Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Ross Draws. And today, I’m- New message from the Game Grumps. Agh! Oh! [Ross] Ross, I’m Ross.
[RossDraws] Hey. I’m Ross too. [Ross] It’s a pleasure to meet another Ross. [RossDraws] I’ve never met another friend named Ross before. [Arin] I’ve never had a friend named Ross before [RossDraws] Really?! Aww.
[Ross] What?! [Arin] Yay!
[RossDraws] I can be your first Ross. Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Ross Draws. Today, I’m here with Ross and Arin from the Game Grumps! [Arin] No way!
[RossDraws] No way! Ahh. I thought it’d be really fun if we turned them into princesses from the Mushroom Kingdom. And also Rosalina, who’s an immigrant, right?
[Ross] Yeah, I mean, she’s from space. [RossDraws] Who want’s to be who?
[Arin] Peach. [Ross] Daisy.
[RossDraws] I’m Rosalina. She’s the coolest one, right? [Arin] Umm, I, ehem- I think Peach is the coolest one.
[RossDraws] She is the coolest one. [Ross] I don’t know, I mean Daisy’s so good that she got this far by saying like one thing. [Game Grumps] Hi, I’m Daisy. [RossDraws] I think it’s time to get us into character. How about that? [Arin] Cool.
[Ross] That sounds good. [RossDraws] Awesome. Oh! Oh my god! [Ross] I’ve always wanted one of these!
[RossDraws] Yes! [Arin] You’re good at editing. [RossDraws] Alright guys, let’s do it. We’re gettin naked, oh! [Arin] Can they see us? Is that tall enough? [Laughter] [Ross] One singular boob.
[RossDraws] Oh my god, one singular boob. [Arin] What the $#%^ is happening there?
[RossDraws] What do you guys think, guys? [Ross] I don’t know, I think I look hot.
[Arin] Yours is open. On the back. [Ross] What?
[Arin] I gotta tie it up for you. [Ross] Nah, it’s okay.
[Arin] But it’s open in the back. [Ross] Well I can’t reach it.
[Arin] I can get it. [Ross] Nah I got it.
[Arin] I can help. [Ross] I’ve helped my wife with one, but I’ve never put on one myself. [Arin] You helped your wife put one on you?
[Ross] No, that’s not what I said Arin. [Laughter] [RossDraws] Let’s spice things up and add some guns.
[All] Yeah. Yes, let’s do it! [Arin] Oh god. [All] Ohhh! [Arin] Dude.
[RossDraws] Where’s my gun?! [Ross] You don’t get one.
[Arin] Sorry. [RossDraws] What?
[Arin] You need a license for that. A license to kill! [RossDraws] One, two, three. [Arin] Oh no, don’t!
[Ross] Demonetized! [RossDraws] Oh my god. Let’s form a heart.
[Ross] Like this? [RossDraws] You know what a heart looks like, Ross?
[Ross] Yeah I do, but I don’t understand the concept. [Arin] That looks exactly like a heart. [James] That’s not a heart.
[Ross] That’s what I was saying. I was confused. Do I have to do this?!
[James] I know! [Laughter] [RossDraws] It is a heart, right?!
[Ross] I think you’re thinking of this. [RossDraws] Oh! I am thinking of that.
[Ross] So I was right! [RossDraws] No, you were right, here we go.
[Ross] I was the smarter Ross. [Arin] Have you’ve never been picked up like this before? You gotta bend at your butt. [Ross] Have you never been picked up by a fireman? [RossDraws] What? [Ross] I was saying, a fireman would pick you up. Just burn your house down. [RossDraws] I’ve never had, wait-
[Arin] Oh god, hurry! Oh! I’m back! That was crazy. We took our reference photo. And let’s see what it is. Oh! Oh my god! This might be the hardest art transformation yet, but hey, it’s the Game Grumps. So let’s make them proud. Everybody just looks fabulous. I’m trying to go for a nice graphic poster feel. I’m just gonna jump back on it, and I’ll check back soon. Hey guys, welcome back. This is the progress of our piece so far. This is what we started with. A bunch of dudes in dresses. Nothing wrong with that. We grew bigger eyes, we added hair, characterized it a little bit, and this is where we are. I feel like Aaron’s gun is not big enough! So we are gonna give him something better. That’s a little better. There’s a lot to do. It looks completely random. Hopefully the next time I check in, we’re a lot further along. I’m just gonna jump back on it and I’ll check back soon. That’s looking a little better. I feel like I need some help though, so let’s ask for some help. A sword! I don’t know how this is gonna help me. Let’s try again. That’s my underwear. Oh. Milo! Are you here to help? Help me finish this. Yeah, I guess I’m all alone in this, so I’m gonna try to finish this and I’ll check back soon. New message from the Game Grumps. It’s color dodge time. [All] Hey guys! It’s color dodge time!
[RossDraws] All right, man, here we go. Here we go. Ooo! [Ross] Yeah, you think you know about drawing?
[Arin] Yeah, woo! [Ross] What do you think about that? [Arin] Follow me on twitter at egoraptor! Da na na na! [Ross] HAAAA! [Arin] It’s magic. [Laughter] [RossDraws] Woh! [Ross] Woh.
[Arin] What happened? [RossDraws] I’m back.
[Arin] Where’d you come from? [RossDraws] I don’t know.
[Arin] Space? [RossDraws] Yes. Space!
[Arin] Cuz you’re Rosalina. [RossDraws] Cuz I’m Rosalina. I came from space.
[Ross] That’s it. [RossDraws] Hey guys, I hope you guys enjoyed the episode. It was super fun. What’d you guys think? [Ross] I loved it. I’ve always wanted to see myself transformed into a princess. [RossDraws] Mmm.
[Arin] I feel beautiful. [RossDraws] You look beautiful.
[Arin] Thank you. [Ross] He rocks the dress. Check out Sonic dress, put it up there. [RossDraws] Ok, hold on. Arin sonic dress. Oh my god!
[Arin] Yeah, do you like it? [RossDraws] I love it.
[Arin] Thank you. [Ross] That went viral.
[RossDraws] Really? Make sure you guys check out the Game Grumps. I’ll have description below. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. But check out their individual socials at… [Ross] At rubber ninja, also at rubber ninja on Twitch as well. [Arin] It’s YouTube dot com slash Game Grumps on YouTube or my personal Twitter at egoraptor. Look at it, it’s right there. Bang!
[RossDraws] Bang! And if you want video demos and bonus content, please check out my Patreon. [RossDraws] That was sick!
[James] That was so perfect. [RossDraws] That was so cool. Oh my god.
[Arin] It’s cuz I’m dope. [RossDraws] He’s dope. And if you want a chance to win a print, this episode’s question is… [Ross] What princess would you be from any universe?
[Ross and Ross] Any universe. [RossDraws] Who would you be? [Ross] I guess I’d be Princess Daisy cuz I’m Princess Daisy right now. [RossDraws] That’s not original, you have to come up-
[Ross] Lumpy Space Princess. [RossDraws] Okay, Lumpy Space Princess. How about you? [Arin] I’d be Peach.
[RossDraws] Yeah? [Arin] I love Peach, she’s my girl. [Ross] Oh, so it’s original for him but not me? [RossDraws] Yeah, it’s original for him.
[Arin] Well cuz everyone knows I love peach. [Ross] Yeah, I know it’s true. [RossDraws] Let me know in the comments below and we’ll choose a lucky subscriber. Thank guys so much for all the amazing vibes and being part of my channel. [Game Grumps] Thanks for coming in. [Ross] Thanks for coming in Ross. It was good having another Ross in the office. And that one time that Arin said that he wishes he had a friend called Ross. [Arin] That was a joke Ross. I really have a friend named Ross and it’s this one that’s hugging me right now. [RossDraws] Don’t forget to subscribe, and remember…
[Game Grumps] Every day is a color dodge day! Did it!

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