Can you name a girl Kaylli and a boy Malikai after me & my brother??

  26. Girl names: Kira or Amelia
    Boy names: Elliot or Keith
    Been here since the beginning. Thank you for sticking with this! I bet you didn't think you would be doing this a year later!

  27. Baby names:
    Thanks xx

  28. Boy: Anwar
    Girl: Mabel

  29. Baby names
    Boy Lucifer
    Girl mazikeen

  30. Hi Kelsey! Can you name the next baby girl “Pepper”, and for boy “Potter”

  31. After your sim gets pregnant it immediately decides how many babies they're gonna have. So anything you do while your sim is pregnant it doesn't matter.

  32. Thanksgiving names:
    * Cory (Cornucopia)
    * Turk (Turkey)
    * Fea (Feast)
    Or you could just name two kids Kit and Kat because my nickname is KitKat

  33. Baby names
    Girl : Pepper
    Boy : Percy

  34. Baby Names:
    G: Sahara
    B: Olan or Ollie

  35. I hope my husband fixes my hard drive for Christmas 😩☹️ I miss my sims

  36. diverse names: Andy, Blake, Alex, Bronte, Hunter, Indiana, Jordan, Max, Lenny, Sam, Reece

  37. You should name a girl adilana and a boy Tanyon

  38. You should have triplets again!!!

  39. Kelsey!! Could u please name one of the new children Artemis for a girl, and Apollo for a boy. 😁

  40. Baby names
    Girl name:Alexis
    Boy name:Tyson

  41. Names:
    Girl: Astrid, Chell (pronounced shell)
    Boy: Raphael

  42. Name a baby girl Reina
    Or a baby boy Oli

  43. Lyra (lie ra) and Eli

  44. Spin off idea of the twins becoming witches (good and evil respectively) and Chelsea Jr goes to college to make more friends

  45. You guys should consider continuing the challenge even past the 100 baby!!!!

  46. Girl. Do you need some real friends? You ok?

  47. I kind of want Kasey to stream giving birth. Just to see what would happen.

  48. Baby names

    Lucy or Lucifer

  49. Could you plzz names one of these names
    Boy: jughead,Archie ,Jason , Reggie , Kevin or sweet pea
    Girl : Betty, Veronica, Toni , Cheryl, Josie or jelly bean . If you do name the baby jelly bean you could nickname the baby jb ( these are all from riverdale)

  50. Boy name =braelynn
    Girl name = raelynn

  51. Ideas for baby names:
    Girls: Shuri, Natasha, Pepper, Wanda.
    Boys: Bruce, Peter, Parker, Steve, Tony, Bucky, Thor, Loki, T'challa.
    Also, you could name twin boys 'Steve' and 'Roger'

  52. Baby name
    Boy: Aladdin

  53. Girl: sherry, berry
    Boy: jerry, terry

  54. Name boy Ben girl Hanna

  55. Boy name, Carson

    Girl name, Loralei

  56. !!!!!!!!BABY NAMES!!!!!!!!
    GIRL; Coral or Culivia
    BOY; Nico or Rowen

  57. What are video james? 😂

  58. Can you name a girl skye or winter

  59. Baby names:
    Girl: Ruby or Claire
    Boy: Ezra, Sebastian, or Jared

  60. Who else heard Kelsey say: awe the girls are playing video james

  61. boy gibby for I Carly and girl Carly

  62. Hi just saying can you please name a baby boy Vincent or Carlos? A girl maybe Claire, Luna, or Lily. 😊

  63. A boy name can be Jake and a girl name Mia

  64. Unisex name : Melo

  65. I would love to see some 100 Baby side series episodes with the new kids..

  66. Girl amber boy Aidan

  67. Girl: Chloe Kelly
    Boy:Cayden Kevin
    K and C stands for Kelsey and Chelsea

  68. If it’s a girl can you name her after me

    If it’s a boy

  69. Finally get a character named after me. Getting the worst traits

  70. baby names girl: clementine or scarlit baby boy names: harry Jr. or westly

  71. Girls: marylou, Ruby, Mia, Sophia
    Boys: max, joseph, Matthew

  72. Girl name: Seraphina, Tala
    Boy name: Dolan, Parker
    girl/boy twins: Quinly & Quincy

  73. Trent,Cole,Dane,Brayden,Mason,Levi for boys

    Lillian,Brynlee,Adalyn,Jirzie,Joann,Maria for girls

  74. can you name twins Winter and Whitley since it winter now

  75. Baby names:

    Boy: Alec, Magnus, Bane, Noah, Jasper
    Girl: Izzy, Neva, Lia, Lora, Alice

  76. Can you name your kids
    Girl: Maycie Maya Mikayla Mackenzie
    Boy: Tyler Kellan
    (Those are my siblings names❤️)

  77. With it being thanksgiving next week can you name a baby
    Girl: Demeter (Goddess of the harvest), Persophone (Goddess of the season's change), or Autumn
    Boy: Demetrius, Jorah (Autumn Rain), or Calum (I just love that name)

  78. Can your next kid(s) be called:
    Girl: Ashlyn, April, River
    Boy: Jett, Samuel, Tyler

  79. you should name a baby liam if its a boy and if its a girl then Akaisha

  80. Has anyone told you that you kind of look like Elsa? (Especially when you wore that blue top) Maybe name a girl Elsa for the new movie?

  81. Girl: Charlotte
    Boy: Cooper

  82. Can you use my name Pearl for a girl

  83. baby boy:KURT
    baby girl:THEA

  84. Can you please name a boy after my dog Buki or a girl after my mom Irene? Please and thank you!

  85. For a Boy-Noah
    For a girl – Eliza

  86. You need to do a spin-off series with one of the kids going to college!!!!

  87. Bailey for a girl
    Jeffrey Thomas for a boy

  88. “ You know it takes a village, but luckily we birthed a village “
    no Kelsey, we birthed an army.

  89. Boys: Bracken, Thornton, Diaval, Caelum, Damaras, Alastair, Staren, Pharaoh

    Girls: Ileana, Janiysa, Haven, Aisling, Lycia, Eternalia, Royalina, Jewelisa 🤗

  90. You should name a baby Amanda because it’s my sisters name.

  91. Can you name the next girl Stephanie after me or Henley and the next boy Jax

  92. My brothers name is Kaos (pronounced chaos) and I think that's a fitting name for one of the babies.

  93. Can you name a girl alora?

  94. Hello! I love this show! Here are a few potential options for baby names:
    Boys: Ollie/Teddy/Eli/Isaac (Eli & Isaac are my two amazing nephews in the real world <3 )
    Girls: Aurora/Annise/Eliza/Ophelia

  95. Did anyone else see the title and instantly panic and think “Oh my god Kacey is an elder but how is she an elder already???” Just me? Okay.

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