Top 10 Free-To-Play Steam Games 2014

Top 10 Free-To-Play Steam Games 2014

Realm of the Mad God is an MMO shooter of
pixely goodness for those who fancy a bit of raiding. You shoot stuff, you get stuff
and so on. You’ve got to co-op if you want to get further in the game especially when
you get to level 5. That’s not a challenge, don’t try and take on the Godlands alone…
seriously. The concept and design may be fairly simple but this game is a lot of fun. LOTR Online has been out for a while but it
gained true pace once adopting the free-to-play model back in 2010 and coming to Steam mid
2012. There’s been a whole bunch of updates with the most recent helm’s deep becoming
the game’s fifth major expansion. Doesn’t matter if you’re a follower of the fellowship
or not, this game’s good for anyone and luckily there’s a whole tonne of stuff to do before
you’d ever need to think about putting some money into quest packs and the like. APB Reloaded is likened to GTA but you’ve
got to get one thing straight this is a free game so you get what you pay for. You’re a
criminal or an enforcer so you can keep the order or wreck the order. The little missions
are a bit tiring but speedy car chases make up for that. Polishing your skills really
is pretty important to fully getting onboard with the crime-ravaged metropolis that is
San Paro. Either way it’s the only thing available for the format for the price range so stick
that in your pipe and smoke it. Following predecessor Blacklight: Tango Down,
Zombie Studios introduced this sci-fi FPS free model that boasts great graphics, customization
and item balance. There’s no single campaign so gather your
mates to take on classic game modes capture the flag, king of the hill and deathmatch
available. You can pick up a lot of your goods from just
playing the game rather than throwing money at it, but of course that’s up to you. A new one for 2013 is this flight sim of World
War II. It brings absolutely stunning graphics, PvP combat, and modes such as arcade, historical,
or full real battle mode. You don’t have to be a history nut to enjoy this one, historical
mode means you just get 1 life per battle. This one’s also available on PS4 for anyone
fancying it on there. Another FPS for the list, but this one comes
with extreme speeds and vertical combat. Hi-Rez Studios halted development on this game mid
2013 but it still holds its place as an absolute classic. For anyone aware of the original
tribes franchise, this one keeps true to form. Throw your queries aside whether they’re about
hirez’s previous creation global agenda or that FPS mechanics suck when the games free
just give it a go, it’d be rude not to. Welcome to the fantasy world of Telara where
elemental planes come together creating rifts of earth, fire, air, water, life and death.
Joining Steam’s free-to-play ranks in October last year this fully feature MMORPG brings
just a whole LOAD of quests, invasions, rifts, events and more. It’s hard not to draw comparisons
with WoW but here’s one. Unlike WoW’s ten classes, there’s 32 sub classes alone… straddle
that idea for a second. You can choose three total souls and three talent trees per soul
to put points into and all these options FOR FREE. Defence of the Ancients the phenomenon that
was born from a fan-made user generated Starcraft map.
If you’re new to this game you’ll find it tough. You’ll be lulled into a false sense
of security in the tutorial but once you’re released get ready to have a lot of fun…dying.
BUT persevere and put in the time you may well enjoy the reward. The community is strong
in this one but don’t be disheartened. You’ll be able to spend hundreds of hours in this
and still have a lifetime of things to do. There’s a buttload of characters, factions,
skills and abilities. PlanetSide 2 is the MMO that brings combat
on an epic scale that makes it one of the best and most addictive games on the list.
Coming in at number 2 this game offers so much more than just being an FPS. You’re tasked
with all sorts and all operate alongside stunning graphics. You can really become part of a
team in this game and the feeling of being involved in something of such massive proportions
is breathtaking. Team Fortress 2. Undeniably this game has
an enormous following by the Steam community making it the number 1 for free to play games.
This retro action shooter has been quoted as being the most fun you can have online
and for some, that’s definitely the case. A unique style and experience can provide
you with endless amounts of fun. Alongside all this TF2 gameplay a strange
obsession with hats has developed … you’ll learn more about that when you get yourself
in the game.

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  1. my top 4 are apb realoded – ghost recon phantom – tf2 and my favorite unturned thx

  2. they use controllers?

  3. sounds like marina joyce

  4. Omg finally RotMG on a top 10 list…

  5. woah, warframe isnt on this?

  6. You forget battlerite

  7. The word stunning is used WAY too loosely to describe game graphics.

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