THEY FLEXIN’ ON ME!!! || Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Episode 32

Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Yes Guy Gaming FIVB Beach Volleyball big side out for the set Joe let’s go
buddy well that was a great closer what’s open cross you just flex on me hello and welcome
back to Jess guy came in we’re back playing volleyball unbound loving this
game man fun a bit of a journey here we’ve had a rough go I thought the
difficulty and things that it’s been I’ve had a lot of battles that last
episode was super long really long sorry about that so although I can clean up
some of these games shorter or I guess I don’t want to lose lose quicker I want
to win foul but anyway so I’ll try to we’ll figure something out it’s there’s
some intense battles which I really like man fine need to get better look at
those stats I mean pretty good in some categories but a real shit in others so
we got to win some tournaments get our skills out for that Olympic tournament
at the end of the year let’s do it I don’t know if I’ll ever get tired of
this guitar and it boys are back we’re in an open
tournament Johannesburg said Africa so let’s go boys
come on oh we plan fate of the Stein and vomit from Austria they seem pretty
average what’s the strat they’re both the same both got similar height similar
touch Wow not really doesn’t matter let’s serve top boys here we go signing
out let’s go this guy’s gonna rip a tough
float geez put me on Joe snake it snake it oh I went for the roll shot that was
silly block the left Joe I got it I’m all over that put me on the net buddy
sharp angle jeez we’re playing so much spike volleyball
I’m getting used to pounding it sharp I’ve never done that shot a lot before
but hey it worked all right hurry up me okay what’s the
play you’re like what’s kind of Serbs gonna get us the most pressure like a I
guess spinner to the deep corner maybe is that what makes sense yo get up there
Joe watch watch I’m all on it Joe put me on the net please
geez I need that set Tiger Joe scores yeah still wow that guy’s sucks all
right let’s just float it in easy sir Joe block block the left side I’m on it
Joe way out buddy what do you do now you
need a lucky Joe I was just about to say what the hell are you doing but you
scored okay I’ll forgive you this time all right maybe let’s try something
right down the middle right up the gut Joe you got a block like you’re useless
on D God Joe Joel what at the antenna so I made the dig oh yeah I went off the
tape without the antenna oh that would have been so cool here we
go pass up Joe whoa put me on the net I’m balancing the sneak do wait did I
get that please tell me I got that oh oh did he block it off my face brutal
hi God dang I got excited but I hit my face yikes that flow serve
okay watch where is he where’s II see it Joe great frickin cover Joe thank you so
much oh I didn’t cover you back jeez that’s two blocks on a road why this guy
it’s 300 we’d better get focused Joe come on buddy yikes does the testers
okay is the sneak open hmm was that our point I really hope so yes come on so
huge let’s go Joe would be great for an ace
for the wind buddy big ace for the win Oh coming through in the clutch
nice moving on hey boys yeah don’t get cocky after that first round win that
was the top like I slammed us balls Joe wake up Oh a plan Vander blue gun and
Koopmans we’re all in one against these guys we owe them revenge
Koopmans has got the great shot and then there Brogan’s a great Center so we have
to serve into abbudin but they beat us last time
let’s go Joe it’s time for revenge whoa camera vendor Brogan let’s go buddy deep
corner standing tough serve nice Joe yeah Peele come on it Joe set me where
is the block sharp yes come on can handle my heat ah krazee-eyez let’s go Mandel rügen I’m
coming after you buddy get up there Joe Joe block the right got it in the middle
let’s go in the middle where’s he going watch watch watch yes
that’s a bounce baby I it’s a hard to see where the block is when you’re in
the middle there okay got lucky nice – OH bend a balloon we’re
coming after you buddy I don’t I’m gonna make I’m gonna try to make sure you
don’t score a single ball at all this game ready
peel Joe you buddy nice dig I’ll put you on
oh and I screwed it up shoot make a dick bate bate bate bate Oh Joe get that shit
out of here banged up broken you suck we’re coming back at him let’s go Joe
block the left side we’re gonna run the explains I want you block him Joe we
almost had another one buddy jumbo let’s this guy block the left side
I’m gonna make a dig here watch watch watch Joe come on dude like press over
the net here we go 3 1 they got lucky Koopmans is pretty good man down but who
then sucks though you Joe I’ll set you oh I might have gone onto their cover
Joe with the finesse play buddy what since when Joe the snivel backdoor
Joe Stephen sneaking it – all right been a broken here comes a big Joe sir
boom block the right side Joe I’ll make a dig I’ll make a dig I got it oh I’m
all over that looking for the bounce yes come on set the game yes feel it Morgan
and kuban’s suck it that’s for last time I like we’re determined couple or strong
winds well if I am one set of five though so
anything’s took a risk these guys are worse than those last
guys masters Dana and allow me out of this you played them twice and beat them
twice what is this crap though Ramirez a good deal ease slow jumps low low
stamina Ramirez we’re coming out to you buddy let’s go get up there Joe Joe like
you’re a blocker you’re not a defender got it set me outside Joe is the sneak
open no but Joe’s got me covered Joe has my back I love you Joe nice
coverage Ramirez we’re coming at you buddy
I’m Doug you the first time you gonna hit it again oh I’m all over that put me
on the net Joe Oh buddy oh you touch it twice Joe what are you
doing you got crouched there like an idiot for a second figure your shit out
Joe here we go one one gosh we need a side out signing how it’s been tough we
play good d though you Joe oh my gosh you almost missed that one cost
Joe oh man he founded that come on buddy let’s go Joe
me yep put me on the neck angle oh is that out yes shanked it come on
this blogger can block the sneak I got to be careful
all right Ramirez there comes a big Joe Foss in serve Oh yep there Joe block the
left side Oh Pele Joe oh you shanked it Joe
are you serious buddy now is not the time to fold up here we go me I’ll come
in clutch what’s open sneaks open please tell me that one off his block first
please tell me yes Joe I am clutch you are struggling get there Joe lock the
left side stay up there I’m on it Joe set me stick it come on
I’m on fire Joe let’s go great hi set for me after that dig Joe let’s go
peel no don’t feel cuz you’re gonna shank it I got it out here Joe cross
yeah that’s gone put you on my back Joe do two shanks in a game to five come on
man yeah boys we’re in the semi-final this is getting serious now let’s go one
stolen and who God we played these guys three times beat them three times but
they look really good and this this one I probably played them three times on
the previous difficulty this could be tough I think the worse attacker is
sterling who guards got that great shot and holster settings okay I think sterling and I think it’s gotta
be stored with this Donna’s good an attacker that’s shot from booth guards
pretty deadly yep Joe nice okay what’s what’s the play
oh yeah don’t give me that I will hit it every
time if you leave that open for me all right sterling here we go
your medium and goal get up there Joe block the right side protect it got it
Joe come on line yes Joe that’s a dig nice set from you partner glad to see
you’ve picked it up somewhat from last game tried to carry your ass
let’s go block the right side watch watch come on Joe did you see that dig
what’s open cross gosh she dug it Oh watch Joe Joe get higher buddy
did you put that jig on the neck I mean I made a one on did it that was sick do
one big side up here yep come on Joe bounce it ankle may off the
block dang and he took away my bounce all right here we go sterling right back
at you buddy right back at you here it is Joe block
the right should we switch no you’ve blocked that I’m on it Joe come on
what’s your play yeah what’s open snitch it yeah come on that was weak I
got in some arm power on me I want to see some hard pounds here we go Joe down
the line to Sterling pound it oh yeah yeah all sorts of trouble watch got it
Joe come on buddy Oh nobody’s over there though let my trouble watch watch it
watch it oh my bad sign up for the match Joe to
get to the final it’s kind of gonna rip one you Joe here you go buddy come on
put it away for the match Joe I got you buddy come on put me on
the net what’s all but it’s need yeah come on
Joe I’ll put the team on my back yes we paid attention to that thank you
all right fine oh let’s go this is to set so it’s a little bit of a longer
match we want said one note we’re playing dire and austere we played these
guys once before and they beat us and I think I remember when I was I think was
way back in episode like 13 or 14 or something they beat us in the final it’s
got a balanced on us we’ll look at their skills they have great shot it’s like Auster is
subtle good Auster is the worst Center though guy here is a really good center
and Guyer is the worst attacker if you could say that he’s slower lower stamina
guy here’s the guy who got to go to die is the guy see I remember saying that
Dyer’s the guy he is the guy we just got to play better let’s go Joe
let’s keep him deep maybe yeah Joe’s a shit blocker keep them deep Joe get up
there block the right we’ll just block line to start watch what are you kidding
me like I pounded that I gotta bring in tougher serve yep come on Joe put me on
the net what is open what does open sneaks open yeah I thought about it
wasn’t a bounce like that one tire but you know kekaya there’s the guy that is
the guy for now unless he found another one like that then I’m gonna go in the
other guy up there Joe watch watch it gonna block yes Joe come on buddy
what a freakin slam Geyer sorry I said you to shit block earlier you got a
great block Joe now get up there and get another one
watch it oh yes Joe come on Joe taking over buddy
yes guy are you stop let’s go again Joe deep corner the guy he’s hating it buddy
get up there block the right side I’ll do cross because he doesn’t wanna go
line oh and I just said he doesn’t want to lie any went by me I should have
known you got blocked twice in a row who’s gonna look to the roll suck I’m
still with the spinner you Joe geez Joe come on buddy you gotta save one now
because you shank that like an idiot where’s it going
I’m on it Joe come on I got your back buddy what’s he got
Oh sneak come on that’s a balance feel it buddy I’m looking through the debt at
you come on no I’m gonna I gotta bring a tougher serve so I think may is gonna
bring you spin as well you gotta put some pressure on the serve otherwise
this guy’s isn’t it bounce it block the right side I got to look role shot
oh why hesitate adjust slightly and that’s why I didn’t get it big sign up
for the set Joe let’s go buddy wow that was a great flow of serve
what’s opened cost you just flex on me get the block and
then flex that bastard now we’re in a fight Joe let’s go
Jeanne’s house a tough serve alright what’s open
sneak yes come on come right back at you buddy
oh I’m looking through the net yeah that’s right what chirping all right
Dyer you’re not tired at all are you jeez yep here Joe a little bit of
trouble oh man that’s a great hit from behind
his head he pounds it cross really saya saya Oh Joey you gonna load it they’re
coming at me oh that’s tight yes too old come on yeah test on me all right what’s
the play let’s try it let’s try a float okay
that’s up now I got to recover from that shit play whoa stay focused stay focused win a battle
we’re in a battle this guy’s coming hard on you all he’s going with a slightly
easier serve put me on the net Joe shit hit that sneak that’s not where I was
aiming watch the to know all right let’s go we cashed that one we had it we had a
chance and they made a few great place to end it
oh yeah I’m hitting on – that was maybe a bad idea
jeez I’m on that yes thank you Joe sneak it great coverage for me Joe I meant to
do that oh no the deep bump watch the two ball
I’m on it yeah come on height yep line come on let’s go scrambling we’re taking
this to a third set you go Joe take a big rip buddy we need some easy
points somehow how’s that gonna come Joe body almost happened let’s go these guys are really good
actually this is a great challenge I’m loving this Joe get the hell out there
God got it got it get over Joe whoa watch it to lock the left side on that
guy just wait just relax Oh a jump owed me I can’t believe I just
got jumbled by a computer damn it that feels like shit you Joe oh I’ll pound
that on – come on baby let’s go all right I’m gonna retry the float cause it
any difference oh he’s outside he doesn’t like that Oh Joe come on dude
good you just like put it off the antenna on purpose you idiot we still
have one though which is great you Joe I’ll look for the two again oh yeah come
on I’m going on – every time Joe passes a type I do not trust Joe right now plus
the two balls are effective pound it buddy get up there
block that actually block to the left side we’ll do a switch got it Joe put me
on the net what’s open I’ll try line yes come on first set baby
let’s go they serve Joe we’re gonna we’re gonna
try to keep them to the outside I think that’s the good strategy because then it
just shortens his angles yeah on the other side I like that Joe with the
block body great start partner Joe way to wake up pound that over in the corner
we got to keep him on that outside because then it gives us a chance Joe’s
block gets bigger I’m able to make a dig yeah why are they setting him out there
oh great hit pass up we got a side of it they serve Joe that’s a good sign
they’re not serving Joe oh yeah don’t even show me how all of you that’s a
bounce when I see that blossom ooh I’m just
loving it all right what is the syrup for man here guys maybe just the
standing save that stem I give him that one
keep him out there yeah like he’s way out here which is good that’s a really
good shot I had no chance of getting that dang it
I gotta maybe pick two shots and go for those yep put me on the net Joe that’s
tight ouch come on Joe here we go sign up
buddy we’re in a battle big Saito rips the spin I like that okay what’s he
blocking yeah oh that was a close one you almost at me again
that’s right 40 man with that’s why I beat you buddy I’m gonna get a little
bit more intense all right Joe Joe Joe’s the great server
pounded Joe now get up there a block there right we’ll get one I’m looking
Cuddy and hit come on Joe come on Joe oh it’s hard a nice fall for them let’s
fight it off Joe spinning it yep on the neck what’s open yes so lucky a song
shipped over but they reached back this way that gave me the tool opportunity
though all right let’s try me on it on a spinner get some action going a little
bit of trouble I’ll bait them obey them come on Joe let’s go what’s open middle
jeez easy one for them I’m on it come on Joe get there Oh No work hard
fight it off fight it off big sigh Oh Joe you could do this
Wow that’s served though oh yeah you move lion I love it when he does that
because it’s so obviously hitting it line all right here we go let’s go all
the way over this way Joe and try a shorter one really put some pressure on
him there you go come up from behind him all the way outside wow what a shot NASA that’s up here Big Sight out yep
Joe on the net yes I saw it again I’m paying attention
okay we’ve done jerk I already cited it really well so we’re gonna make it look
like they’re going a guy and sneak one down to August herb see if he’s ready to
go get up there Joe bought the left side maybe he’ll hit one at me whoa got it
Joe come on Joe nice put away on to the standing wall shot that was a good move
what was it a guy door set there wasn’t ready to set as we’ve been signing out
this whole time get up there Joe watch made him into the hit oh I’m on it come
on Joe for the win give me that Josh come on let’s go it feels so good to win
that fight you yes come on you still predict your dish yeah all
right guys well that’s gonna do it for this episode of volleyball bound what a
marathon game hopefully I’ll be able to trim that down to something that’s
absorbable sorry if I didn’t end it thank you for making it all the way
through that was a lot of fun though big challenge we’ve got a tournament win on
the hardest difficulty it was tough though so I’ll ask you guys
if you made it all the way through this video it’s probably only a few of you
but what should we work on I mean I don’t need blog shot my speed will that
help me pick up some of those shots do you think you know maybe better shot so
I can diversify if the guy takes my line and then do give me angle I can shoot it
over maybe some more some better service I don’t know same thing with Joe like
what what does he need you know maybe a better spike accuracy so doesn’t get
blocked as much like instead of a bit more maybe a better defense so you can
make some digs I don’t know let me know but thank you guys again so much for
watching if you haven’t already hit that subscribe button and we don’t see you
next time on yes guy gaming Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Yes Guy Gaming FIVB Beach Volleyball

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