Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Official Reveal Trailer

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Official Reveal Trailer

Wasn’t always like this. But now, there are three rules to survive. Don’t stand out. Accept the past. Trust… no one. Clamp’s good. Bring it in. The galaxy’s changed. Cal, look out! Prauf! Whatever you do… Don’t Reach Within Don’t stand out. Accept the past. Execute Order 66 Trust no one. Trust…only…in the Force.

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  1. Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.

  2. Same old same old thing no diversity in this game it's always a white Jedi that's supposed to be saving the day not a black Jedi Chinese Jedi Mexican Jedi Indian Jedi come on now can we please get some diversity in this game thank you ….

  3. Become a Jedi 11.15.19 for 50$ to play give me all your money

  4. 3 Rules To Survive.

    1. Always Be The Judge, Jury & Executioner For Yourself.

    2. Never Ever Allow Anybody Else Make Your Decisions For You.

    3. Don’t Ever Listen To The Haters Of Star Wars & EA Games Ever At All.

  5. Most comments are of people taking the piss outta EA rightly so. But Respawn entertainment is one of the few companies to take no shit from EA. Very excited and interested in this game

  6. looks like a big poo

  7. If I doesn't have this game I doing my homework

  8. Jerome is victorious

  9. 1:23 When Cal holds the Order 66 hologram I got goosebumps. Can't wait for this game!

  10. Just preordered EA can keep taking me money

  11. Star Wars Unleashed better

  12. wayment when did Ian become a Jedi??


  14. Kal:
    1- Don’t stand outs..
    He stands out

    2- accept the past..
    He doesn’t

    3- Trust No one…
    He trusts someone

    4- Don’t reach within…
    He does

    5- Trust only in the force…
    He trusts basically everybody who isn’t bad.

  15. Ummmm my 65" 4k OELD TV first

  16. Oh wow i can't wait😨

  17. So no Star Wars the Force Unleashed 3? Ok

  18. Who’s watching this after the launch trailer?

    Game actually looks really good according to ppl who’ve played it 😀

  19. I might buy the game just because it was made by respawn and i played titanfall 2 i hope they dont mess up again

  20. OMG, Tom holland is a jedi now

  21. 90% people who came for memes
    10% people who came for 2:01

  22. Shit its Ian gallagher

  23. Ok let’s be honest respawn makes great story games so I’m gonna give it a chance obviously it looks pretty good

  24. 0:34 why does he look like Jerome valeska from Gotham but not a psycho version 😂

  25. Respawn Enterinament know how to do good games so I will love it.

  26. It's oldschool the joke with " unlock this dlc for 3$ " when Battlefield and other games EA gives free content

  27. Just me or does this dude sound like KJ appa

  28. oh its EA… cancel the hype. Just gonna see how much micro transactions you can put in this one.

  29. You can not run forever, young Jedi.

  30. Best trailer ever 😍

  31. This game looks amazing 😳

  32. Nobody is going to get this if it's an EA game

  33. Why does this have shitty Marvel music over it.

  34. Look at this amazing game it’s only for I don’t know maybe $50

  35. I think the game is gonna be good..till now who ever played it are saying nice thing about it….no microT, 25 + hour story.. i wonder how could EA allow this under their watch…

  36. Looks really awesome….and extremely expensive
    “Escape the sith?” – $15

  37. Better then all new star wars films

  38. everyone: wow such a great game

    me: realising it took the end of the entire jedi order to figure out the sith was hunting them

  39. Do you want a lightsaber?

    Yes=$24.99 No=$0.99

    It's a joke chill

  40. I hate how people are hating on ea their learning not to put in loot boxes and all that crap but people still hate on them and now their over here making an awesome star wars game just appreciate what their making

  41. 1:23 how rotten do you think that body Is?

  42. Thinking of upgrading my Xbox one to a Xbox one S with this game , is it necessary?

  43. I could just watch the movie part in between stages.

  44. Was I the only one that was hyped until I saw EA😂😂

  45. It's 2019 and the Stormtroopers STILL can't aim

  46. Remember the SWTOR trailers? Good old times…

  47. Will I need permission to stream this game on release day?

  48. Respawn : ok I think the game is good i jus-

    EA : add microtransactions.

  49. Why you can’t cut heads and other parts of body? I don’t want to hear about disney because disney fuck up. You can easily cut hand with lightsaber. Please make update with human executions it is fear and don’t trust disney.

  50. EA if you mess this Up i am gonna do an orden 66 in your company

  51. Hopefully vader will have an appearance

  52. wanna know which sister is that Sith Inquisitor?

  53. I find it extremely cursed that they made Cal Kestis look like his voice-actor.

  54. Y'all better not mess this up EA

  55. what is that? an old republic starfighter? 0:25

  56. EA:
    Press X to respawn $0.99

  57. People really think there buying EA. These Idiots Makes me laugh.. This is a Respawn Entertainment game.. EA has done Stated that they did not Interfere in any way with this game.. They kept there hands out and let them do there thing 100%.. We are buying RE not EA… Dry up your salty tears and movie on.. If it had EA interference and had the weak ass online crap I'd be agreeing.. But it dont

  58. This was 6 months ago it's just 4 days away now

  59. No lets not make a remaster, lets make a new story and a new adventure akin to those that you want remastered. They have done it before

  60. What’s the dude from shameless doing here

  61. 0:47 I think it's sad that the clone ship was being torn apart.

  62. Cant wait to see who's going to make an appearance in this, I hope ahsoka at some point that would be awesome especially seeing as at this point in time shs was a massive part of the rebellion organising them under the alias 'fulcrum'

    Also seeing as dathomir is a planet we can travel too maul may make an appearance that would be really cool seeing as it is his home world. Seeing at this time he was plotting his revenge agaisnt the entire galaxy 🤷‍♀️😅

  63. Ea adds fallen order to steam „galaxy has changed”

  64. EA: purchase this game: 69.99
    Each quarter of the main storyline sold separately: 25.00
    Weapons: 30.00
    Force power: 30.00
    Cinematic sequences: 100.00 each
    Character voiceovers: 100.00 each
    The ability to use your console control with this game: 200.00
    Opening and ending credits: 50.00 each
    Expansion content: Credit check required

  65. This game : Accept the past

    TLJ : Forget the past


  66. No one is gonna point out that Ian from Shameless is the main character?? Lmao

  67. I don't care what anyone says, I just pre-ordered the game, and no regrets, stop criticizing a game that HASN'T been released yet, the game looks absolutely beautiful, and the atmosphere feels like a awesome Star Wars experience, a Star Wars Story if you will, I get people don't trust EA, I was too when I first saw thix trailer, but after I saw the game, I fell in LOVE with it! It gave me Force Unleashed vibes, and I don't regret my pre-order

  68. 11:39 PM 11/11/2019 I wish there was a message in this video from the OTHERs talking to me. MK ULTRA. Like you said something in the video trailer I heard in my head that matches a conversation that keeps coming up. Something to do with the force.

  69. This could have been the better story of StarWars 7-9

  70. The game just got a lot better when it was revealed you can have a Double Bladed Lightsaber.

  71. This game is coming out on my 21st birthday. Time to buy Death Sticks

  72. I am definitely staying up late this Thursday so I can start playing as soon as it launches. Already pre installed it, lets hope the game ready driver Nvidia released today makes it nothing but smooth sailing.

  73. Why am i listening to avengers theme in the music from this trailer?

  74. The force is in everyone , even people who don't even know, and it can awaken in anyone, to keep the balance between light and the dark

  75. 2 days before the game is out and I still have not pre order don't trust EA no matter what

  76. The graphics are so good.

  77. giving up star wars decade.. cant follow the whole thing over the centuries.. so many version haha

  78. All these comments are cursed now

  79. That's ian fucking Gallagher!

  80. I just preordered this and death stranding

  81. Is this will be another human joke or right?…why did I even ask?

  82. I’d suggest getting a month of ea origin to play this if it’s a great game you can always buy it if not you only spent $12

  83. The women on the plane,she also in modern warfare

  84. May the force be with you 2019/20

  85. I bought it today!

  86. It looks like a movie than a game

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