The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection’s most memorable moments: WWE Playlist

The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection’s most memorable moments: WWE Playlist

What I’ll do is,
I’ll start pointing to people like this. I’ll hit both ropes,
then I’ll come off- What do you mean, you’ll come off with what? What are you talking about? Elbow. What do you talk, didn’t The Rock
just tell you that out there? The Rock, don’t steal his catchphrases. Now you want to do the most electrifying
move in sports entertainment. Listen The Rock says you’re The Rock’s
partner, the great one’s partner. You’re the people’s partner. You just go out there,
watch The Rock do what he does best, that’s lay the smack down. And then when The Rock needs you to do
the that you know do the sock gimmick, do that gimmick when The Rock calls for
it, that’s it. Mr Socko. This one is over. One, two, I can’t believe it. What? I can’t believe The Rock kicked out. My gosh. The Big Show is,
he’s frothing at the mouth. Nobody there. The Big Show was gonna drive that
elbow right through The Rock’s heart. The tag team titles at stake here now. Look that stinking Socko is out. There it is!
Mankind’s got Socko on the Big Show. A referee just smashed in the corner. [SOUND] [APPLAUSE] My God, my God, he just hit it over the green monster. The Rock just hit it
over the green monster. The Big Show- Boston. He went down like a big tree. What is this? The Rock. You’re kidding. It’s the most electrifying. Double people’s elbow! The Rock’s got the cover, can he? Yes!
We’ve got new tag champions. Your winner and the new WWE tag team champions, Mankind and The Rock. [MUSIC] Mankind and
The Rock are the new tag team champions. [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE]
No. What do we have here? It looks like the Big Red Machine. My God! Blood is thicker than water. Mankind fighting for
his life here with Viscera and Mideon. The Rock and
Big Show both get back to their feet. Kane to the top rope. Take his head off. Kane went right for the Big Show. What, Undertaker what’s going on? [APPLAUSE] That’s it he’s gonna pay. [APPLAUSE] I’ve taken
him as far as he can go. The mandible claw on Mideon. No. Mideon’s in this match. Get up. Do something! The Big Show and
Viscera are on the outside. The tag titles are on the line here. He better get up here. He can’t get up from this. This is fixing to be the most electrifying
move in sports entertainment today, The People’s Elbow. Yeah.
[APPLAUSE] Someone’s gonna pay for this. And we’ve got new champions. [MUSIC] The winner and
the new World Wrestling Federation tag team champions, Mankind and The Rock [MUSIC] Boy. It’s on. I guess that means you’re
not too mad at me, cuz I’ve got something I
think you’re going to like. This is big Rock. This is important. As a matter of fact, this is your life! [MUSIC] Look at this. Well we’ve got confetti and
we’ve got balloons dropping from the sky. Mankind has gone to a lot
of personal expense. What in the hell is this? It’s a party, King. Who paid for this?
Mankind did, I would assume. What?
Look at this. Mankind honoring his friend, The Rock. Yeah, but- Maybe it’s The Rock’s birthday,
I don’t know. [MUSIC] Or maybe it just doesn’t
matter to Mankind. Rock, let me ask you this. Does Mankind know how to throw
a little par-dookie or what? It sounds like a firework display in here. So while these people pop these ballons,
I want you to listen very close and tell me as we look into
the pages of yesteryear, do you remember this voice? Wait a minute, who does he think he is,
Ralph Edwards? Dwayne, would you like to
answer that important question? [APPLAUSE]
Dwayne? Come on, let’s hear that voice. [LAUGH] That’s right Rock. Mankind has pulled out all the stops and
he has brought to you your 6th grade home economics teacher,
Mrs. Betty Griffith. Home economics? No it says there English teacher. The woman we want to acknowledge is
heading over this way, Betty, Betty. Yeah, The Rock is happy to see her. Largely acknowledged as the woman who
taught The Rock his wit and wisdom. As your home economics teacher, Mrs.
Griffith may very well have been the first one who truly smell but
what The Rock was cooking. She looks excited to be here. I don’t think Rock even remembers her. Come on in here Betty and
say hello to The Rock. Do you remember you sixth grade teacher? Yeah, right. How are you doing Mrs. Griffith? I think he does remember. Sure The Rock remembers you,
she was sixth grade home ec class right? Do you remember how all year long the only thing The Rock wanted to do in
your class was make pancakes? In home ec?! Uh-oh.
Rock took home ec? And you never let The Rock
make his pancakes, did you? You wanted The Rock to make
chocolate chip cookies, blueberry muffins, but never pancakes. And then right before summer vacation
you said, hey Rock, tomorrow I got a nice surprise cuz I’m let
you finally make your pancakes. What a memory. And then the next day
you came to The Rock and you said Rock, unfortunately,
I’m all out of Aunt Jemima. Uh-oh. Well, that’s okay but The Rock says this,
do you still like to cook? Still like to bake bread? And you know your rolls, right? [LAUGH] Sweet. [APPLAUSE] Buttermilk. [NOISE]
Well then, The Rock says this. You should know your role and
shut your mouth. What? Whoa. [NOISE]
Take a little walk down
Know Your Role Boulevard. Hang that right on Jabroni Drive. [NOISE]
And then proceed to check your Aunt Jemima,
no-pancake-havin’ ass- [APPLAUSE] Directly into the SmackDown Hotel! This is supposed to be Rock’s life,
does he have no respect.? Sorry.
Mankind, with his version of This Is Your Life for
The Rock. Maybe you better get out of here. The Rock will meet Triple H tonight for
the WWF title. Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky- I think that’s
where The Rock’s mind is right now- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Not on This Is Your Life. Well, let me make it up to you,
because I’ve got another surprise. And I have a feeling this one will
put goosebumps on those 20 and a half inch arms. Let’s hear that voice. All right, Johnson, hit the ground and
let me see you do me 20! Wow.
[LAUGH] That’s right, Rock, come on down here. It is coach Everett Hart,
of the Freedom High School Warriors. [MUSIC] This is The Rock, This Is Your Life. Supposedly credited as the man who gave
Rock the testicular fortitude that would become his trademark. As The Rock made all American not
just at the University of Miami, but later as a three-time WWF Champion. Rock, say hello to coach Everett Hart. The Rock’s coach,
this is television at it’s best, JR. [NOISE]
How you doing, Coach? [NOISE]
Coach, you remember the last game of the season,
when there was two minutes left in the game and
The Rock made that quarterback sack? And the quarterback went high-five
the Rock, and the Rock says, no, no, no, no, no. The Rock doesn’t high-five,
but he will do this. The Rock gave the quarterback a boot and DDT’d him right in
the middle of the field? You remember that? [NOISE]
Yeah, I’m sure you do. But instead of congratulating The Rock,
you made The Rock run sprints that night after the game
in front of all The Rock’s fans. Boo! Not a very popular coach [LAUGH]. Hey coach, [NOISE]
That’s a really nice whistle you
have around your neck. [INAUDIBLE] This one in high school! Coach, is that that same
whistle you used that night? [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] You mind giving it
a little blow just one time, for The Rock? No, no. [SOUND]
If you wouldn’t mind coach, The Rock would like
to do something special with that whistle. No. [APPLAUSE] I wonder what that could be? The Rock would like to
take that whistle you got, that very whistle you just put to
your lips, shine it up real nice. Aw, that’s nice. Turn that son [BLEEP] sideways,and
stick it straight up your candy ass! [APPLAUSE]
Now get the hell out of here, coach! Hit the bricks, you jerk! I think the coach is outa here,
Mankind’s 0-2 with these memories. [LAUGH] What the hell is your problem,
taking The Rock out of the game? Well- Wait a second, Rock- Listen,
Jabroni, that’s strike two. The Rock is done with
your little silly jokes. The Rock’s got stuff to do tonight, so
hurry up an get this bull crap over with! Hold on, hold on,
this is not bull crap, because Rock, what I’m about to do,
is show the millions- And millions! [NOISE]
Uh-oh. Don’t you ever do that again. [NOISE] [LAUGH]
Gimmick infringement. Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky! The Rock will meet Triple H tonight, and The Rock will have that
home field advantage here. It goes like this,
in front of the millions- And millions! That’s the way it goes. Okay, well, I want to show them all
a little different side of The Rock. A side that I of course, as one half
of the Rock and Sock Connection, know pretty well. It’s the sensitive side of The Rock. And Rock, I think that the following
voice will spark that sensitive side. Go ahead and let’s hear it. Sensitive side? Dwayne, can I please run my fingers
through your hair one more time? Well! That’s right Rock,
I pulled some strings, and here she is. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] The Rock’s high school sweetheart, Miss Joanne Imbriani! Joanne who? Rock, you know that- How old is she? Imbro, as you used to call her,
was your one true love. Now I present to you,
Miss Joanne Imbriani. I’m gonna turn my back so
you guys can share a special moment. Nice teeth, uh-oh! [NOISE]
Rock’s old high school girlfriend. How you doing, honey? Fine. Remember, every Saturday night
back in high school, how you and The Rock used to sit on
your parents’ couch? Uh-oh. And The Rock used to put his arm around
you and we used to kiss a little bit? A lot of- [APPLAUSE]
[LAUGH], Tonsil-hockey. We used to kiss a little bit,
a lot of tongue, you used to love The Rock’s tongue,
didn’t you? Hah, I knew it. [APPLAUSE]
Remember how you used to nibble on The Rock’s ear? On The Rock’s neck? And you would whisper to The Rock? You used to whisper to The Rock, hey,
Rock, go for it, go for second base? [LAUGH] Second base. [APPLAUSE] She looks like a ballplayer. Remember that? And as The Rock put his hand ever so
gently on your knee, slid his hand up, inch-by-inch. Boy. Rock’s old high school girlfriend
here on This Is Your Life. Thanks to Mick Foley. And what did you do? You cut The Rock off on second base! Boo! Mankind thinks they’re
closer to19 years than 20. It’s not over yet, it gets even better. The night just keeps getting better and
better. Open up that, Rock. I put a lot of thought into this one. The fans have been wanting it
They’ve been asking for it, and now they have Mr. Rocko! Mr. Rocco! He can pal around with Old Socko. Well, look at that. [LAUGH] Is this thing great? [LAUGH] Nick was up all night
getting this stuff ready. Do you smell what this Rock is cooking? [NOISE]
Last week you brought the rock out. You brought out his coach,
you brought out his teacher, and you brought out a girl who cut
the Rock off at second base. [NOISE]
And now you lost Rocko, and you even lost The Rock’s jacket? And now you wanna break up
The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection? [NOISE]
Hey, maybe having second thoughts. [NOISE] [LAUGH] [NOISE] People are voicing their opinion. [NOISE]
Well, let The Rock make one
thing perfectly clear, he never wanted The Rock ‘n’ Sock- Rock,
Rock, wait, wait, wait, I know you never
wanted the Rock ‘n’ Sock connection to break up,
which is why I’m here. You see after we spoke I had
a little heart-to-heart with myself, I did some deep thinking,
I did some serious soul searching, and I looked at the man in the mirror and
do you know what I saw? The rock knows what you saw,
280 pounds of monkey crap. [LAUGH] Okay, okay,
I guess I probably had that coming. No, I made a decision, and that is I’m going to
rededicate my life and my career to the ongoing success and legendary status of our tag team. Uh-oh. [NOISE]
You see Rock, [LAUGH] After 15 years in this glorious business, I’ve decided that I do not want to go down
in history as a three time WWF Champion. I don’t want to go down in
history as a hardcore legend. I don’t want to be known as the guy who
flew off the top of the hell in the cell. [NOISE] I don’t even want
to be known as the guy that used to wrestle in barbed wire, cuz I did that type of thing. I want to be known from
here on in as one half of the greatest tag team in WWF history, The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection! [APPLAUSE] Rocky? There you are, uh-oh,
I’ve been looking for you all night, man. [NOISE] [INAUDIBLE] Rick
came down from the top. The Rock will call you back. What is it you want, jabroni? You see The Rock is on the phone? Hey, I’m sorry,
Vince wants us to team up one last time. It’s important to him, he ordered me to
come get you to team up one last time. Let The Rock understand this, Vince ordered The Rock to team up with
you one last time, is that right? Is that what you’re saying? I think what he’s doing,
he’s doing us a favor. He’s giving The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection
one last chance to say goodbye to the fans before you embark
on a single’s career. Listen, The Rock says this, the only reason why he would entertain
that thought, is two reasons. You’re gonna do it, aren’t you? Shut your mouth jabroni,
just listen to what the Rock says, there’s Number 1,
it’s Thursday night, it’s Smack Down. It’s your show. This is The Rock’s show, The Rock
doesn’t need for you to tell him that, it’s The Rock’s show. You’re gonna do it.
And secondly, and most importantly,
if The Rock teams up with you tonight, this has to be the absolute last time you
and The Rock ever get together again. It’s the last time.
No more Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection, no more Rocko, no more you
stealing The Rock’s catchphrases. I don’t wanna steal- You wanting to be
like The Rock, no more of that crap. I’m gonna come up with
my own stuff anyway. Last night, tonight, this is it. That’s it. Hey, don’t you wanna know
who we’re teamed up against? Yeah sure, Foley,
who are we teamed up against? We got a match against the- It doesn’t
matter who’re teaming up against! The Rock will bring the smack down on
any candy ass jabroni back there in that locker room. Tonight’s the last night. You smell what The rock is cooking? I smell it. Idiot [APPLAUSE] Look at the tag team champions,
though, Kane, working so well together. Quick tags, keeping each other fresh as
they wear down Mankind in the corner. I think that the New Age Outlaws, they may
be the best coordinated tag team ever. Next time you wave at the ref
you saw your fingers off. Mankind into the corner. Look out now, Mr. Nast. Nobody home! No!
And Mankind, face first! Mankind seriously needs to make a tag to
his tag team partner, The Rock, here. Yeah, for the last time. [NOISE]
Can Mr. Ass get to his corner and the Road Dogg? Billy Gunn desperately
holding on to Mankind. WWF tag team title’s at stake here. It doesn’t get much bigger than this. Mankind, can you get to the Rock,
can he get there in time? And here comes The Rock! And listen to this crowd! Exploding! The Rock with right hands! And The Rock has single handedly- No! Look out! Rock bottom! Rock bottom! Rock bottom! Cover. Road Dogg breaks the count. The Rock planted Mr.
Ass with a rock bottom. Mankind! Mankind connected! Here’s the cover now, two! And Mr. Ass just got the shoulder up,
just got the shoulder up! After rocking Road Dogg! Bedlam outside the ring! And look at this, Kane! No!
Mr. Socko! It’s Mr. Socko! It’s Socko!
The stinking, smelling sock! Down the throat of The Road Dogg! Uh-oh, look out! From behind, Mr. Ass. Referee down as well. Referee Earl Hebner knocked down. Look at the ref! Famouser! Famouser! Mr. Ass connected! One, two. Hey, wait a minute,
that’s Crash Holly in the ring! He has a, he’s got a club or
something, look out! Hardcore Holly, with that gold, the
championship, into the face of Mr. Ass!. Mankind is covered, in the ring! No!
Wait a minute! Mr. Ass is covered! One, two, three! Yes! [NOISE] The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection
are tag team champions! And the new Pro Wrestling Federation tag team champions, The Rock and Mankind! [MUSIC] I realized that since you got no friends
in the back that you’re gonna need a special partner. And I’ve heard the rumors, and from the sound of it these people
have heard the rumors, too. What you doing, Mick? You go ahead Mick, you go to a pay phone! You go to a pay phone,
you call Mr. Big Shot, Mr. Hollywood, you tell him
that you two are on. And then, while you’re on the phone
with them Mick, do me a little favor. Tell Mr. Walking Tall,
that after Wrestle Mania, neither of you two punk asses are gonna
be walking, after we’re done with you. Go ahead, Mick, go back. Call ‘ tell ‘ tell ‘ Mick.>>I’m gonna call him now.>>Yeah, you call him. You tell him what I said.>>Wait, wait, wait, wait. I think I’ve got a little bit better idea. [APPLAUSE]
>>You see, instead of me going back there, and telling him on the phone, why don’t you tell him yourself?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Why don’t you tell him to his face?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>What?>>Because you see Orton,
you see Flair, you Batista, you’re damn right,
I said Mick Foley was coming back to RAW. But I never said Mick Foley
was coming back to RAW alone.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>If you smell->>[APPLAUSE]>>My God that’s->>That is, that is the The Rock.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The Rock and Sock!>>[INAUDIBLE]
from the left.>>Laying the smack down on Ric Flair. Foley and Batista.>>[NOISE]
>>Orton’s about to wet himself.>>Foley with a right hand on Orton.>>I can’t believe my eye. Look out!>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>Foley knocking down Orton and here comes Socko!>>You’ve gotta be kidding me. It’s Mr. Socko!>>[INAUDIBLE]
with a mandible claw. Socko taking Orton down.>>No!>>Spinebuster! The spine on the pine by the great one.>>And here it is the most electrifying
move in sports entertainment.>>The people’s elbow!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The Rock n Sock Connection! [APPLAUSE] are walking tall
here tonight in Atlanta. And by god,
they’re on their way to WrestleMania.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Three on two! Come on. Come on.

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