Softball Overview : How to Throw a Curveball in Slow Pitch Softball

Softball Overview : How to Throw a Curveball in Slow Pitch Softball

Hi, my name’s Jill Weiss and I’m going to
give you a few tips on how to throw a curve ball in slow pitch. First thing that you want
to remember is the pitch. Depending on the batter, if they’re left handed or right handed,
you always want the curve ball to kind of go away from the batter. This kind of, especially
when you’re ahead of the count, this is something different that pitchers can throw to finish
that out or get them to have an easy grounder, a pop up, or strike out. So for instance,
if I have a left handed batter up, I’m going to find the seams of the ball. I don’t want
to be too deep into my palm, but comfortable and loose to where I can turn the ball. One
scenario I can use is turning the doorknob. Actually spinning my wrist to have that downward
motion with the ball. Now the opposite, if I was going to have a right handed batter,
I’m going to slice it underneath, okay, to get that spin this way. So on a left handed
batter, you’re going to turn that knob and it’s going to go away from the batter. My name’s Jill Weiss, and those are just a
few tips on how to throw a curve ball in slow pitch.

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  1. Nice, but I would still hit a bomb:)

  2. Whats the difference between slowpitch and fastpitch softball?

  3. you cant pitch fast in slowpitch but you can in fastpitch

  4. she doesnt!!! i have no idea what a curveball is!

  5. No offense, but it is very difficult to throw an effective curve by imparting sidespin on the ball the way the girl is in this video. You can't see the pitch in the video but I can pretty much guarantee that it is not breaking at all. The only guy I have ever seen throw an effective sidespin curve (one that breaks more than a few inches) in slowpitch was like 6'4" and 300 lbs. You have to be very strong to do it that way. Keithlagatta is on to it with his comments, see my next comment.

  6. Curveball explained:

    As Keithlagatta mentioned below, you hold the ball with the seams. I personally lay my index and ring fingers on the seams, but if you have larger hands you may prefer to use your index and middle fingers instead. When you deliver the ball you roll it forward out of your hand off of whichever finger is underneath the ball and closest to your body (this will be the ring or middle finger, depending on your grip), so that the ball comes out spinning forward and at an angle.

  7. Curveball (cont.):

    Again, as Keithlagatta mentioned below, you DO NOT torque your wrist and spin the ball sideways. I generally keep my wrist stiff when I deliver the ball, rolling it forward off of my ring finger. The flatter and harder the pitch, the easier it is to get it to break, but you can do it with a fair amount of arc as well. I have gotten the ball to break as much as two feet on occasion. Note that this pitch will not work if the wind is blowing against the break or from behind you.

  8. Curveball (cont.):

    One last note: If you hold the ball across the seams (like a baseball pitcher throwing a "4 seam" fastball), it will not break. I use this grip when I want to make sure that the ball does not break.

  9. This makes no sense. A baseball needs speed to actually be able to "break" no matter what pitch it is.

  10. let me just say this, i have never been fooled by any type of breaking pitch in slow pitch softball

  11. I cant see the freakin video with stupid writing

  12. @DigitalDel1 so turn it off


  14. A softball is larger than a baseball, so the same rotation speed as a baseball means more drastic velocity at the surface of the ball, and more surface area to pull the ball in. And the ball is less dense, so it needs less drag in the first place. And with a slow pitch, the velocity is changing throughout the pitch so it would actually curve, go somewhat straight, and curve in again before the plate.

  15. u did loops and they were all balls I just want 1 video to show me how to throw it!!!

  16. thx for the subtitles

  17. I wanna stab myself in the leg with a fork
    for watching this useless video

  18. LOL! You're funny man!

  19. Thanks for reminding me that I watched a useless video 4 months ago. I hope you feel great about wasting your time too. Lol. Here is a fork if you need one too.

  20. Yea, it was bad. You made me laugh, that's for sure!

  21. this is the most awesome of replies! hahahahahaha

  22. Ummmm so how do I throw a curveball

  23. It's easy, grip the ball on the seam (just like a knuckler) when you release, rotate your wrist left or right whichever way you want the ball to curve.

  24. This was not very informative

  25. I pitch slow pitch and I do throw a curve. The way she shows isn't how I do it but still a curve in slow pitch is helpful. I throw mine directly across the middle and by time the batter swings the ball is in on there hands. Of course some of the better hitters can still hit the ball hard but many batters the curve will jam them up. Its still slow pitch but why not try to get every advantage you can for your team other than throwing a meatball across the plate!!!

  26. Yeah, those suckers must have broke at least an inch and a quarter

  27. This was the worst "instructional" video I have ever seen, in no way did she actually teach anyone how to throw the pitch, how much spin is needed, and she explains it for a lefty, which makes up like 10% of pitchers worldwide. Fucking stupid

  28. this video doesn't give any useful information…..

  29. My question would be to you does this change if your a right handed pitcher? And I use less palm when throwing my curve I almost grip it like a normal baseball curve with a top down action. (Ball in hand palm down like I'm going to sling it) I've had alot of success with the break on both batters. But I want to be more efficient.

  30. anyone else notice they never bothered to show the pitch from behind the pitcher, or better yet behind the plate? seems to me if you think you can actually curve the pitch, you ought to at least show it breaking – no? I know in my league I hit against at least 3 guys who swear they throw curves. in 3 years, I've never seen one curve – so I must be very unobservant!

  31. My question is who pitches from 25' away.. show the travel of the ball.

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