STEPHEN KING’S DOCTOR SLEEP – Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

STEPHEN KING’S DOCTOR SLEEP – Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

♪♪♪Just talk to the kid.You’re magic, like me.Now I need you to listen to me.The world’s a hungry place.A dark place.Hi, there.I only met two or
three people like us.
They died.When I was a kid,
I bumped into these things.
I don’t know about magic. I… I always called it the shining.

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  1. So if his father died in the last film, what will they do about his mother? Either they will say she died way after the shining or she's still alive but sick.

  2. I wish to see a Jack Nicholson cameo in Doctor Sleep!!!

  3. I just watched in theaters today! This movie was just perfect. The Audience was just wow

  4. Redrum? Seriously? Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel for originality. Hollywood is so bereft of ideas they have to destroy a great Kubrick film with this light-weight horror fluff. Stupid.

  5. Love how mike Flanagan (the director) used little nelle from his other series haunting of hill house…anyone else notice that

  6. When Ewen was looking through the door he was like “hello there.”

  7. Bookdrsleep

    No yes

  8. I absolutely love this book. ❤️❤️

  9. Just watched it in theaters. a damn good sequel. keeps you on your feet. sent chills down my spine knowing where Danny had to go back to. to see it on the big screen was a plus. thank god it wasn't a Netflix film. if you're a shining and or Stephen King fan go see this. 4/5

  10. HERE'S JOHNY 2019 2:22

  11. I think I’ll watch this multiple times…

  12. I watched this in the cinemas and only realised it was a sequel to the shining till the ending bit lol

  13. The best ever ❤️😍💕

  14. ok so.. this gave me chills

  15. watched it a day ago, it does a good homage to The Shining. It's a decent movie, not a great one but its very enjoyable.

  16. oohhh hi there …… for me it's better thant it chapter 2 .. doctor sleep very good movie .

  17. Warner Bros., you should hire Mike Flanagan to direct a 'Dr. Fate' movie for DC.

  18. Right now I am at the theaters Watching the previews before actually the movie.

  19. I went to see this movie today, November 8, 2019. I really enjoyed enjoyed this movie, and it was somewhat scary at times. I was disappointed a little by the ending. No going to tell you to spoil it because you will have to see the movie. I've always admired the Scottish actor, Ewan McGregor. I can see the young actress Kyliegh Curran becoming more famous after her being in this movie. Rebecca Ferguson was great in this movie as well.

  20. Stephen king is definitely the king of horror….

    The shining vibes I get once I saw this trailer ,,,
    …Stephen done it again 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  21. Great movie. Do yourself a favor and go see it without expectations. It's not the shining but it most definitely shines

  22. Seen it today good movie.Of course the shining is top 5 all-time horror but this movie is good on its own.

  23. I almost didn’t recognize Ewan McGregor, his beard needs to grow more.

  24. If you haven’t seen “The Shining” this sequel won’t make any sense. Watch The Shining first. “Doctor Sleep “ is excellent! Use the restroom and get a lot of refreshments before this 2-1/2 hour movie starts!

  25. I thank and praise God in heaven up above that Stanley Kubrick is not alive to see this bullshitt. This movie is worse than Exorcist II: The Heretic. If you don't have an outstanding idea for a movie sequel, please wait until one pops in your head before you ruin what could've been a great movie.

  26. My thoughts on the film

    The films not as good as The Shinning but I didn’t expect it to be, but as opposed to most horror sequels to beloved horror movies this was probably one of the best I’ve seen apart from Halloween, it grips you with characters you love and villains you desperately want to see die as well as adding some more interesting mythology and lore to the overlook and the shining ability, the film as a whole is beautifully made with excellent sound design, cinematography, musical score and atmosphere as well as superb acting from the two main stars, the only things I didn’t like was some of the editing choices, the ending to an extent and I felt the film relies a bit too heavily on the popularity and nostalgia that the first shinning holds especially in the final act

    Overall a Great film, I highly recommend

  27. The Remake of The Shining

  28. We just watched the film today here in the Philippines.. and there are only 20 people inside the cinema, it made me sad 🙁 The movie is so Epic !! It really made justice to the first film!!

    Please spread the news about this movie.

  29. I love all of Stephen kings movie
    Like if you aggere

  30. My god you guys…as an insane Stephen King fan and especially Shining fan…this movie was INCREDIBLE!

  31. I saw this wonderful film last night! GO SEE IT IF YOU HAVEN"T! It is masterfully crafted and well worth the 2.5 hour run-time!

  32. I’m scared, but I’m ready

  33. ¿Hay que ver la película The Shining para entender esta?

  34. i didnt like the movie. they ruined it.


  36. Don't go in Room 237, Danny…that woman has become attractive and wants to do horrible things with your flashbacks.

  37. Just got out of it and all I've got to say is… worthy as hell to follow up it's iconic predecessor.

  38. S
    But This Late

    Winter This Movie Come All The Seasons

  39. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut release the Snyder cut #justiceleague Justice League

  40. Just saw it, and I LOVED it

  41. the shining and the stars wars saga are my favorite movies ever. loving the SW references here ♥️

  42. Kill Count:
    Rose the Hat and the True Knot: 19
    Dan: 1
    Disease/Old Age: 4
    Ghosts of the Overlook Hotel: 2
    Billy: 5

    Total: 31

  43. Rose: Hi there.
    Danny: Hello there.

  44. Some people call it the Shining. I always called it the Force.

  45. #releasethesnydercut!!!!

  46. Why the Phantom Menace, did they have Ewan McGregor?

  47. Ewan McGregor needs to be nominated for next year's Oscars for his portrayal of Danny Torrance!

  48. I’m not sure if something wrong with me. I’ve read a lot of good reviews about this movie, so I went to see it today, and boy, it was a bona fide trash. At least to me, not even close to the original Shining. If that’s how they want to make a horror movies these days then I don’t need it. A lot of people left the cinema before the movie ended and I regret I didn’t do the same.

  49. Idk doesn't seem that epic

  50. Today in Denmark and i have a ticket 🙂

  51. Why is everyone in comment don’t mention the Lead star ( that little girl) …she was brave and powerful !!💪💪💪

  52. The Sequel to my childhood horror movie!!!!

  53. Hey Guys, check out me and my friend's spoiler free review of doctor sleep:

  54. Saw it last night. By far my favorite film of 2019. 😎

  55. Rose the Hat: 'Well…hi there!'

    Danny: 'Hello there!'

  56. De qué género es la peli?

  57. What is the meaning or purpose of this movie?!

  58. i wonder if there will be a scene like the 1920s ballroom but with jack as the butler

  59. The only scary moments in the trailer are the stills coming from The Shining. I suppose that says it all.

  60. Movie was truly amazing

  61. 2:25 my favorite part

  62. what a letdown. first half of the movie was great until Hollywood Liberals forced a black girl that has no chemistry to act alongside Ewan mccregor. They force an interracial marriage between a black man and white woman to brainwash the young generation Z kids which will ruin the family structure for future generations. Don't buy into this political bullshit and keep your eyes opened young white girls. What a damn let down, the black girl ruined the movie.

  63. Ah… General Kenobi.

  64. It put me to sleep 😂 jk I was on edge of my seat. Well done 👍 kept me curious throughout movie

  65. Redrum Redrum
    Danny, Dan nee

  66. Crazy thing. I bought my ticket not knowing that im the only one watching at the big cinema. So horror intensify x2

  67. Someone needs to CORRRRRRECT this movie.

  68. Just came out of the theatres, and DAMN that was a good movie, creepy and intense and full of some amazing camera work! I haven't read the book but a friend who I was with said it was one of the best book adaptations he'd ever seen.
    Plus loved Rebecca Ferguson as Rose the Hat, she plays a brilliant bad guy.

  69. They should of used the real Danny and the mother just saying

  70. Wow this was an fk good movie

  71. This movie was terrible.

  72. 0:32 Sounds like when you hit a villager in minecraft

  73. So he is the kid from shining

  74. Saw the movie. Really lived up to the original. Really good movie.

  75. I thought this was just going to be a bad sequel to the shining… Boy was I wrong, this was really good 👍

  76. Great movie with a stupid fucking end..I regret watching because of the end fucking retarded producer

  77. Shameless cash in, anyone?

  78. I really like this movie I thought it wa sgreat

  79. Why is it like the shining
    I mean look at the thumbnail it looks like
    The part when Johnny said here’s Johnny
    And ind the trailer it said something about
    It will shine again

  80. It almost feels like I was the only one who got super hyped from this trailer, then I look at the comments and everyone is talking about how it’s going to be shit before it even came out, well I’m glad to say it was a great movie and definitely a worthy sequel

  81. If you love Stephen King try support the Lego ideas Plymouth fury here the link

  82. 1980: Here's Johnny.
    2019: kept you waiting huh.

  83. Warner bros pictures is good for horror movies i am eagerly waiting for james wan horror movies so plz.

  84. I loved Annabelle,it 1and2 ,conjuring,insidious still more, keep it up guys u r best for horror movies,i really love this

  85. How scary is it? Because my friend doesnt want to watch it if its too scary

  86. I saw this movie yesterday. I saw the Shinning back when I was young. I was feeling irritated cause I didn't really remember too much other then Jack Nicolson went nuts and they lived in Haunted Hotel. And I was annoyed cause it was confusing. They kept jumping around so much. When they kidnapped that Baseball player, and did what they did I got up in DISGUST and was going to get money back. But then I sat back down and said I have to see what is going to happen next, this was OUTRAGEOUS! And then the movie got GOOD! I HAVE to see it AGAIN. I am actually going to watch it again. But first watch the Shinning again. Doctor Sleep was a DAMN good movie.

  87. The shining is the same glow that scares the kids to death or makes them float where they all float,you’ll float too

  88. the movie is a fucking masterpiece

  89. God this movie was so fucking good.

  90. I dont know about magic…..

  91. A Great Sequel To The Shining

  92. What did I just watch? I was searching for some spooky ghosts here 💀😈

  93. This is the type of movie that you wished you had your memory erased and rewatched it again. God damn good

  94. supposed to look scary? yawn

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