The Outer Worlds – Official Announcement Trailer

The Outer Worlds – Official Announcement Trailer

Ah, there you are. Wondering what’s going on, eh? One question first: Are you feeling anything that can be construed as explosive cell death? No? Wonderful! Let’s get started. Welcome to the edge of the galaxy! The frontier of space. Well, at least it was until the coporations bought it, rented it, and started selling it at ludicrously inflated prices. And the rest of your fellow settlers? Abandoned on the edge of the colony. I’d save them myself but the Board’s got a bounty on my head. So, that’s why I thawed you out. You appear… capable. Look I get it. Taking on the corporation has left with two choices: Bad and worse. But you have to choose. And you have to choose now! You know you didn’t have to shoot either one right? But it’s fine, I guess. You just keep being you. Spacer’s Choice is not responsible for any
feeling of vertigo, wonder, or hunger you may have experienced while watching this advertisement.

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  1. No third person camera, NO BUY. I would just wait for Bethesda's next game. If Obsidian is not able to implement third person camera, it's because they are not good enough.

  2. I love Fallout but Bethesda suck

  3. Can you see your body when you look down in this game?

  4. Just pre ordered it

  5. I'm so hyped for this – even more than for Cyberpunk 2077

  6. Now coming to Nintendo Switch!

  7. Todd Howard got what he deserved, for stealing someone's creation.

  8. They put an iggy/bowie song in the trailer holy shit i love this!

  9. I told bethesda on twitter when Fallout76 was announced MP / online only it would be a disaster not making a SP game, now this is coming along. I love being right.

  10. 0:33 – 0:45 feels like a savage swing at Bethesda with fallout

  11. ED-E, I don't think we're in the Mojave anymore!

  12. You know you didnt have to shot either one right😂😂

  13. Кошмар с детскими монстрами!

  14. pitty about epic store, but I hope this game does well, because fuck bethesda.

  15. base building please!!!!!

  16. "you know you didn't have to shoot either one right? but its fine I guess" HAHAHAHA classic obsidian

  17. Cool I guess but that lipsyncing is half-life 1 tier…

  18. "Give me 50 years and I'll have people in orbit"- I have a theory that this is basically the end result of the Mr. House option from Fallout: New Vegas

  19. Ok i'll be honest, i don't like the idea of Epic exclusive, but is an Obsidian game so i'll buy it as i did for all Obsidian games, and one other thing, if giving the exclusive to Epic can get you more money to continue releasing great games than do it.
    EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda: We must focus on online games and services.
    The players: While you debate on how to grab more money from us, and fail, we play Obsidian games, but if you need a hint on what player would like we can gift you a copy.

  20. Bethesda: Did you die?
    Obsidian: Sadly yes
    Also Obsidian: But i lived!

  21. So the creators of Fallout NV are making another game? Slowly looks down at wallet

  22. I honestly don't understand all the hate people give Epic. Are you paying more for a game there than you would on steam? Is installing another game client on your pc really that soul-crushingly painful? Is Epic employing slave labour and dealing in blood diamonds on the side? Or worse yet are they just a shell company for EA since Origin sucks ass? Hell the game looks genuinely interesting and I don't care where it's listed save for the aforementioned Origin (because THAT company genuinely has major issues). You guys have fun in your self-imposed quarantine period, I'm buying this game whenever I feel like it and see how it goes from there.

  23. Epic Exclusive…..
    It looks like this is a day 1 pirate for me, maybe I will buy it on steam a couple years later on a big discount (A big maybe)
    Well done Obsidian you done fucked up.

  24. Let me guess there is going to be a online mode too

  25. Obsidian is back bitches, can't wait for this after almost a decade after new vegas

  26. Can’t wait for this game! Loved the Fallout Titles!

  27. I’m hoping to see this as a new trailer as well.

    Fallout: New Vegas 2

  28. Is there anybody else here that’s genuinely excited to see Obsidian back at being original, creative and outright incredible at making story based RPGs with some of the best writing ever????

    Or is everyone here just here to shit on them for partnering with Epic or to shit on Bethesda?

  29. It just dawned on me how much the theme of corporate antagonism makes sense for a game being developed by Obsidian Entertainment.

    God damn I can't wait any longer to play your guy's game xD.

  30. If this is Epic release only, I'm not buying.

  31. this looks so good i can't wait!!

  32. Fallout + Boarderlands = The Outer Worlds

    Brilliant! 😄

  33. Gotta boycott this game, unfortunately. I'm not going to give a sketchy Chinese company (Tencent) access to my computer.

  34. Epic trash games store? Insta i wanna crack your game wrong choice pall traitors pieces of shits

  35. so is this game coming to pc in 2020? bc thats what steam says and i would really prefer to play on pc rather than my old ps4


  37. Them motherfuckers should have given that bonus for Fallout NV. ⚡

  38. Bethesda, please bring them in for the next Fallout.

  39. I have pre ordered today the outher worlds i realy think That this game Will be a positive suprise a have faith at obsidian production

  40. stop copying from other games

  41. Wow…those facial animations when talking certainly don't look very good in this video. wtf?

  42. "You have two choices " hahaha they burned fallout 4 so fucking hard

  43. The mad scientist at the start looks like that mushroom doctor guy in far cry 3.

  44. i feel truly sorry for obsidian being press ganged by their publisher into this being an Epic exclusive for one year, needless to say their wallet will feel just what a horrible decision that was. Obsidian i love and adore new vegas and i am sure i will love this game as well, but i will be patient and buy it on steam because fuck those chinese cocksuckers called epic games

  45. It looks like basically Fallout without VATS. That's what I see anyway.

  46. Does your character speak, or is it another silent protagonist? And is there any character customization?

  47. PS4 – XBOX ONE – STEAM (a year later with all the patches and fixes people deserve – thanks for testing out the game EGS users!) – EDIT: thanks for the users of Windows Store/Xbox pass and PS4/XBOX players too 😀

  48. This is like Guardians of the Galaxy, but it's a game. Oh my god.

  49. These 2019 animations and models are AMAZZzzzzzz sorry fell asleep, did they reuse the animations and character models from new vegas???

  50. I would 100% get this. But… Epic store. No thanks.

  51. I was going to buy it on Steam, but now since I can't buy it there, I don't want to buy it at all. Thanks for giving me a choice, Obsidian! Now I don't have to buy your game and it saved me $60. 🙂 I'll buy something for my mountain bike instead.

  52. полетел контент!

  53. Fuck you obsidian, cant make chocies for yourselves? Fuck you and Fuck Epic your game is DEAD You and ever other exclusive piece of shit wont get a fucking cent out of me even when you come crawling back to steam

  54. Games looks great. Will have to wait for Steam release.

  55. It is still sad that all the npc have the same expression.

  56. Just glad it comes out on xbox game pass day one

  57. genuinely curious why it matters if a game is exclusive to one store, its not like consoles where you would need to go and buy a whole console to play it? Can somebody explain?

  58. All I'm here for is the song, nothing more

  59. Fallout new vegas 2

  60. I can't wait for this game to come out !!!!!!!

  61. 1:10 thats my kind of humor a miss so much these days. Almost spit my drink 😀

  62. Fallout 76 is a horrible game without obsidian

    Fallout new vegas is good with obsidian AND Bethesda

    Outer world is perfect just obsidian

  63. Everyone like ahaha middle finger to Bethesda when Bethesda took the fallout series and made it what everyone loves, no one played before fallout 3, sure they messed up on 76 but I’m pretty sure obsidian have plenty respect for the company which them money off a indie niche game few people played

  64. Amazing!!! I must play this! 🙂

  65. Oh great, even more games that I absolutely cannot live without

  66. Single player ? RPG? oh …. Too bad

  67. I was gonna buy this, now I'll just pirate it, fuck you Epic

  68. Hope this will be much better than Fallout 76

  69. Is this like the other Fallout games where you create your own character or no?

  70. Just asking cuz I'm genuinely curious

  71. Have I ever told you a story about the outerworlds coming to Xbox gamepass

  72. anyone else notice that 30fps? yikes

  73. Wow I’m so jazzed for Borderlands: New Vegas

  74. Do you remember that mister House wanted to send the humans to space?, if that its the canonical ending, this could be a real sequel to fallout.
    Just my opinion

  75. Hello i want to get the game on pc but i don't want to create epic games account should i wait for 2020 to get it on steam or get it on microsoft store for pc

  76. Is it just me or does the old guy sound like Dr Monty from COD?

  77. No Ps4 Pro support no 60 Bucks! Preorder Canceled.Wait a couple of Months and pick it at for 10-20 Bucks.
    Hope Microsoft/Epic paid you enough


  79. why this game won't support 4k for PS4 ?

  80. Let’s reach 10M before we get the chance to travel into the Halcyon Colony !

  81. I loved fall out new vagas. It was one of my first, first person shooter games i was able to play because of the v.a.t.s. System. (Because of my poor eye sight of 9%} i am cureaous to see if i will be able to play tis game as wel ;).
    Also! I amsooo happy to see this is a single player game!! Thanksssss

  82. I know I said after fallout76 I would wait but after the game play reviews I made a big choice to buy and go for it! 💝😝🎮

  83. less than a week, already preloaded thanks to xbox game pass. i'm counting the days, for me most awaited game for this year.

  84. Yes next week
    It’s gonna put the final nail to Fallout 76’s Coffin

  85. But its fine I guess. You just keep being you. 😂😂 Lmao

  86. This is the doo doo Version of borderlands

  87. Basically Fallout 5 in my opinion. The game looks fantastic.

  88. Gaurdians of the Galaxy the game.

  89. From the creators of the best fallout game

  90. piss on this game, the ads are so damn loud on crackle it pisses you off to the point ill never play this shitty game

  91. Question why are people mad about Obsidian idk?

  92. Il ressemble beaucoup à un fallout 4 ????

  93. Outer Worlds: Don't break it.

    Me: Mods it till breaks.

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