Super Mario Run | Lele Pons, Rudy Mancuso & Juanpa Zurita

Super Mario Run |  Lele Pons, Rudy Mancuso & Juanpa Zurita

>>ANDREW: Hi mom!>>MOM: Hey John, uh…Andrew. Do your homework! I’m sick of the school [BLEEP] calling me.>>PEACH: Oh my God, here we go again.>>MARIO: This is getting so boring. Huh?>>MARIO: Same [BLEEP]. Same [BLEEP] every single day.
>>PEACH: Of course, every single day.>>MARIO: Let me go deal with it.
>>PEACH: Now you’re gonna go.>>PEACH: Now I’m going to get kidnapped in 1, 2… Help! Help!>>MARIO: Oh [BLEEP], who the [BLEEP] are these girls?>>LUIGI: Which girls?>>MARIO: Luigi!?>>LUIGI: Mario!>>MARIO: How you doing?
>>LUIGI: Hello Papi.>>MARIO: Look at what I’m dealing with. Should we go?>>LUIGI: Yeah.
>>MARIO: Let’s go.>>MARIO: Check it out, check it out.
>>LUIGI: Hello, hey.>>MARIO: Hello Mami, how are you doing?>>MUSHROOM: Hello, my love.>>LUIGI: Where’d he go?>>ANDREW: Aw, man. [LUIGI CRYING]>>LUIGI: Mario?
>>MARIO: Get up, let’s go.>>LUIGI: What?
>>MARIO: I have four lives bro. Just don’t touch these [BLEEP].>>MUSHROOM: Can I kiss you?
>>MARIO: No, no. Don’t listen. Come on! Come on!>>MARIO: Don’t touch her. It’s bad. Don’t touch her.>>LUIGI: Yo!
>>MARIO: How you doing?>>MARIO: Okay, okay, okay.
>>LUIGI: Concentrate, concentrate! Alright.>>MARIO: We just have to get to that one right there.>>LUIGI: Yo, but this one.>>MARIO: What are you doing? Don’t touch her! Don’t touch her! Come on! Come on!>>HANNAH STOCKING: Hey guys!>>MARIO & LUIGI: Hey Hannah!
>>MARIO: How are you?>>HANNAH STOCKING: Where’s my hug at?>>MARIO: Yeah, just stay the [BLEEP] away, but how are you?>>HANNAH STOCKING: Touch me!>>HANNAH STOCKING: Touch me!
>>MARIO: Hey, hey, Hannah look! It’s One Direction.
>>LUIGI: One Direction!>>HANNAH STOCKING: Shut up!>>LUIGI: Go! Go! Go! Go!>>HANNAH STOCKING: Where are they?>>LUIGI: See you later. [PEACH SCREAMING]>>DAISY: Peach?>>PEACH: Daisy?>>DAISY: Oh my God. What are you doing here?>>PEACH: How long have you been here?>>DAISY: Oh my God, like 10 years.>>PEACH: Luigi?>>DAISY: Yes.>>PEACH: You know what? Why don’t we escape?>>DAISY: Yeah! We should escape.>>PEACH: Why don’t we do this ourselves?>>DAISY: Yes! Let’s do it! Help!>>PEACH: This way.
>>DAISY: Oh.>>TOAD: I think it should go like DUN NUN NUNA.>>MARIO: What the [BLEEP]?>>TOAD: Yo.>>MARIO: What the [BLEEP] is this [BLEEP]?
>>LUIGI: I don’t know.>>TOAD: It’s a whole new world, mother [BLEEP].>>MARIO: You look like Aladdin.>>TOAD: I’m Toad. I make all your music.>>MARIO: Bro, we got [BLEEP] to do. I don’t know where we are and we gotta save these [BLEEP].>>MARIO: I promise I will get you guys out of here. Let’s just have one shot.>>MARIO: We have no time to chill.
>>LUIGI: We can’t chill bro.>>TOAD: Guys, just one shot?>>MARIO: One shot?
>>LUIGI: Let’s do one shot.>>MARIO: [BLEEP] it. One shot.>>TOAD: Perfect.>>MARIO: Two shots?
>>LUIGI: Let’s do two.>>TOAD: Two?>>MARIO: Three shots, call it a night.>>TOAD: Woo! Let’s do it.>>MARIO: Six shots and we’re out of here.
>>LUIGI: And we’re out.>>TOAD: Seven.
>>MARIO: No, no more than seven shots. I can’t do more than seven.>>TOAD: Nine.
>>MARIO: Nine shots and I get sick.>>LUIGI: Ten it is!
>>MARIO: Ten is a good number.
>>TOAD: Woo! Yoshii, hit it one time!>>YOSHII: One, two, three, here we go! [MUSIC]>>PEACH: Check that door! Just check it!>>DAISY: No, there’s nothing.>>PEACH: Shh. Shh.
>>DAISY: What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?>>PEACH: You can’t make any noise.>>DAISY: You’re an idiot. Don’t make noise she says.>>MARIO: Let’s go and save these [BLEEP].
>>LUIGI: Let’s go!>>PEACH: Mario!>>DAISY: Luigi!>>MARIO & LUIGI: [BLEEP].>>TOAD: I’m Toad.>>DAISY: You guys are idiots, okay?>>MARIO: It’s a-me Mario!
>>LUIGI: Luigi!>>DAISY: What are you guys drunk?>>MARIO: A little bit, I’m not gonna lie, a little bit.
>>LUIGI: A lot.>>PEACH: Do you know what we did today? We saved ourselves.
>>DAISY: Yes.>>MARIO: Check out our new friend.
>>LUIGI: I took 10 mushrooms.>>TOAD: I hooked them up, I hooked them up.>>PEACH: Okay, let’s go.>>MARIO: Okay! Let’s go.
>>LUIGI: You should take a mushroom.>>LUIGI: Let’s go!>>PEACH: Wait!>>ANDREW: Bowser! Bowser’s coming!>>DAISY: What are we gonna do?>>MARIO: Okay, everybody relax, okay. We got this, alright. We’ve worked way too long and way too hard and way too long. We’ve been in this [BLEEP] god dang game way too long.>>MARIO: Sorry, sorry. [BLEEP] the speech.
>>PEACH: Okay, let’s go!>>PEACH: Let’s go. Let’s just fight. Go!
>>MARIO: Let’s go.>>MARIO: Alright, come on, let’s do this. On the count of 3 ready… 1>>PEACH: 2>>MARIO: 3!>>ANDREW: No, no, no!>>MOM: Are you doing your… Are you doing your homework? I hope your not playing that video game. I don’t really care.>>BOWSER: Cheers man!
>>MARIO: Cheers bro!>>MARIO: Why are we always fighting?>>BOWSER: I don’t know, let’s be friends.
>>MARIO: Let’s be friends. I’m down.>>MARIO: Holy [BLEEP], we won!>>LUIGI: Where did she go?>>MARIO: Why are you crying, bro? Come on! Oh my God.>>PEACH: We’re gonna finish the game.>>MARIO: Should we go?>>PEACH: Yeah!
>>MARIO: Let’s go!
>>DAISY: Let’s do it!>>DAISY: What the [BLEEP] is happening?>>MARIO: Why can’t we move?>>ANDREW: Battery died!>>TOAD: I think the battery died.>>PEACH: Did he save it?>>ANDREW: And I forgot to save the game!>>MARIO: Oh [BLEEP]. [ALL SCREAMING]>>PEACH: No!>>MARIO: [BLEEP]. [EXIT MUSIC]

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