Top 10 Best FREE MMO Android Games

10. Opening our list of Top 10 Android MMOs is
Growtopia If being part of a bustling community is what
you look for in an MMO, then Growtopia is the perfect game for you. While it shares similarities with the classic
Habbo Hotel, you won’t be stuck in a tiny apartment this time. You’ll have to think bigger than that. Punch your way through thousands of bricks,
and get to build your own world, filled with all your favorite things. The world is literally your canvas! Create stellar artworks, build houses, or
create your very own dungeons. With over 300 million unique user-created
worlds, there’s always something new to see here. An entirely new universe awaits you so become
whoever you wanna be. It has a PlayScore of 7.63. 9. Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare It’s a military free for all in Plarium Global’s
tactical MMO. With an evil corporation monopolizing a life-saving
serum, it’s up to the soldiers of the world to fight against their vicious plans. To do so, you’ll have to commandeer your very
own army, complete with elite soldiers, tanks, drones, and advanced military weaponry. With other armies competing for the glory,
it’s not just the corporation you’ll be fighting. Become the leader of the greatest division
by setting up strong bases, training your troops, and strategizing well. With its high-quality graphics, motion-captured
units, and 3D maps, every one of their online battles is satisfyingly chaotic. It has a PlayScore of 7.64. 8. Blitz Brigade – Online FPS fun With its cartoony visuals and colorful cast
characters, it feels a lot like a pocket Team Fortress 2. Choose from their roster of 12 badass characters,
and prepare for a chaotic battle of skills. It’s a test of precision and reflexes so put
your best foot forward. Strategize with your teammates over voicechat,
and step into their scenic arenas along with your diverse characters. Rack up kills in deathmatch, capture flags,
dominate the battlefield, and just eliminate everything in sight. There’s plenty of high-powered vehicles
to choose from so perform killer drive-bys, or reenact epic moments from your favorite
movies. You might not always win the game, but every
match is an action-packed adventure. It has a PlayScore of 7.65. 7. Taichi Panda You’ve met Kung Fu Panda, now you’ll see the
world through the eyes of another martial arts bear. While Tai Chi is known for its slow style,
that isn’t reflective of this game at all. This dungeon crawling MMO will have you exploring
dark caves and defeating towering monsters with fast paced hack-and-slash action. Choose from four different champions, form
alliances, and conquer challenges with your friends. Grinding might be necessary for any RPG, but
it’s all made easier with the game’s autoplay function for you to breeze through lowly thieves
and goblins. Despite its free-to-play model, it manages
to maintain a healthy balance that both premium and free users can enjoy. It has a PlayScore of 7.74. 6. Dungeon Legends – RPG MMO Game Set off on another dungeon-crawling escapade
along with brave warriors of the dwarven tribes. With the return of the evil Skeleton King,
help the dwarves storm his dark dungeons before he ravages their tribes once again. Prepare for the battle by exploring its vast
lands, and defeating the creatures that lurk around. Dive into caves and destroy undead monstrosities,
and skeletal minions. Gain new levels, upgrade your skills, and
acquire rewards that will improve your chances of victory. You can even fight against other talented
warriors to test your skills before your epic face-off. Take a friend with you to conquer the world
together. Destroy dungeons, collect items, and complete
challenges! It has a PlayScore of 7.93. 5. Order & Chaos 2: Redemption The second in Gameloft’s best-looking MMORPG. Order and Chaos sets you up for a grand adventure
in its massive fantastical world. Journey with thousands others as you yourself
venture through the path of redemption. Weave your own story as one of its five races,
and cement your place in the world as mages, warriors, and more. Build relationships with other adventurers
to expand your party, or interact with the various citizens of its rich and persistent
world. With its dazzling graphics and beautifully
rendered characters, it’s a high quality MMO that rewards your exploits and makes role-playing
much more easy. While it suffers from some pay-to-win aspects,
it’s undoubtedly one of the best MMOs on the mobile with a PlayScore of 7.95. 4. DomiNations World domination is just one tap away with
Nexon M’s mobile Civilization counterpart. It’s a historical journey through time as
you oversee your country’s development, from the primeval times to the modern age. Choose from 8 global powerhouses, and use
each of their unique features to expand your influential sphere.. Lead your citizens through every trying period. Rule tribes of hunters and gatherers, industrialize
your bustling metropolis, and master the science of war. You’ll encounter history’s famous icons
from the artistic innovator Da Vinci, to formidable monarchs like King Sejong and Catherine the
Great. Pillage nations for valuable resources in
PvP, forge powerful alliances in 50v50 warfare, and write your name in the pages of history. It has a PlayScore of 8.14. 3. Dark Legends Take part in this gritty fantasy that brings
you to the dark underworld of the pallor vampires. Hunted down by a horde of human supremacists,
you must defend your tribes against their supernatural allies, or face the perils of
extinction. Sacrifice your immortal soul, and fight werewolves
and warlocks using worldly weapons and your lightning-fast reflexes. Slay numerous foes and develop your vampiric
talents. Gain unique powers, and collect rare treasures
that will boost your odds against the deadly hunters. The game supports co-op mode to navigate the
bloody tale with your friends, as well as a fast-paced PvP mode that lets you feed on
your fellow vampires. It’s a 3D horror adventure you can definitely
sink your teeth in. It has a PlayScore of 8.44. 2. Arcane Legends MMO-Action RPG From the same studio that gave us Dark Legends
and Pocket Legends, comes another exciting hack-and-slash MMO. While they’re not exactly creative with their
names, they’ve definitely delivered in content. Unlike what their name suggests, it’s not
just a game of wizards and sorcerers. You can also roam its fantastical land as
warriors and rogues. Bring along a variety of pets in your many
misadventures, and watch them fight alongside you against hordes of ferocious beasts. Hack and slash through your every foe and
loot them for exciting treasures. There’s over 1000 weapons and items to discover
so collect them all. Scour the land of Arlor and take in its breathtaking
sights, with castles, dungeons and more. It has a PlayScore of 8.58. And the best Android MMO is Clash of Clans SUPERCELL’s primordial MMO takes the mobile
throne once again. And why not? It was a mobile game that defied expectations,
and spawned hundreds of copycat apps. But none could top their polished animations
and high quality visuals. Become the leader of your own clan, and build
your village from scratch. Create the perfect blend of offensive and
defensive play as you protect your resources and steal some for your own. Join up with other clans to partake in grisly
clan wars that will definitely test your strength. Build towering defenses, train the best soldiers,
and climb the leaderboards. Five years later, and Clash of Clans remains
the best MMO on the Android with a PlayScore of 8.83.

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