Tube Table Tennis Challenge!!

Tube Table Tennis Challenge!!

What’s Up you Guys we’re team edge and.Today we’re in the edge space to Play a Little(subscribe to team edge and azoz toy playlab) Tubular tennis no tuble tennis it’s a Play on(subscribe to team edge and azoz toy playlab) Table tennis all right We Have a Variety of Rounds For Today ending with tuble tennis Which is table tennis but the table is a giant Tube,,a square tube,a tube of prisms. i don’t Know starting off with tiny ping-Pong but first trivia time This question goes to connor, connor if you Get this question Correct you Get one point to start Round two(subscribe to team edge and azoz toy playlab) table tennis is the National Sport of Which country if you Guys think you know the answer you guys comment down below and Let Us Know What you Guys think i think i know it Honestly but i want to know see if you guys know it fair game Boys Shake Hands Hang on Shake Hands (Bryan shakes his own hand) What was the Face. What was the mouth like (Bryan makes garbled noises) That missed i saw it,it hit the table i’m gonna count That Nope 2-0 Point goes to bryan.You stink! Joey Serves three to one right nope that’s out it was off.all right, yes 4 people 42d2 yes Bryan wins All right on to the Next Round Whatever This game is called i don’t know but connor Is gonna be trying to hit Cups off of Brian If you hit Brian gets Minus some Points if he hits the cups two gets Plus some Points right Yeah plus ten Points for What Hitting The Top side all right connor table tennis is the National Sport of Which country What is your answer Chyna You are Correct oh i was gonna say Speed and Guys make sure you click the bell icon down Below That is right Next to the subscribe button that you Should also Push because if you subscribe you Get the videos in your inbox and If you Get notified you Get notified Which is the bell icon Thing click them both we’ll see you there because we upload 4 p.m. Pacific Standard Time Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays Whoever Loses This Round Between these two fun young men gets the punishment Memory Every time You Hit me it’s my Voice old man old Man Alright Now he’s Losing It you have to hit it so hard You’re you’re Really Losing it dude you should’ve Given Up on the first first time oh? oh Brian’s Not gonna Be Able to get i got one time you Got 11 points cuz you got that bonus point yeah – i want to do this Round so bad Oh he’s come here? Not to cut off his Head he said but i didn’t like to she connor loss so he’s Drinking hot sauce What Kind of hot sauce Is this Bobby Cayenne hi Now on to the main event – ball tennis as you can see we have a Giant tennis table That Is a Tube a couple different Rules Here Apply That’s are not in regular table tennis It can Hit Your side more Than once but it can’t Bounce Consecutively on The same Wall you can’t do that but It can do this Because It Was a different Walls and It can Bounce on Those Many Times one two three Legal wow that Makes so much sense now Thank you J fred yep Where’d You come from Serves you have to use this one so That’s a serve? You can’t use the walls on a serve let’s Get started Brian a Night oh One Brian’s Got One i serve five Times Rancher five Times boom Son that Was incredible Wow Forgot about Those Like That’s Way Too hard there you go oh Hi brian dang It 3-2 my lead 3-2 my Lead through to my lead oh? Yeah Hit and then Just fell on your side for three me for free me for Four five four Soccer oh Boy J fred i try to bounce. Too much 7:4 Joey Whoa nine five? Hasn’t practiced It also i don’t Need it fine oh dude Played Ping-Pong I’m fine yeah i can do this easy is this how you hold It on a Really Sucks F&S Sports It’s like It everything dude oh He’s covered With Up oh I’m Ploy me one point me? no boy Joey i can’t reach I’m not got long Arms Sorry One Point Joey oh Yeah Point J fried food you had a Big me you are Just Throw Away far so them Street Right Oh my boy no, oh boy those Knuckles of Yours on the way Seven Seven That’s Crazy oh Yeah spin on it i can’t Reach That far it’s Every carter Game Point connor Nine eight This is for the ultimate loser i want to get the ultimate Connor Has no finesse he’s not a Good a fast Punishment is ping-Pong Firing Squad from The tube so Connor Is not gonna Hit me That’s It There You Go dude these two more Shots One more Shot I Just terrible at serving Guys Make sure you go check out this video where one of us i think It Was me got hit Below The belt you Know what that means Also Check Out our Spy laser Challenge where we had Actual real lasers that we Had to dodge and not trigger the alarm Also Check Out team Edge gaming Because That’s our video game Channel and we Have a Lot of fun on there and video Games(subscribe to team edge and azoz toy playlab)

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  1. Hey guys! Do you think you can beat JFred in a game of Tuble Tennis? What about Bryan? Let us know down below! Have you seen our Toy Destruction Part 2? Check it out!

  2. The national sport of sweden is duck hunting. With bolt action rifles. Little know fact

  3. The answer is pipia

  4. Duck hunting in sweden

  5. Conner did so good on the tube table tennis.

  6. In the second round how did Connor lose. Bryan knocked two cups and then hit him( Connor) twice

  7. πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

  8. Bryan was the only one who didn't win how did Joey get punished πŸ€”

  9. At 8:12 you can see a camera wiggling in the back.

  10. If anyone knows the music at 7:28, and they would like to tell me what it is, I would appreciate that

  11. I thought the question that was in the first round was Norway

  12. At 3:27 j Fred maid me cry πŸ˜‚

  13. I feel like you guys are playing wrong

  14. This is kind of boring

  15. I think it is China

  16. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³

  17. I new it was China πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³

  18. Isnt this ping ping not tennis???

  19. The answer is Japan

  20. 9:17 Bryan got rejected so he high fived himself πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚lmao

  21. China: It's true aru! We love table tennis.
    Sweden: I'd rather be with m'wife.
    I'm a proud Hetalian fan

  22. Actually Conner won that last round. Cause joey hitting the ball and it hitting conners side of the net. It counts as a point for Conner.

  23. June 2019 anyone

  24. Who else saw Bryan high five himself πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  25. Bryan got himself to high five himself earlier

  26. i think by my smart ness china

  27. You guys should've done this while the walls were rotating : )

  28. At 8:29 Bryan said point Gunner

  29. At 9.17 Bryan hi fives his self

  30. Tubes r round not rectangular

  31. Trampoline dodgeball

  32. Trampoline dodgeball

  33. Trampoline dodgeball

  34. Trampoline dodgeball

  35. Sorry I rlly want that vid after I saw someone commented

  36. This is how much Bryan says point

  37. This should be a sport

  38. I remember when Connor used to be on team edge now he’s on get good gaming

  39. I would play that game… it looks like it would give you a headache after a while though…


  41. this super table tennis needs to be a real thing we need to get those super intense table tennis players on this

  42. They cheated J Fred out of 2pts

  43. I come from SwedenπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

  44. Connor + gunner = poop

  45. No highfive 9:16

  46. 4:30, 5:30 and 5:53 can anybody tell me what is that music

  47. Isn't the tube a little bit too high off the ground? It should be lower. Great concept though.

  48. Anybody else notice someone is holding a camera over a wall at 5:28? πŸ“

  49. Instead of as tube it should be a sphere

  50. Conner:CHINA
    Donald Trump :NOOOOOOOOOO

  51. ping pong (we call it ping pong an Australia I don know if you do so yea) originates in China I think

  52. J-Fred is tall Conner is short Bryan is buff but still a big baby

  53. Btw y’all serve wrong

  54. I think it is china

  55. id love to see this ping pong tube go international!!

  56. Did anyone else see Bryan hi five himself

  57. its not a irish thing im awesome at table tennis and im irish

  58. So I put it in slow motion and it hit the line which was still out

  59. Im not a scientist but I dont think that is a square

  60. If you are filipino you will now what tobul means like and or comment if you know

  61. Bryan is a stupid idiot

  62. conner wins????????????????????????????????????????

  63. My dad watched this and now wants to build the ping pong table

  64. Did anyone else notice connor switching to whoever had the most points?

  65. All Brian said was ohh point

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