table tennis techniques backhand block and drive of Ma Long

table tennis techniques backhand block and drive of Ma Long

hello welcome never take gaming channel today i will analyze the acti backhand block of Milan as you know my long has a very powerful for and look so recently Malone has used his backhand as a weapon for the active block the block active and the store he very spin too so look at here we will analyze the technique of a active backhand block of my own okay so my long block he take the power phone look at here phone on of the body he doesn’t use very the power of the whisk look here it’s different from John Jeter James II could use the power from the whisk and top the ball but Malone is more block and look at here this is his passion is very fast is faster than than jungjie cool but the ball in less speedy however this blocking style adapt very well with the backhand side because backhand style is the fast attack he ki Fateh and he used the backhand to control the ball the his main weapon is the forehand attack look at here he block but even if block or active back and look he always less is back love he walk the back very loud and then used the power look at here use the power form the owner of the hand he he kick the arm close the body and then at the right moment at a striking moment pushy pulling out the arm so that means the taxi block so his boss very fast and very precise to do that you must have a very hard rubber you I think to do the active block like this you should use a very hard rubber for example about 47 up to 50 degree hardness in the European scale we say yes and still so to do for your backhand if you want to improve your back end as the weapon you must increase the hardness of the rubber so don’t use the very soft rubber by hand rubber but choose the line near the hot rubber for your backhand okay look here back Malone he’s going very fast faster but not as skinny as junggigo’s ball so we analyze the technique of FD block model okay go now he he he look but look he yeah it’s very shot when he his my can is very shot does the technique is shorter than Jung Shi kou Zhong she could use the power from the Rao he turn the hip but my loan is another way he used on of the arm and attack more forward that’s why he’s born faster but less steam than Genji cook so it is your sign you can choose between two sides just looking sign of janicoo you must bend the kidney more cube and Akane and then you turn you look the ball and with the sports PD and the start model is you don’t turn the hip but you punch the ball you can’t you the ball look at hit you can see below yes you let the back down and then you use more forward fox that is we called the power film I can look very fast so the difference is if madam wanting to backhand look he must look far away from the table and junggigo’s different change occur can look the ball closer because change II could bend the green more and attack the ball we are nearer but my long look at here close to the table my long used active block yes look it not very fast and yeah look at here but Jean Jean who is different when the bar is closed Jean G guru the bear so this is the different side you can choose to side yeah but however look at here his forehand is really powerful the forehand man was very powerful because my long turn here he turned her he took the power from from the hips that he turned around the hip the hips up turn the body and very fast that’s why these boys very powerful is difficult to block board model because it is very powerful very fast yeah it’s nylon Stein is very fast and powerful yeah look he turn at the hips and arm of the body turn turn from right to left and smash the ball so you should learn the technique from the world champion and with this view you can understand the style to different player and you chose your side mylon’s time powerful forehand oh very powerful and with the control active block back and very fast oh the different tool player so but I want to analyze the Chinese player has a very good background technique in even in backhand or forehand look at here they always let the racket very loud they let it rock it down and then with the rocket very now he can they can use more power to turn to to rotate the body yeah you from on side by hand or forehand if they own way let the racket down where we love and look at here the difference with the watch off Dmitri putter roof is different style which are both punch the war more forward and very powerful and he used the wrist the wrist of the hand water of use the whisk very fast and is considered one of the most powerful back-end in the world even stronger than John G curve the ball junggigo is very speedy to the ball dimitrij ovtcharov is very powerful very fast cultural use a harder plate the blade author of is much harder than the plate of the Chinese player Chinese player prefer soft plate like sticker sticker play and which provider look at here and butcher off turn he banged the whisk yeah and water off backhand attack the back hand on the table when the goal is high and the Chinese player on waste attack when the ball is lower a little a little bit lower yeah look at the author of used the whist very very powerful he used the whisk yeah if you can see it when it back then he used the wrist the wrist is very losing he he don’t work the ball he doesn’t rip the ball tight he put the ball where we lose and then use the power from the grip look at it with the blade where we lose then he attack generate the power with it work firstly the speciality of raga [Music] however when he with the ball like this you can see his forehand is not very consistent because when you with the plate like like this is difficult to do a powerful forehand becomes to attack like with the powerful forehand you must [Music] click you must keep the forefinger on the plate very in contact yeah but with the losing whip is difficult to make a powerful forehand and look at here come along punch and block the ball but if you want to prove your backhand active block you must wait a little I see many many either he brought the ball but he doesn’t apply the Fox so even if you block the ball you must apply the frost use your old Fox to generate look at here even with the block of the fleet Jeff Malone apply the Fox just look at him he applied and he generated the power from from the elbow he kicked he fix the elbow and then at the right moment he punched the ball that is the technique to active block the ball so if you want to do you must learn how to apply the Fox punch the ball at the beginning the ball can go out on a table but don’t worry just practice and you will get you look at here not on just punch the ball oh go away from the table enjoy my channel enjoy my channel empathic gaming and see you for the next analyzes thank you bye-bye [Music]

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  1. Good analysis like this Style ! I have question you say a softer blade is better to control in your opinion is it good timoboll Alc I have this blade is it soft for this style or I'll shot looks for a stiga blade ?

  2. How about a Butterfly Viscaria blade? Is this ok? I have had it about 5 years.

  3. ovtcharov uses WSC . Ji Ke uses Viscaria, harder than WSC

  4. Could you please do Fan Zhendong backhand technique analysis video?

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  6. The thumbnail looks like Ma Long is doing a tomohawk serve

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