The Season: Ole Miss Football – Fall Camp (2017)

The Season: Ole Miss Football – Fall Camp (2017)

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  1. Wishing these guys the best Coaches and Players. Their old coach really put them in a rough spot. The kids will be fine. It's the families affected by it.


  3. I need an Escort!

  4. Fuck it, bring freeze back

  5. Ole Miss is trash

  6. The Intro is Epic

  7. This series is going to get so good after the NCAA devastates them at the Sept. 11 infractions meeting. There will be crying, pointing fingers, transfers, kids just quiting on each other. Its going to be fantastic youtube TV!!

  8. What was the head coach talking about in the beginning

  9. not impressed with Luke

  10. Really Hope They Get To The NFL

  11. Welcome to The University of Michigan Shea!!! Just waiting on Von and Deontay!!!

    〽️🏈Go Blue🏈〽️

  12. Ole mich baby! thanks for no integrity so we get a 5 star QB

  13. “They don’t have any jalapeños here, but I love me a good jalapeño” best part of the vid

  14. Wait a minute….you mean, there's actually people who give a flying fuck about Ole Miss football? LOL

  15. Wish they did this with big time programs like Michigan or Bama,Ohio state or other big time programs

  16. That what a Head Football coach suppose be… look out for his players, and making sure they forcus on little things, and being great at all time

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