The Ultimate World Cup 2018 Football Challenges

The Ultimate World Cup 2018 Football Challenges

He saved it! Karol from 2014 is back! What’s happening??? What’s up guys, welcome to a new video Today we will answer the age-oldquestion: Who is going to win the World Cup 2018? In cooperation with SKY Q During the past weeks we were already able to test the SKY Q package and we’ll show you the 5 things we liked most about it First, SKY Q now has a much simpler and faster user interface Second, from now on the next episode of your favourite TV show starts automatically Thirdly, you can easily watch any running TV show from the beginning Fourthly, you can watch all of the World Cup games of the German national team in Ultra HD This is only available with SKY Q Fifthly, due to the launch of SKY Q you can get the package of your choice for half the price The World Cup games are included in any package You can find the link in the description And I’d say we start with the challenges And see who’s going to be the World Champion Guys, here we have the first semifinal Spain vs Brasil And what challenge are we going to do? We play “Lob the keeper” – Lukas vs me I will play as Spain, Lukas will play as BRasil As Neymar ( :DDDDDD ) Maybe And whoever is going to win this challenge will play the final And it’s going to be Spain -No, Neymar
-Definitely! So Lukas, let’s see who begins You can’t use your hands when you try to save the ball No, that’s forbidden Stone, BAM! You start to shoot I already announced that I will annihilate you in this challenge Yeah, sure I stay on the line and as soon as I touched it I can start running towards the goal Exactly Which player… wait, wait wait Which Spain player are you? That’s important to know for the fans Then I’m Diego Costa NOOO Yes, DIEGO! Which player are you? Neymar NOOOOO You’re so bad! Neymar can’t handle the pressure, what’s up? Neymar… …only hits the crossbar Will the frontrunner already eliminate? Hey, nothing happened, yet He just destroys everything Yeah, it’s just Koke, right? Okay guys, the World Cup semifinal can only have one winner No mistakes allowed Then it’s over immediately and won’t be forgiven But I won’t make any mistakes That was so tight Over the goal! What’s up? What’s up with you? You score everything This is about the World Cup, this is serious -I don’t know Konzi like this
-Dude, it’s the World Cup You know what this means Neymar seriously injured once again This is why we now have… Coutinho Who? COUNTINHO! Okay Against Ramos NOOO, NOOO I though you’d shoot with your left foot -And then I wanted to run in this corner
-Yeah, that’s what they all thought We need Diego Costa once again They also have other players Julio Iglesias Sure -Easy
-Okay Over the goal Again! It’s already the second one that… -It’s just precision
-No Never! It was luck Okay so Sergio Ramos will secure the win now We’re going to the final Realised by… the Captain El Capitano Noo, that’s way too good NO! What am I doing? What is Konzi doing? You were so close, I thought I just choose a corner -And then you run in the different direction
-There just comes the chip Low to the middle Konzi, I’d say we change And then we’ll play the next semifinal So we have the final: It’s going to be Spain against … Let’s see Definitely against my country, Germany Brasil has to go No idea, so we continue with the second semifinal, Germany vs France I have to make up for the last game At least the current Champion should go to the final And Konzi, what challenge are we doing? We’re going to make a three shot challenge 3 rounds in total and whoever scores more will go to the final You’ll see it in a bit WHAT? Never! 1 goal Phew, I thought it was your head No it was my big nose 3, 2, 1 Beep Nice cross! They’re always great No -YES
-NOO, what was that? -What was that? Keeper! Keeper!
-Mario Gomez Good one! GKZ is here! You got this! Karol! Karol! 1 vs 1 It’s Messi I’ll never do 1 vs 1 against Konzi again Look, pellets in my face Penalty I would say so, too He scores, but it’s my turn now I will secure the win with this round Good save, good save Karol from 2014 is back What’s happening? Now one 1 vs 1 Dude, what even are these saves? What are these saves? Just wanted to quickly show them who I am That’s Gareth Bale, no Griezmann Griezmann Now 1 vs 1 Do something crazy Something crazy That was a penalty, That was a penalty! Next time a bit more careful please. I will not book you this time but… I still got one more round Lukas, what’s up? That was good, yeah The cup holder is getting ready for España Final, but… Clap your hands Not for France but for the goalie France can just go home – without Baguette But I will invite you to a glass of wine Now we continue with the final, Germany vs Spain, live here on SKY Q So guys, the final Final challenge Final match, cup holder vs former cup winner Penalty shootout We all know the deal, come on Stone! Nooo -Always the same…
-The good old stone The stone doesn’t perform anymore Lukas begins Can I? You have to blow the whistle Karol, come on! For a short moment there I saw Lukas’ nervousness Oh boy, look at his nervousness I already scored twice Yeah but you will miss the third one. You’re know for that, Konzi Take a look, you can really learn something here Two times the same corner We know him Did you see the that? It worked the second time now Yeah, the next one will hit the post He almost saved it I thought he had it but then he took away his hands He’s just too go this Konstantin We both still have two penalties each -And here comes…
-I definitely feel the pressure That’s the wrong run up for Ramos When you’re doing Ramos you have to… come with me -I don’t think the pitch is big enough
-No it’s okay here Is there a hole in the net? Karol, you almost saved the last 4 pens. Now you have to save one You got this! Who would’ve thought? Come on, save it! The last penalty, shot by… I though you’d chip it He definitely wants Germany to win it You know, we can do challenges in the fk-shirt, in the LukasFootball shirt, but when I have this logo on my chest… Then there’s no joke We don’t need extra penalties Germany wins it again What a great nation, Germany wins the World Cup for the… fifth time And Spain, well… The last penalty was very unlucky, but I think the pitch has been inaccurate, Ramos didn’t make it If you would like to see an equal spectacle for the World Cup then check out the description there you will find SKY Q – great offers And I’d say we say goodbye Write in the comments… who do you think is going to win the World Cup? Who are you rooting for? I will root for Germany For me it’s Germany and Russia but I think Germany will hopefully win it I think so too. And I’d say, as always stay sporty See you next time, bye!

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