This Game is a Tongue Twister For Your Brain • Let’s Play: Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

This Game is a Tongue Twister For Your Brain • Let’s Play: Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

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  1. This game is also just a good excuse to slap your friends' hands. 😎 Check out more fun games below!

  2. I feel like some of these rules are excessive I feel like you should be able to flinch but looks like a great game

  3. Fun Fact

    Race Car Spelled backwards is Race Car.

  4. Go check out my YouTube Chanel please. Bartzbears09

  5. Play this with your crush. Then you’d get to kind hold their hand 😉

  6. Half the game is her complaining about not being able to do gorilla because she has boobs

  7. Danny moves so fast!! 😂😂

  8. Basically slap jack

  9. 3:44 I’m a goat and u heart my fealings

  10. This is slap jack but with more jacks

  11. Me and my friends play this game all the time and i got cut twice 😂

  12. It’s reminds me of a game that my mom made up when she was little it’s like this game but you don’t say “taco, cat, goat cheese, pizza” or a act it’s like just this game with slamming hands and the first to say the playing cards does the same if you place the taco and it’s taco but just say “a, 2, 3, 4, etc and the first one to run out of cards wins it’s a fun game but your hands will hurt like crazy

  13. I need this game!!!

  14. Lol my friend has this game and she always says kitty cat so it tricks me soooo much

  15. He was turning into a cat cause he was having a hair ball

  16. Don't say Taco
    Me: Taco!
    "FBI OPEN UP!"

  17. You should do let's play Otrio

  18. Yeah I don't get the idea

  19. I love this game 😂🌮🐱🐃🧀🍕

  20. This game looks fun😂😂

  21. Kara’s hand got red

  22. Behind the scenes: *Jon vomits*

  23. Danny only dir one hand for narwal around 3:50–3:57

  24. I littery just got a taco bell add before this XD

  25. And then I bought it and played it twice and never played it again

  26. I have this game it’s sooooo fun

  27. That was the first time I had a real laugh to a video

  28. 🌮🐈🐐🧀🍕

  29. Kara kept tapping the table bot her lap for groundhog si that’s cheating

  30. Purchased this 2 weeks ago and it got delivered 3 days ago to Australia and I have loved it so far!!

  31. I just bought the game and it's so fun,, and it is exhausting,, hahahaha. Lol XD

  32. I played this game last night. It was the MOST INTENSE card game I have ever played in my life. This girl gored my hand with her fingernails and I looked down and my hand was bleeding. 😂 Overall, I am pretty terrible at the game so far and will need lots more practice to master it.

  33. I love yourvideos soo moch😀

  34. His shirt is monopoly free parking car

  35. so basically slap jack?

  36. I’m really glad cat wasn’t on the pizza

  37. Why cant you say TACO! 🖕😤🖕

  38. Nah this game will stress me out

  39. why don't u punch them so they will get their hands out?

  40. Literally watching an ad

  41. This game similar to what I play with my family back in the day.. But with uno cards

  42. so.. it's just like slap jack?

  43. Watches This
    My Mind:Reminds Me Of Exploding Cat (TacoCat Is In There Its A Card Game)

  44. I was trying to find this video again but I found it by searching “animal food cheese pizza”

  45. tyey said cheese pizza

  46. Taco taco taco taco taco taco taco taco taco taco taco taco taco taco taco 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮

  47. Kara: YESSSS!, AGH!!

  48. 4:00 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAW Danny you slapped so strong XD XD

  49. omg if i get that game my brain will be sooooooooooooo dead

  50. It’s like uno but more confusing oh and hi person scrolling through the comments 👋🏼

  51. John Is The Flinch 👑

  52. One pro tip make sure your opponents aren’t wearing rings cuz it’ll hurt if they slap your hand with a ring

  53. 5:02 the reactions

  54. 3:54 My NaRwHaLe WaS a PrEtTy SaD nArWhAlE

  55. Dumb ÷ smart = this video

  56. Its literally the game called Heart attack using normal cards?

  57. Play this game with your crush and putting your hand on top of his XD

  58. Tepok nyamuk anjay

  59. Kara alway manages to slam the card first because she was sitting in the middle and it was so easy to reach the cards

  60. R.I.P.
    Kara's hand
    died winning a game

  61. How many cards in the game?


  63. this just slapjack

  64. Does anybody know how to play slap jack?

  65. i had that game at my house before i watched this vid

  66. Some people started playing taco goat cheese pizza my ymca

  67. More like heart attack in cards.


  69. This is a good game beacause if you are mad at your friend then you can slap their hand hard

  70. ok 4:18 put it in slow motion and watch Kira does 2 hits then slaps the card the rest do 1 she still beat them lmao

  71. When your done watching this vid the only thing in your head:

  72. So this is more or less Tepuk Nyamuk?

  73. This game reminded me about a game of spoons because they got hurt and we would get hurt for the spoon

  74. This is like slapjack

  75. My name is Ben Chapman just like yours except the last name

  76. Here in the Philippines. We have a similar game called slap jack

  77. i think kara won because she was nearest to the pile of cards

  78. Everyone here is losing brain cells
    1 like = 1 Brain cell

  79. I'm spanish and my friend Sena shes teach me this game, I love it👍👍

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