Sports Announcer – SNL

Sports Announcer – SNL

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  1. Chance is hilarious. Especially on wild n out 💛💙💜💚

  2. Goaly wearing every pad in the world

  3. 1:19 is where the gold is.

  4. I just saw that The Rangers saw this and loved it… check it out…

  5. That’s what’s up

  6. "I miss the Knicks"

    The first time those words have been spoken

  7. Anyone here after The Big Day?

  8. "So that's the story here in hell" lol

  9. As a black hockey fan, that was hilarious, Chance was great, amazing guy!! It's cool, how they used actual footage from the Rangers game on MSG.

  10. Most of the time when black people watch hockey they think its cool.

  11. The only other pro sport that has more white people would be Utah Jazz basketball

  12. Who are the Oilys?

  13. That’s a S an a K and a J all next to each other

  14. It was that Reporters Big Day

  15. An overlooked part of this sketch is the use of actual scores from the NHL the night this aired on the ticker.

  16. honestly any knicks announcer would love a break from that garbage team

  17. "That's what's up" 😀


  19. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  21. If Chris Broussard was doing a hockey game this is it lol

  22. Hockey games in arenas aren’t even cold

  23. Look at the fans in the background

  24. 😂😂 classic!!pre-season has arrived! DEVILS vs RANGERS tonight at 7… ❤ DEVILS ❤🏒🏒

  25. This is such a great bit! Chance The Rapper Nails It.

  26. Terrific skit lmao Chance is just that dude.

  27. I wonder how Brady Skjei felt about the nope lol

  28. Chance probably used to the cold. If you from Chicago you get used to it. Winters here be cold af.

  29. Yeah………what kind of BULLSH*****T is this "paternity" leave? My co-worker just took an eight week crap of those. I ask my manager: Is he getting paid? He said yes……….EXCUSE ME!!!
    This is the stupidest BULLSH********T EVER!!!!
    Why not extend the woman's maternity leave instead…….

  30. WAIT. Someone get Chance back on the show now that PK is so close and could do a cameo!

  31. This is so good😂😂😂

  32. He was fantastic. He needs to come back.

  33. For those wondering, "Skjei" is pronounced "Shay" which makes no sense.

  34. Time again to do that hockey!

  35. Let's do that hockey!

  36. They picked the most hockey name ever for that sweater too. I do believe its pronounced "shay"

  37. ….

    Thas whassup

  38. Hahaha that skit was funny as shit chance killed it

  39. As a rangers fan
    This was funny as hell

  40. This is gold !!!!!!!

  41. "Uhh the goalie wit them baseball gloves" lol

  42. 1:05 😂😂😂

  43. “ I do not get that” 😂

  44. The real hockey footage was not even a power play. They had 5 players out there

  45. I love the rangers and I found this so funny

  46. Cecily Strong sounds like Kate McKinnon wait what

  47. Dats what’s up😂😂😂

  48. I’ve been watching and following hockey for 20 years. Funny as hell, but also 100% accurate.

  49. wait wasnt the regular reporter neil mcnabb

  50. This is the hardest I've laughed at an SNL skit in like 4 years.

  51. I probably would of said everything that chance said if I were him in this skit

  52. "I wanna talk about this Ranger offense."

    "You should do that."

    "I meant with you. They came out of the box with an aggressive offense we haven't seen from them in a while"

    "That's wassup."


  53. the best joke of that skit was the 6 month paternity leave lol

  54. Better skit than SNL usually delivers on. Loved it. No political bs here.

  55. Of course the Sens lost. to the coyotes!

  56. They should do this again, and have Chance be surprised by a black player.

  57. i didnt laugh once

  58. Chance the rapper is funny

  59. Hockey takes a lot more coordination than basketball therefore in my opinion it takes more intelligence. Once again snl sucks cock nowadays

  60. Haha one of the best skits EVER

  61. Chance did really well on this skit, he actually seemed legit confused by hockey, lol

  62. LMAO! 😂 The story is, one of the main guy's on the Rangers, don't know how to say his name, it has 30 letters in it, none of them are vowels.

    "That's the story here in hell" LMAO! 😂😂🤣😅😅

  63. "I see a S, a J, and K, all next to each other, so that is a nope."

  64. It's funny because the Oilers actually has a black guy on the team

  65. Acting like hockey is a white man's sport is the obvious implication. False. Plenty of great black players in NHL. And black people should be happy to represent those dudes. Shitty skit.

  66. "yes that is SK and a J all next to each other.. So that's a no" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  67. Why does the reporter keep telling us he loves his wife

  68. This be me improvising my entire presentation in class.

  69. I saw this on instagram but I didn’t know it was a snl skit😂

  70. Thats an S, K, and a J right next to each other… so that's a nope… lol


  72. This episode is solid 👍

  73. I think the oilers won

  74. 76 name looks Finnish…

  75. Americans should be ban from speaking about hockey

  76. That’s embarrassingly unfunny.

  77. I'm so excited for Chance to host again this month, I come back to this sketch regularly and it still cracks me up every time

  78. How bout those Habs!

  79. I am watching this in Edmonton where the team are Oilers

  80. was that supposed to be funny? SNL hasn't been funny for 2 decades.

  81. They have to bring this skit back.

  82. It’s not that cold dude…

  83. I remember when SNL was funny

  84. How you gonna do dat hockey is my new favorite line lol

  85. now imagine if a white guy talked about basketball like that? would be fired for being racist, the TV show will be off air, all blacks will crying racism and burn down there own ghettos…

  86. me trying to finish the word reequirment on an essay

  87. This is better than ESPN hockey coverage.

  88. “that is an s a k and a j all next to each other, so thass a no”

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