Stephen Curry Teaches Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Stephen Curry Teaches Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring | Official Trailer | MasterClass

[MUSIC PLAYING] Growing up, I was always
the littlest guy on my team. Even now, I think I still am. [MUSIC PLAYING] You don’t listen to what
anybody says you can’t do, because you know that you can. You ready? [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] Being able to shoot
is all about becoming a more complete and
confident ball-handler. “Curry, putting on a
dribbling clinic.” To maximize the quickest
release possible for you, lock in on the
path that the ball takes from your
catch-ready position to your final release point. So that’s how you can shoot
the same from whether it’s in the paint all the way out to
the deep 3 area and knock it down. [CHEERING] When you catch and
you’re ready to shoot, I look where the rim
and the net meet. Put that basketball
right on those hooks. And that’s what I lock in on. “Curry splits the defense.” “Behind the back, fires a three.” “Oh, and he puts it in!” Stop it right there. Rewind it. My defender has clearly
established his lead foot. Make him open his whole body,
and create a driving angle. I have all the control,
all the leverage in the world right here. Look at Ian
travel, though. Good gracious. [LAUGHTER] When we overload
ourselves in the workout with two basketballs
or a tennis ball, it makes the game
seem a lot slower. And you’re able to process
things a lot better. [GROAN] That’s why we’re
here, to get better. [MUSIC PLAYING] It might be tough. You might have to overcome a lot
more than the guy next to you, but that’s what makes
it all worth it. No matter where you are
in your progression, we’re all in the same boat. I’m still searching
for perfection and the full potential
in this game. The time is now for you
to start your journey to find ways to get better. That’s why we’re all here. You need to get in the
gym and get to work. Time’s ticking. I’m Stephen Curry. And this is my MasterClass.

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  2. My shooting is wack so im gonna have to watch this but im still a Raptors fan

  3. I have a basketball tournament on monday and im not very good but thanks to steph i think i got this

  4. Whos here after raps won finals 😂

  5. You shoot so far

  6. Before I watched this I already learned the technique I have no trouble shooting even as far as halfcourt, if I'm in the 3 point line I don't expect a miss.. I love myself inspired by Steph Curry in making threes.

  7. I’d prefer watching this trailer over and over again than watching movie trailers

  8. Song at the start?

  9. Me dream or rather a goal cause a dream is a dream and we dont want that i dont want that so me goal is to be in the nba as the best

  10. Now we need one by Kawai Leonard.

  11. “Experience is your best teacher.” -Nobody

  12. But yo edge up tho

  13. Iron man of the NBA

  14. Bruh when I step on the court tomorrow I better be hitting half courts after this 😂

  15. Steph Curry is the best Basketball instructor

  16. Steph help me get a house I live in a trailer

  17. He that person that you meet and is chill all the time

  18. Stephen curry my dream is to see you I want to see you😥

  19. im practicing shooting with my left. any tips?
    (i do left because i am left handed but my dad is forcing me too also)

  20. You already are professionness

  21. This worked but only if I had weigh 180

  22. Im 17 and i live in thai

    Thai thai rizal

  23. I’ve always been the littlest guy on my team -stephen curry Is 6’3

  24. One of the Best Guard in the NBA .

  25. Chef Curry! 💜😎

  26. I couldn't shoot a inside paint shot but adapting Curry's technique and making my shot a one motion shot madee shoot threes.

  27. I have them same shoes that he’s wearing but they messed sadly.

  28. 5:23 lmao, that part was so funny.

  29. Wait don't copy stephen style just do at Your own style😉😉

  30. So you think that you can shoot

  31. This man 6’3 and complaining about his height

  32. 2 минуты пролетели как 2 секунды))

  33. i wanna buy this course and i don't even play basketball lol

  34. Even if your not a warriors fan you gotta love steph

  35. Imagine another nba player took this class

  36. Stephen Curry is the best ball player

  37. Steph is a good man and a good player

  38. It's cool how he says, "time's tiking."

  39. “You don’t listen to what anybody says you can’t do, because you know that you can”. – 👨‍🍳 Curry

    Finally, I can become a ketchup bottle 😀

  40. Stephen Curry has joined the chat

  41. you all been deceived.. he is in contract to the dark side to make almost every shoot he makes went in. bruh his form of shooting is so random and insanely quick release it doesn't make sense the ball is very good, if i was playing 2k19 every shoots curry make will be judged as "bad shot taken".

  42. Fun Fact: I saw a comment that says "Curry is so humble" bitch wtf?

  43. Your tall 6,3 height

  44. He looks like he loves what he does, has a deep passion when the ball is his hands.

  45. Which finger is the last to touch thr ball when he shoots, index, middle, or both?

  46. How about shooting in clutch moment's, he always misses lol

  47. steph curry I wuz always the smallest guy bruh hes 63

  48. black people aren't black anymore…

  49. 존잘 존멋 미친다 진짜

  50. Thanks for the tips

  51. Dirk Nowitzki is the Legend!
    (with MJ)

  52. steph is just so god damn cute …. no homo. he looks like an innocent child

  53. 0:02 "Growing up I was always the littlest guy on the team" well growing up I have been the shortest person in my class

  54. That's why where here to get better🔥

  55. Steph Curry is the best

  56. I love to shoot 3 points always but unfortunately i can't

  57. We are just gonna ignore the fact that Marcus Smart just jumps on his teammate like on a horse 1:04

  58. I met curry and we hanged out but my mom wake me up.

  59. Подмыли огонь

  60. Now i shoot 10 times better

  61. i love steph curry he’s an amazing basketball player

  62. Amazing curry in to my try me in the shoot nice

  63. Gracias curry ahora ire a la NBA 😂

  64. My only dream is to watch Steph curry play once in my life

  65. No matter where you are in progressive we all in the same boat. Damn that was good

  66. What is the song at 1:39?

  67. No matter Where you are in your progression we're all in the same boat

  68. Boy you're 6,3😂🤣😂🤣

  69. Same Curry I am 11 year old shortest and smallest size in my school team

  70. His legs are skinny 0%fat

  71. what song 0:23 ???

  72. Thx Curry I can cross up anybody if I want to

  73. “Time is tiking”


  75. anybody watching bc they bout to play for a basketball team🤣i am.. (be honest)

  76. My mans is 6’3 god damn how are you the smallest in your team

  77. he's the only guy i love from his team…. btw i'm a greekfreak fan

  78. I love sfhem curry

  79. Anyone else know Steph Curry thinks the moon landing was fake.

  80. I did not expect this voice

  81. Not gonna lie, I've never wanted to spend $100 so desperately in my life.

  82. When your the smallest guy on your team but your 6.3

  83. Baksetball has Curry
    Football has Ronaldo
    Cricket has Virat kohli

  84. You rock…CURRY…

  85. Arrrrrr matey! Get in the ship you scallywags! We be treasure hunting! Yaharrrr! 😀

  86. Curry: growing up I was the littlest guy on my team
    Me: growing up I was the tallest guy on my team

  87. Why did this help me?

  88. Curry is a great player but golden states rise to the top is over with key players missing it's time for another team to win it all.

  89. I did this and I got better

  90. Curry is the coach we needed

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