Triangular Ping Pong

Triangular Ping Pong

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity And today we have come up with a new way of table tennis. Triangle table tennis! The rules are the same as in table tennis but with two exceptions You’re not allowed to hit the ball back twice to the same player And first serve to the left, second serve to the right No! It was Otto’s point! That was good one! Sorry Emil! That counts, that counts! You set me up Otto! Pretty easy serve! From this net, to this net, to your side I was serving to you! No way! Nice! Good match! As always, Otto won. But we had a lot of fun. Yes we did. Remember to subscribe And watch our previous videos. Until next time!

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  1. This was surprisingly difficult but it was definitely fun to try out! We managed to get a better hang of it towards the end 😄

  2. What table tennis bats do they use????????
    Plz answere

  3. Might as well set it up for four players and folliw foursquare rules.

  4. おもしろそう!

  5. Otto always wins challenges

  6. Not bad but otto was the clear favorite

  7. I challenge you to play with a racket with no rubber

  8. This is more like a Lawn Tennis to me

  9. can you please play table tennis with a reaction ball?

  10. Otto 玉の軌道すごいな

  11. Very good idea. Excellent!!!

  12. You should be able to hit it to anyone

  13. i want to join this threesum-pong game

  14. Бля где русский комментс?

  15. This should be a real sport!!!

  16. Next video, please start in Korean!😊

  17. Cool shit 😊👍

  18. I think it would be better if tables were close..

  19. Can you make a video on squash truck shots or pickle ball trick shots

  20. No that was not a fair game by rules

  21. めちゃめちゃ楽しそう!!

  22. This should be real!

  23. 2:45 Oh! Japanese! に聞こえたw

  24. You passed it back a few times

    Yes I know they can for serves but in the middle of the games as well

  25. オレンジの人はとても無駄な動きが多いのに比べて白色の服の人はほとんど動かずに身体の姿勢が綺麗だから得点が稼げるんだと思う

  26. オットーが明らかに強い

  27. Super video ! Je profite de ce commentaire pour faire une petite pub ( ne m'insultez pas tout de suite 🙄🤣) Enfin bref, j'ai 13 ans je fais des vidéos humoristiques, des videos fornite et des videos de foot, meme des challenge et des quizz. Je fais environ 1,5k vue par vidéo mais mon nombre d'abonnés n'évolue pas beaucoup !
    Si tu a du temp est un ❤ pourrait tu passer sur ma chaine et me dire en commentaires ce qui va et ce qui va pas ( jy tiendrais compte ) puis t'abonner ( je ne t'oblige pas )
    Si tu a aussi une chaîne YouTube dis le mwa en commentaire j'irais voir ta chaîne aussi et m'abonner !😊😘
    Si tu a lu le commentaire jusque a la fin gg

  28. 部活のメニューでコレをやります。(ガチ)

  29. 水曜日のダウンタウンでこれ見た

  30. Would love to see j o waldner play three tables

  31. Me and boys when we have too much of space at home

  32. İts very hard sport but its funny :))

  33. This is why people should leave inventing games to the English.

  34. Is this even possible

  35. Maths Teacher:- I'll help you out with integration concept. It's easy
    Me:after 3 hrs of lectures concepts roaming in circle

  36. I play square ping pong

  37. Is Donic good racket?

  38. Play tennis with ping pong racquet

  39. Не пинг понг, а настольный теннис

  40. Very cool 😊👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻

  41. This should definitely be in the Olympics

  42. I’m new here. I thought it was going to be boring but I ended up liking this and being entertained.

  43. red boy . can u stop running . u look tire.

  44. 水曜日のダウンタウン

  45. I saw this on wizards of waverley place years ago

  46. This was in my recommended. This looks much harder than everything I’ve watched.

  47. 1:47 omg New trickshot in table tennis

  48. Nice….👏👏👏

  49. Fantastic😅😅

  50. For someone who doesn’t move, he’s really good.

  51. 水ダウからパクったやろ

  52. Otto is chill af.

  53. この人達本当好き

  54. If there’s 3 half tables doesn’t that mean there’s one half of a ping pong table just left over😂😂

  55. Miikka is a pussy on a whole different level, hitting almost all t he shots above the maximum camera level

  56. If someone is close to winning, you don’t pass the ball to him, then he will never win right?

  57. The music is too annoying

  58. Pongfinity , you are play table tennis very well . I am from Bulgaria and I play table tennis too . You are my IDOL .

  59. 很棒的视频,很有趣的形式

    It deserve to be popularized in china🔥

  60. I love Miikka but Otto is real god on ping pong xd

  61. Otto olwyz rocks… Play like who cares… 🤘

  62. Do Mikka likes tennis? He runs everytime haha

  63. Тёлок они тоже трахают втроем одну?

  64. 2 weeks ago I was playing with my brother and I literally said that it would be cool to play trio table tennis…so you read my mind and did it 👌😂

  65. The shoot of Otto is the perfect

  66. Well this is awesome isn't it

  67. You should play a rally with two rackets, two balls, and behind the back shots only for at least one minute.

  68. This was very cool and I’d love to see this again

  69. このスポーツに転向しようかな

  70. この人たちとりまウマない?

  71. You are the best otto!!😜🇦🇷 saludos desde argentina, te ganaste un subscritor

  72. Türkler beğeninde ne yazdığımı merak etsin ibneler

  73. Alguna persona que hable español que no me deje solo en este video

  74. Once more pong finity

  75. Yo solo conozco el rectangular

  76. Otto is a fvcking beast c'mon man

  77. inventan pura weas

  78. good, don't forget to support my channel too

  79. Guys u are doing very nice 👌 do with leather ball pong my name is om karale big fan

  80. Can i come and play

  81. At 4:19 the bill bounces twice on Miika’s table

  82. Try that in badminton

  83. Mega gutes Video
    Bitte Teil 2

  84. Long live The Otto!

  85. Why u do Russian subtitle

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